How Google Plus Improves Your SEO

By Amanda Greene

There’s no denying that Google is the powerhouse of search engines. This means that knowing how to improve your SEO on Google itself is like finding diamonds.

But this also means that you must begin to embrace Google Plus. So toss out those “I don’t get it” comments and get your social networking skills revved up, it’s time to get started.

1) Have Followers, Will Share

It’s simple – the more people who have you in their circles, the more shares you are likely to get. The more shares you are likely to get, the higher you rank.

Don’t believe it? Check out this “social” experiment done by a couple of Google Plus users, who prove that when more people share your post, the higher you rank. After asking their followers to share and +1 their post, they went from #16 to #6.

2) Make the Plus One Button Easy to Find

When people “plus one” your article, it should rank higher on the search engine. While the plus one may not be a definitive way of improving rank, the more people that plus one the article, the more likely it will be just a bit easier to find during Google searches (wouldn’t you like your articles to be a bit higher than on page 23 on Google).

For example, do a test case of plus one-ing an article you have written, and do a search of that article. Where does it rank?

Next, don’t plus one an article you’ve written on your website, and see where it ranks then.

Is there a difference? You bet there is.

3) Add Links to Your Profile (and Create Authorship)

Once you set up your account on Google Plus you have an opportunity to add links to your profile. This allows for a link on Google Plus to any variety of webpages to which you contribute.

Not to mention, when you create an “Authorship,” your name is tagged with each post you write. There are specific directions on how to do this via Google Plus, but make sure you have an email address with the site you write on, or have access to your site’s html.

By claiming authorship, not only will people see your beautiful face next to the articles you have written, they also have the chance to circle you right there in the search results. Not to mention, the people who have circled you already, when they do their own searches, you will come up higher in the results because they have added you to their Google Plus world (thereby making you a trusted element to bring results from).

Don’t let the intimidation of Google Plus itself prevent you from using every opportunity to rank your site higher in search results and these three simple tasks, along with being an active member on Google Plus, can improve your site’s SEO.

Author’s Bio: Amanda Greene is author and Brand Manager for You can also find her on twitter as @amandagreenerhl.

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