Why it’s okay if everything is falling apart

Uncertainty. Change. Flux. Disarray and disorder. Life is messy and especially so if you are trying to build something.

Anyone who has ever baked a cake from scratch knows that the kitchen is usually full of flour (and it lands in the weirdest places) before the finished product emerges triumphant from the oven. The cliche about not being able to make an omelette without breaking a few eggs also holds true.

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” ~ Pablo Picasso

While this is true, the difference between memorizing quotes and living them is significant. Taking ideas from the drawing board to implementation is no mean feat. It takes resilience, fortitude, humility and the ability to discern.

“Breaking” your life and then rebuilding it is intimidating, to say the least (especially if you wonder where you’re going to find the material to rebuild).

When I’m in the midst of change, I envision sifting. For example, to use a farming reference, think of separating wheat from the chaff ~ as the seedheads are flailed about and churned through the thresher, a golden, gauzy cloud swirls around the machinery processing it. As the cloud swirls and the grain proceeds through the auger, certain particles drift away in the wind and others settle and remain with the grain.

When you make a significant change in your life, YOU are the one being put through the wringer. Make no mistake.

The people and places in your life are the cloud. As you move through the progression of your intentions, you’ll lose some things but gain others. The uncertainty is the sifting.

Let the wind blow.

When you are experiencing change, it may also help to think of stars, nebulae and dust.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Paradoxically, there IS order in chaos. There is poetry in disorder. And in order to transition from one state into another, you must be willing to expend exponentially more energy. You have it within you to create new worlds.

Want proof? Check this out: you ARE the universe.

Not gonna lie: uncertainty is a real pain in the neck. However, by going through different trials, you are eliminating the inessential and building from your true strengths.

When was there a time in your life when you gained something through loss? How did you succeed? What were your lessons?


Molly Cantrell-Kraig is a woman with drive. Possessing an innate sense of purpose and a pragmatic, solution-based approach to empowering people, she fused these two traits in order to establish Women With Drive Foundation. Based upon its founder’s personal history, Women With Drive Foundation is a means through which Cantrell-Kraig may effect change on both a micro and macro level. By providing women with something as essential as personal transportation in order to transition them from poverty to prosperity, she, through Women With Drive Foundation, seeks to empower women to help them help themselves. Through this action, the individual applicant benefits, as does society as a whole. Follow Molly on twitter as @mckra1g or @WWDr1ve (Women With Drive Foundation) or “Like” them on facebook.


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