The Currency: Talent

A Successful Birthday Post

from Karin H.

Liz asked: “sent something about a successful and outstanding thing that happened in YOUR life.”


There is a well-known biblical parable about Talents (an old currency), which still is true. (I’m sure you know the story, otherwise, read it here)

The one servant who didn’t use his talent angered his master. Moral of the story – in the most simplest way: if you have a talent you have to put it to good use.

But in order to do just that you have to know, realise, recognise what your talents, strengths are. And that’s the most outstanding single fact that happened to me this year.

Beginning this year, through a publication of the Gallup Organisation, recommended to me by Kent Blumberg in a mind-blowing way I recognised those characteristic of myself others had already discovered as my strengths. Mind-blowing in a way that I first didn’t believe the results of the test.

Learner – Input – Maximiser – Intellection – Connectedness

the talents/strengths I have to put to good use to the best of my ability.

What’s funny though is as soon as you realise and recognise those unique personal traits everything seems to shift into place.

You suddenly realise why those tasks/jobs where you can work to your ‘strengths’ are the ones you can never get enough of, those are the ones that almost always seem to give the best result, the most success. You feel, become more complete as if everything fits together – at least that’s my experience.

But there is more. Relationships start to shift too, for the better. Specially with those persons who had long before you even had the slightest inkling realised and recognised your talents and strengths. They almost let out a ‘sigh of relieve’ – finally!

As soon as you realise and recognise that what they had already noticed, the relationship changes. It becomes a two-way-traffic of unconditional trust and belief. Traffic in combined efforts, supplementary talents where 1 + 1 makes 5. Isn’t that a great ‘return of investment’ on the currency Talent?

Kiss Biss Crew

The best examples I can give are the (increasing amounts of) projects I’m working on/for together with those very special persons.

And my circle of special persons is growing.

Sometimes the more I ponder about it and the more I reap and share the fruits of it, the more mystical it feels.

I’m fine with that.
Mystical has its own place between heaven and earth.

Karin H. (keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

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Thank you, Karin!
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  1. Investment Weenie says

    It is all about fear, the one that receives one talent (according to his ability) is scared and so full of fear – a bank is ignored and burying it is the only option. I agree it is about maximizing relationships & capaibilities but it is also about overcoming fear.. It is amazing about how things we fear often happen to us.. much like someone learning to ride a bicycle, in an empty parking lot, becomes fixated on the parking lot light and ultimately crashes into it..

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