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The Specials this Week are

Have you ever noticed how much of a difference your point of reference makes? It all has to do with who you identify yourself to be.

Seth’s Blog
All the evidence I’ve seen shows that positive thinking and confidence improves performance. In anything.

Collaborative Ideation
When I talk to people about Twitter that still question what it is, let alone what it does, I have an overwhelming urge to focus on the hive aspect of the community.

Punctuality Rules
I can’t be the only person who walks down the street shaking her head as the spoiled divas of the world pass by. Let’s call them DIPs (Delusionally Important People), because unlike rockstars, heads-of-state, and other assorted guests of honor, these people are only important in their own heads.

Life Beyond Code
Everyone has ideas and a small percentage of them will execute on their ideas too.

However, not all ideas fly.

Related ala carte selections include

spatially relevant
Bryan Jone’s presentation on social marketing is yet another view on social media sorta, but the whole “Be Nice and Play Along” concept is more or less spot on …

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–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    Thanks, Liz. Glad you liked that post. Point of view makes such a difference doesn’t it?

    From one point of view, my friends look wonderful. The same friends might not even look trustworthy to me when I’m feeling down.

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