Sunday Link Love: 15 Great Finds on Promotion, Working at Home and Productivity

Can’t Have You Sitting Home with Left-Overs

I’ve collected 15 more links for you to read or add to your tool kit over the weekend — more help and treasures.

Blog Promotion and Traffic

  1. How to Rank Well in Google with Your Blog Matt Cutts Style
  2. Blog SEO: Link bait option Simply put, if no one finds your posts of value, no one is going to link to them.
  3. Quick Blog Traffic Tip – Link To Another Blogger Spend some time continuing the discussion they started or recommend an article they posted to your readers. In other words, send some link love. :
  4. Building “Word Of Mouth” Capabilities Into Online Apps “Put a tell-a-friend form on every page of your website.”
  5. How to Rank on Google Base
  6. Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization Guide
  7. Working at Home

  8. What the Heck is a “Real Job”? How I Learned a Business Doesn’t Count
  9. Working from Home – What to Do When the Kids Are on Holiday from School
  10. Paying Fixed Bills With a See-Saw Salary
  11. Top 30 Free Windows Software Apps
  12. Productivity

  13. Self-Destructing Distractions
  14. Take a Break and Refresh Your Productivity
  15. How to manage your blogging schedule
  16. Neat Living “Do-it-Yourself” Organizing Library – Our FREE Gift to You!
  17. Procrastination hack: “(10+2)*5”

Have a great Sunday!. :)

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    Liz – great list. In terms of #4 (using the tell-a-friend link on websites) you can use this approach both with you blog site and the individual postings using the “mailto” command. By clicking on the link you can allow your readers to send an email to their friends. This is a simple way of doing it if you don’t have the option of a separate web page. You can even pre-fill in the subject line and body if you desire. I’ve started adding it to all my posts – thanks for the great tip.

    A good web site for the mailto command syntax is

  2. says

    Hi Michael!
    Welcome. 😉
    Thanks for that information. You filled in with some really helpful stuff. I appreciate the assist and the link. :)

    I hope you come around here often. 😛

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