The Right Diet – Eating Your Way to the Online Success

Getting the riches or recognition via Internet is all about producing great content, making the most of social media, taking advantage of all available opportunities, optimizing your website for the right keywords, so on and so forth. And regardless of how easy it sounds, carrying out all these tasks while not compromising on the quality, and trying to keep it “in line” with Google guidelines is not a walk in the park. The incessant mental labor can drain the last ounce of your energy reserves, the even increasing competition and challenges can ruin your work-life balance, and the small setbacks and rewards on daily basis can initiate a rollercoaster of emotions, which is not healthy at all.

Amidst all this madness, many of us start to neglect something that can be our first line of defense (or attack) for all these challenges, and that is the diet.
While we only associate the notion of balanced diet with the weight management, and the only time we focus on our diet is when we are looking to gain or lose some weight, in reality diet can affect everything from our moods to energy level, and our thought pattern to productivity. To make a long story short, there’s no way that you can perform at your optimum levels with a malnourished mind or body.
Here’s how a wholesome and nutritious diet can invigorate your mind, body, and subsequently your business.

Avoid Work Burnout:

If you have to drag yourself to work all the time, and you hardly feel like focusing on work, it’s supposed to be nothing else but the dreaded burnout? While it’s true that you can a monotonous job can result in a work related burnout, but sometimes lack of energy can also result in the feelings like fatigue or exhaustion, and it might not be something associated with your job. That is why changing job or your work timings doesn’t seem to help. If you are feeling drained or exhausted all the time, you should try eating something healthy, especially in the breakfast. The right food in the breakfast will give you the energy as well as morale boost that you might be lacking.

Obesity & Weight Management:

Eating healthy is not about eating more and it’s not about eating less either, healthy diet is all about including the nutritious food in your meals. You might be eating a lot of unhealthy stuff, but while it takes care of your appetite, it will keep adding to your weight, and before you know, you will be facing the much dreaded problem of being overweight. It takes a short duration of unhealthy eating and working habits to gain those extra pounds, but reclaiming your fitness might take much longer. Obesity and weight problems can seriously dent your confidence. It’s not easy to put your best foot forward in presentations, meetings, and anything you do, when you are not comfortable about your looks. Not to mention the ill effects of obesity on your health.


Procrastination is one of the biggest problems faced by people who are working from home (e.g. freelance writers, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs). Little or no physical activity and poor diet coupled with the comfort of home can push you into a vicious spiral of procrastination. Not having the “luxury” of a manager or boss to keep you on your toes, it’s so important to complete the day’s work on daily basis without putting it off. And while eating healthy wouldn’t really make you more organized, it will surely help you avoid the low blood sugar level that is associated with short attention span (meaning that you will get distracted more easily).

Fighting the Fatigue:

Last but not the least, having the right food will help you deal with the stress and fatigue, resulting from long working hours on computer and Internet. Food items like almonds, walnuts, salmon, yogurt, and green vegetables can help you deal with the damaging effects of work related stress. On the other hand, consuming junk or unhealthy food can add to your stress levels, let alone dealing with it.

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    These are great points Rahil. We can only perform as well as our bodies will allow us. I’ve found simple tweaks in how much coffee I consume and the time of day I drink it makes a huge difference. Thanks for helping to bring awareness to this issue.

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