Can Someone Get Something from Being Nothing?

Look Up, Look at Someone Else

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Yesterday I met someone who was nothing.

He wore his nothingness like a badge. It was his role, his definition of himself. He had tied himself too closely to “things” and a company he lost years ago. Now they were lost and he was nothing.

He argued for the reasons that his days held nothing, that he could do nothing, that nothing suited him.

His reasons were well-thought and often repeated. They listed his inability to compete with other people and things outside of him. They outlined every subject about which he couldn’t care and every task at which he was inept.

As time and conversation passed, it became clear that he planned on staying exactly where he was. Nothing got him something. Was that “something” attention or a reason not to try anymore? Maybe it was the opportunity to talk about the past?

Sane humans don’t stay in situations that don’t pay off. In some way we’re getting something. We always buy into the “contract” of what we’re doing and where we are.

When things truly aren’t working, we get determined. We change the situation.

Yeah we get something from being nothing, but when being nothing gets to be a problem, we become the something we could have been all along.

Ever met someone who got something from being nothing?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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The Server Move . . . Thank You JohnP, Aaron, and Greg

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It was seamless. It was easy. It was nothing to worry about. This big blog got there without a worry. When it needed attention, it was only seconds away.

Thank you, JohnP, Aaron, and Greg

The whole harbor is smiling about it.
Great service deserves to get noticed.

Props and gratitude.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

Moving Forward and Standing Still . . .

I’m pleased to announce that

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–ME “Liz” Strauss
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Social Anchors that Link Us Together

Social Media Can Be Words

I've been thinking . . .

about connections. Earlier this year I had a conversation, tossing questions and answers with a person I just met.

Cheryl asked, “What are you proud of?”

Plenty of events rose before me, and faded gracefully back again. None of them what I might take pride in. This one owing to my child’s work. That one owing to a team’s participation. The other being a serendipitious aligning of the stars.

Proud feels like approving. Even when I feel proud just know someone, word often don’t say . . . I don’t want raising folks up to seem like putting them lower.

I didn’t know . . .

I replied, “I have an unusual relationship the word proud. I don’t see things quite that way.” I explained as best I could.

She said, “I like the way you think about that.”

Funny how words like that, words that scare ya in some way can turn out to become an important– an anchor — something that holds and ties you to a person and a moment in time.

It was an ordinary day — a day without a parade or ceremony. Someone who knew me wrote the proud word in the comment box. He put it there where people could see it. It was a simple statement.

“Fiercely proud.”

We were two Internet people who’d never been in the same room. He had trouble with the proud word too. He said, “It sounds weird to say.”

Can I tell you what that meant?

It was a link that worked in both directions.

I was fiercely proud of him too.

Those words were a social anchor — a link, a connection, a relationship on the Internet — only this one was between humans not sites. They placed us and a moment in time forever together on the same thought, like the star rising in the photo below.

star rising

Links hold us together. Some can last forever or as long as a star.

Do you have a social anchor — words that reflect a human relationship link you found on the Internet? Would you tell me the story?

If you leave your story, we’ll be linked in yet another way.

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