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Colleges and Universities
Here is a list of 100 blogs that will help you improve your writing by providing inspiration, motivation, creativity and new techniques from experts, freelancers, and editors from every genre.

Top 100 Blogs to Improve Your Writing in 2010

Misadventures with Andi
I did find a few blogs to read, but this activity also left me with the overwhelming need to share a piece of basic web usability advice.

Are you overloaded?

Thomas Clifford
Pink definitely motivated me to rethink how organizations might use multimedia in ways beyond traditional corporate communication methods. Let’s look at one idea from the book and adapt it for our purposes.

What is Our Company’s Purpose? The R-O-I Method

Stephen Smith
How can you not generate big ideas every day? Some of them will not be good ideas, but that is okay. Get them out of your head.

Good ideas come from doing something differently, an unusual experience, an unexpected inspiration. Seek these experiences intentionally. Listen to a radio program that you disagree with, or music that you do not like.

Linchpin – Generate Ideas Every Day

45 Things

In today’s workplace, I think a lot of people long for a “mute” button. Unfortunately, not only do we not have the option of tuning everything out, but the increasing stress levels have made it just a bit too loud — in all kinds of ways.

3 Ways to Give the Best of Yourself

Cube Rules
Meetings have many purposes. One of the purposes is to get a decision made about something so people can move forward in their work.

Yet, few would say that meetings produce decisions. Many, if not most, people will tell you the vast majority of meetings are a complete waste of time.

How to get a decision made during a meeting

John Haydon
What if you could cut down on the number of social media sites that you’re posting content on? Posterous allows you to do just that – entirely by email.

How To Automatically Repost Content With Posterous

Related ala carte selections include

Social Media Examiner
In this video I interview Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer for the 358,000 member organization MarketingProfs.

How MarketingProfs Manages Its Brand on Twitter (an Ann Handley Interview)

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–ME “Liz” Strauss

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Are You Going Out of Your Way Not to Repeat Yourself?

Think about That


When you sit looking at a blank screen wondering what you’ll write about today. Do you find yourself thinking, “I already said that.”

Do you go out of your way not to repeat yourself?

Think about that …

That single idea will make your job harder and harder the more you write.


Establishing a coherent core marketing message that identifies who you are, identifies the problem you can solve and gives the potential customer a look at what life looks like after their problem is solved is key to success in your consulting business. Anton Pearce

Studies show that people need to hear the same message many times in many ways to process it fully. Why do you think repetition is such a big part of both school and advertising? Great brands, great marketers, and great teachers know that their message is key to expressing how they what they have to offer can solve problems and change lives. Service professionals spend hours on their 30-second pitch to introduce themselves. Don’t set such power aside.

Our most basic message positions and defines us.

A good positioning statement easily adapts to various media. It should be simply stated and works in every aspect of your marketing effort. So in summary, a positioning statement is:

* Short sentence-less than 12 words (not counting product name)
* Simple language
* Adaptable to various media
* A compelling statement of one benefit
* A conceptual statement…not necessarily copy
* Supported by 3 additional benefit claims
* Satisfies 4 evaluation criteria (unique, believable, important and useable)
Messages that Matter

Great speakers and writers say the same things in different contexts. Great rock bands are constantly asked to play the same songs again. Weave your message into everything you write and don’t be afraid to write about it often. It’s what your readers came to learn more about.

Surely your classic message deserves to be discussed more than once.

What message of yours is worth repeating most often?

You’re not a stranger anymore.
–ME “Liz” Strauss
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I Asked for Hot Fudge and Cool Whip but I Got Skittles

The Gesture Was Lovely


It was a mission. The task was simple.
On the way home from dinner, he said “I need to go to the store.”

We hired a taxi to place him at his destination.

On the way out of the car he asked, “What for you?”
I said, “hot fudge and cool whip.” I was thinking hot fudge with the butter pecan ice cream we had for a late night sundae. I was thinking Cool Whip for an early morning “blogger’s latte.”

Didn’t get the hot fudge or the Cool Whip.

What he brought home was Skittles.
I like Skittles, but Skittles — they are his favorite!

The gift was lovely, but … he got me what he liked, rather than what I asked for. It was nice thought and I said, “thank you.”

Still uou can’t make a blogger’s latte with Skittles, no matter how much anyone loves that candy …

Ever been there? How do you respond when someone — maybe a favorite company — gives you what THEY want.

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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