Tony Hung Is a B.A.D. Blogger!

Blogger A Day Call: Hello is Tony there?

When you meet Tony Hung you might not realize how soon, or how often, you’re going to be seeing him. He would need time to tell you about all of the places you might find him. Beyond his own blog, a few of his regular stops include the Blog Herald, Bloggertalks, Tuesday Night Comments, and events and conversations about the MESH conference. Soon there will be even more.

When Tony and I met via headphones and our computers, he shared his background — years of websites and playing with web design. We talked about how he came into blogging. Tony goes deep on any subject he’s interested in. It shows in the fact that his first blog was on WordPress with a theme of his own design.

I asked how Tony connected with the Blog Herald — he said he suggested some topics and shortly thereafter, Matt read Tony’s blog and invited Tony to write for them. The Blog Herald connection prompted Thord, another Herald writer, to invite Tony to be part of Bloggertalks, the hot new interview blog.

When I asked Tony what he did when he wasn’t blogging or talking to bloggers, I found out that he had another name, Dr. Tony Hung. He said he’s a final-year resident doctor in Internal Medicine. So we talked about doctors. I mentioned that I finally found a neurologist without a gargantuan ego. He replied that more than one specialty fell victim to that condition.

I think Tony’d be glad I didn’t share my favorite doctor joke.

Tony explained how he chose Internal Medicine. He said he had started in Family Medicine, but found that he wanted to help really sick people. We discussed how some folks don’t get better, but instead have to move on to other care. Tony mentioned the thought that goes into talking to family members who are also involved. You have to admire someone who does that work.

Dr. Tony Hung added one more name 9 weeks ago — Daddy. Tony Hung is the father of a baby boy.

B.A.D. Blogger Quote

I got into it so that I could learn about what people are doing. I wasn’t prepared for how much fun it is. —Tony Hung

Stop by Tony’s Blog, deep jive interests, and say hi!

Thanks, Tony, you B.A.D. Blogger!

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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  1. says

    DJI – Mr. Tony Hung, are a great read ^^ the content are marvelous :)
    he’s a professional blogger indeed ^^

    and i never even imagine that he is a Dr. ! guess we can’t judge people from it’s blog or from it’s picture ;P

  2. says

    I have time for a B.A.D blogger call tomorrow if you need me to intervene and talk the ball into another corner.

    I used teach first grade. So I’m good at convincing sports balls that they’re really not in love with the objects of their infatuation.

  3. says

    Aww, I’m away this weekend. Darn. The ball’s being nice now though, so I’m taking it for a walk… And this suddenly got lots of dubious meanings so I think we’d better drop it. 😛

  4. says

    How about next week? I have Thursday and Friday open. You could be the B.A.D. blogger . . . I’ll meet on the verbal volleyball court you can pick the time. :) [VERY big Cheshire cat smile]

  5. says

    Wicked is not good. A wicked witches are always doing mean things. Look what happened to Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Dorothy. Whew! I’ll steer of that . . . Thanks for the warning. :)

    I’ll email you! :)

  6. says

    At the risk of 2/3 of a pun (p.u.)

    Sew you will.

    Your email is ready to go. Then it too will be in your court.

    I keep placing things in your courts. :)Perhaps you are a king as well as a sportsman.

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