Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Title on a Business Card

By Rob Young

If you’ve sought help to create the perfect business card you’ve probably found many people insist that you include your title on it. While including your title on a business card has its uses, in some cases it does more harm than good. Whether you’re the founder of a startup or an employee in an international company, these are a few reasons you might consider removing the title from your business card.

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It can make you complacent

Printing ‘CEO’ on your business cards after you’ve just launched your start up might make you feel important, but it could be counter-productive. While it can inspire some people to take bold decisions and work night and day to ensure their business is a success, more commonly this false sense of importance clouds judgement and contributes to a false sense of achievement that leaves you vulnerable to complacency.

Leaving the title off your business card is a great (and free) way to remind yourself that you still have plenty to achieve – who knew that getting rid of a title could provide so much motivation?

You can appear egotistical or delusional

If you’ve given yourself a fancy sounding title in the hopes of impressing potential clients, business partners or even your employees, be prepared for the opposite, especially if you appear young and inexperienced. At best people could think that you have an inflated ego, which might put people off from working with you. Worse still, you might just come across as delusional, with an unrealistic and immature approach to business.

It limits you

A job title is meant to give people an idea of what you do, but sometimes it can unintentionally give them a false impression of what you don’t do – and if someone thinks you’re incapable of doing something and chooses not to pursue a relationship with you your business card might as well have been a blank piece of paper. Leave the job title off your business card and you give yourself the flexibility to adapt your responsibilities and abilities to the individual situation. And remember, as long as you have a pen handy, you can always add information to a business card.

Going incognito has its benefits

You might imagine that it’s always best to introduce yourself as the boss, but if you’ve ever seen Undercover Boss you’ll understand the value of being able to assume a different role. Whether it’s trying to leverage a better deal with a supplier or find out what other people really think of your company, the ability to be a chameleon in business comes with many benefits.

It’s a conversation starter

Maintaining a little bit of mystery is a great way to pique someone’s interest. Remove your job title from your business card and you’ll find that people will start asking what exactly it is you do. This is a great opportunity to really sell yourself and the business you represent – you don’t have to reply with just your job title. Just bear in mind that removing all your details from your business card will only make you look foolish and incompetent.

It looks elegant, bold and chic

It’s universally accepted that your business card shouldn’t be overloaded with information. Being ruthless and leaving out unnecessary details is a straightforward way to make an impact with your business card. Think your title is a necessary detail? Think again. Your email address or contact telephone number is essential – your title is an extra.

To avoid politics and resentment

Titles could lead to resentment and jealousy in a company. You could say that such employees shouldn’t be appeased by leaving job titles off business cards, but if something so simple could lead to a more productive company culture shouldn’t it at least be considered, especially when there are so many other reasons to ditch titles?
Do you really need that title?

Of course there are plenty of valid reasons to include your title on a business card – if you’re dealing with businesspeople with inflated egos, for example, they might consider titles important enough that they only want to deal with people they believe to be on their level. What’s important is that you don’t assume your job title should automatically be on your business card. Instead weigh up the pros and cons and do what’s best for your business or career.

Author’s Bio: Rob Young is Head of Online Marketing at business card printers MOO. He likes to share his knowledge and experience on a number of topics including networking and design.

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  1. says

    That is actually a quite insightful bit of thinking there. I love putting words that describe me on cards but simply putting my name (my name is my brand after all) might be the way to go. Especially for Thanet Star where I want to send the message that all my writers are as important as I am. Thanks.

  2. Marta Amor says

    It is a very interesting point when designing business cards. Honestly, I have never thought about the differences of including the tittle or not but now I know that it is so different. I totally agree with all the reasons that the author gives to support the opinion. First of all, leaving the tittle off the business card shows a sense of humble and respect. Besides, it is a way to challenge and motivate your self. The author was very wise stating that putting the tittle in your business card limits the business. Clients can misunderstand what you are willing to do.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. says

    I agree that one should not put his title on a business card. It is not attractive as it contains more words and people get weary in reading many words. And also it looks overloaded in your business card. And when you put your title in your card it is not mysterious and attractive for people.

  4. Connie says

    Wow!!! Nice points.
    I’m so grateful for these points.. I’d leave my business card with just my name and no position. I want to be able to learn from people I may meet. I can easily coverup as a marketer of my company when I’m with some tough clients..

  5. says

    I don’t have a title on my business card (as an owner) but I do like creative titles for those that to have them (which is a current fun discussion at our company). But most importantly, I think the author of this article/posting is way off base…..and I would like to email him our business cards. I think the author is sadly “old school” and maybe a “boring person.” I like what Doctors are now doing… filling their walls with things reflecting their personal life….I think important for most working world folks. I don’t think adding “life to a card” means one is an egotistical crazed person (although a few might be)….in fact “some” who think so…maybe they have an inferior complex.

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