Bring Back That “Brand New” Blogging Feeling Event!!

50 Winners Get EDGE: a Premium WordPress Theme
AND an Insider’s Guide to the Conversation eBook!!

That Brand New Blogging Feeling

They say no one forgets the first time . . .
It’s the first flowers of spring.


It’s a waterfall.


It’s a new pack of crayons.

new crayons

It’s unveiling a new blog . . . And have we got a deal for you!!

It’s a $3900 Brand New Blogging Feeling Event!!


We’re Giving Away 50 Prize Pairs of

  • EDGE, the $49 Premium WordPress Theme by Blog Design Studio


  • The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog, (The Insider’s Guide) the $29 eBook, by Liz Strauss!!

Blog Design Studio and I have teamed up to offer fifty bloggers that “brand new” blog feeling!! Whether you’re just starting out or you want to get back to the excitement of your first blog post. We’re ready to fuel the fire.

Click to see: EDGE –the Premium WordPress Theme by Blog Design Studio

Edge Theme Screenshot

Play with the demo EDGE DEMO BLOG

Check out the features!!

  • Mouseover headlines that expand to show excerpts
  • Advertisement ready
  • Full Feedburner integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Color variation

Click to see: Insider’s Guide to the Conversation eBook!!

The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog

It’s filled with tips, ideas, and checklists,
that show you how to:

  • Write to attract an audience who participates
  • Build online relationships that make business happen
  • Create communities of loyal customer fans
  • Use the Power of the 6+1 Traits of Effective Writing
  • Gain trust and credibility by writing intelligently from the heart
  • You also get Classic Blog Review Checklist to Publish a Blog Magnet

    Want to get back that brand new blogging feeling?

    To get a copy of EDGE and a copy of my eBook, here’s what to do.

    1. Take a picture of something that shows that brand new feeling like the one goes with a first blog post.
    2. Compose a one sentence message that describes what your picture is saying. Yeah you could call it a caption.
    3. Enter those and your contact information over at the form BRAND NEW BLOGGING FEELING EVENT. Upload a jpeg, tif, or png of your photo that is no larger than 400×400 pixels.
    4. Check twice to make sure that your information is complete.
      The first fifty who follow directions with clever pictures that show that brand-new feeling will be featured here with a link back to their blogs (if they have one).

    The EDGE theme and the Insider Guide prizes are for personal use only and not for resale purposes.
    One entry per person.

    Your entry might look something like this one.


    car peeking out of garage

    A new blog is like
    a brand new sports car peeking out of the garage.

    Good luck!
    Contest ends with the 50th accepted entry or by September 14th, whichever comes first.

    –ME “Liz” Strauss
    Work with Liz!!


    1. says

      this is an awesome list of prizes and a fun little contest Liz..:)

      I’m so sorry for not being able to join yesterday’s Open Mic… if you read some of my tweets, you’ll have an idea.. will write in the email as well.. just submitted mine.. it may not win, but you’ll definitely have a laugh.

    2. says

      What a great concept! I loved your idea :) I’ve also submmited mine and gotta say that even if I don’t win I’m already enjoying this!

      Good memories are always good to remember. Thanks for that!

    3. says


      I was not able to check the pixel’s of my picture before I sent it. Can you verify that it came through ok? Also, what is the count at? Does it look like we will have the list posted before the 14th?

    4. says

      What’s so special about this theme? I believe there are better themes available for free. However, the spirit of the challenge is excellent, as seen from the comments. Nice effort!

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