What is SOBCon?

By Glenda Watson Hyatt

SOBCon is so much more than the brilliant speakers who co-founders Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker hand pick to create a particular message, theme or flow.

SOBCon is the equally brilliant individuals sitting at your table who willingly and freely share their expertise and experience during the Mastermind sessions.

SOBCon is the interactions during breaks, lunch and after hours. Oftentimes those interactions are as valuable, if not more so, than the speakers sharing their content. Those interactions evolve into friendships, collaborators and partnerships that last long after the 2.5 days in Chicago. Those interactions and subsequent relationships are the glue that holds SOBCon together; dare I say the SOBCon family because that is what it feels like.

Having attended four SOBCons, I have benefited immensely from the interactions, both during the SOBCon weekends and afterwards. I have been fortunate to be part of an invaluable brain trust group with Becky McCray, Deb Brown, Paul Merrill and Jon Swanson – all part of the SOBCon family – who are always only an email away for brainstorming, advice and encouragement. Because I am surrounded by people who will not let me fail, I have recently launched my motivational speaking career.

Glenda Watson Hyatt and Mark HorvathNow, my friend, my hero Mark Horvath needs to tap into the brilliance of the SOBCon family. Once homeless himself on Hollywood Boulevard, he now uses social media to shine the spotlight on those individuals living on the streets – who most of us try to ignore as we walk past. Mark shares hundreds of heartbreaking as well as uplifting stories on Invisible People TV to raise awareness about homelessness.

However, this past year has been rough and Mark has plowed any money he received back into Invisible People TV to help those he serves. That is how dedicated Mark is to the issues of homelessness.

He needs to be at SOBCon in Chicago in May to be amidst those with ideas, insights and connections to take Invisible People TV to the next level so that he can earn a paycheque and continue to do this selfless work.

To assist Mark to be at SOBCon in May, please give your financial support at the Invisible People TV donation page. Then let Mark know that your support is for him to attend SOBCon. Mark can be reached via Twitter (@hardlynormal) and Facebook.

Thank you for backing one of our SOBCon family who makes the biggest difference for people who get noticed the least.

Author’s Bio:
Glenda Watson Hyatt, Motivational Speaker –http://www.glendawatsonhyatt.com/
Author of bestseller I’ll Do It Myself – available on the Kindle at http://amzn.to/RlP5Qj

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