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Etched in ice and not concrete . . . There are people on the web who know much, much more than I do, and so I went to find one whom Eric and I can trust–Yaro of Entrepreneur’s Journey another 9rules network blog.

Yaro, besides being a phenomenal researcher, is a teacher and a leader. Here’ s what Yaro says about meta tags in his document, Do Meta Tag Keywords Matter Anymore?

Should you be using meta tag keywords at all?
Yes and no. It definitely should not be prioritized and if you have other, better SEO things to do worry about don’t spend time on your meta keywords. If you insist on using meta keywords use them sparingly, only a handful, about 10 maximum, and keep them very relevant to the page content. Less is more in this case.

Meta keywords are a legacy of web 1.0 and are slowly being phased out completely. Your title tags, heading tags and content play a much more important role and really if you have time to spare to work on SEO you should be writing great new content that people will link to, not cramming your pages with redundant keywords.

So there you have it. Meta keywords have a minor use, if used sparingly, but by no means should they take priority over content that people will link, because they most certainly are on their way out.

Hey, we don’t mind learning, especially from a generous teacher. Thanks Yaro, for telling us what works, instead of what we’re doing wrong.

Sorry I took the long way home on this one. But I got here, and the car’s not wrecked.

Gosh I feel so much better now. :)

–ME “Liz” Strauss


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    Yaro is right on the mark.

    The Meta Keywords tag had its heyday during the internet bubble days. From all accounts its seems less relevant today although nobody can say 100% for sure.

    Hence why it’s still on our list of SEO Things to Do – spend a good half hour to get it done once.

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    Yeah, Martin, but then we knew he would be.
    I don’t know what I was thinking of not checking with him first. It was fun to go play around on his site again. 😛

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    I’m readking Yaro’s blog from a couple of weeks now and it is one of the best entrepreneur blogs I ever read. Yaro’s tips are guerrilla marketing, you may be allow to find a couple of books at amazon about guerrilla marketing.

    Content is KING; you must have excellent content to have a successful blog, but some times it is hard to stop during the day and write things down on a blog. I’m looking for a way to do that! In a couples of days I will post my own schedule to share with everyone.

    It is hard, but not imposibble.
    Thanks for reading!

    Javier Cabrera

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    I hate to say it.. but, I’m anti-SEO. I just don’t know what it means. I can’t see any results from my efforts. You can’t get a generally straight answer or opinion from anybody, and the only ones that seem to be successful at this want you to buy their E-Book “How to be successful in SEO”… I know I get a lot of search engine traffic on my PetLvr blog (96% of traffic according to my stats) and I’m doing nothing. It’s nice reading all this stuff this week so far about SEO, but I’m reading it all as “Entertainment” (like I do with a lot of other blogs!), because I am not really getting anything out of this.

    I think about this topic – what ‘Nick’ from threadwatch posted earlier – made the most sense to me. It’s a good thing to put this SEO concept up in the limelight so everyone can keep it in mind to having a ‘successful-blog’ and maybe attract more traffic. But, it’s something else entirely to hope that this “series” will be a tutorial for me or anybody who wants to stop being ANTI-SEO and learn more about it. I think that’s what Nick was implying the most – it’s the way this series seemed to be presented so far.

    Of course, that’s all i.m.h.o. naturally 😀

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    Hi team,

    Wow, don’t put me too high on that pedastool! I just read what other people do and test things out myself, then regurgitate it on my blog.

    Great new design too Liz!

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    I appreciate you saying that. No worries. It’s a topic I thought people were interested in and deserved to know something about. I didn’t have a hope or a wish that I’d be teaching them. I thought we’d be learning together. But maybe too many years of working on books that teach things is coming through here–or too much energy. Which do you think? Either way I’m used to having my work critiqued I’m from publishing. :)

    Nick and I have been talking about this via email too.

    I also know I didn’t like it much when I didn’t know what SEO meant and I couldn’t find any thing that would get basic enough to explain it to me.

    On another note, I found this comment sitting in the moderation queue. I have no idea what would have caused it to be put there. So what probably what happened the last time is that your comment came in when a group of spam came and got deleted with them–sometimes there’s 8 or 10 at once and it’s hard to tell what’s all there.


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    Liz .. that makes sense with the comment spam .. damnit with technology and computers! (j/k) :p

    Yaro – I just read what other people do and test things out myself, then regurgitate it on my blog .. It’s BECAUSE you test things out before you regurgitate is why people put you on a pedestal … most people don’t even read it first – yup.

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    Hi HART
    Regarding the first part of your comment I wonder if the 800 catches it up sometimes? But why not always–It din’t today?

    On the note to Yaro, you couldn’t be more right. And I would like to add that it’s also because his tests are interesting commonse tests and he is a person lacking bravado or arrogance. :)

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