Connecting with Customers: More Talk with Mack Collier

A SERIES in the quest to know more about the offline world

Part 2 in A 2-Part Interview with Mack Collier

Monday, I shared the beginning of a conversation with Mack Collier about connecting with new customers. This is part two of that interview with Mack.

What do you do when your potential client needs to sell him or her company on the idea of social media?

Make sure they understand how social media can improve their businesses. Many cos/organizations want the ‘monetization’ part built from the start. Social media is often viewed as a potential monetization channel, instead of being a communication channel. What I try to do is make sure the potential client understands that money can be made with social media, but that it comes as a byproduct of using the tools to facilitate connections with current and potential customers, and build those connections into relationships.

It’s very counterintuitive at first because many cos don’t want to enter into a space unless they can see direct monetary benefits. It takes time and much hand-holding in some cases to help businesses realize that successful social media initiatives are based on creating value for others. As you create more value, an INDIRECT benefit is that you can see sales increase, positive equity/awareness grow, etc.

What do most new clients ask for your help with? What misconceptions do they bring?

When the questions start to shift from ‘what do I get out of this?’ to ‘what do my readers/friends/customers get out of this?’ And I think that’s a normal progression for anyone that’s using social media, I was the same way with my blogging and Twittering at first. But after a while I began to understand that the more value I created for others, the more value came back to me. We need to remember that companies need time to learn these same lessons.

. . . It seems that we — you and I — have more questions, and I’ve confirmed that Mack has more answers. So Mack and I have agreed to extend the interview. Watch for parts three and four next week!

Thanks, Mack!

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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    I agree about his assessment about the cycle of monetization is social media. Let me take it back to real world networking groups. You don’t join one in order to directly sell your product to those in the group. You go there to establish relationships and position yourself as a solution to a certain problem (i.e. your product). You provide some sort of value to those in there in the way of your solution.

    Social media is just a means of positioning yourself like that. When people know what you offer, and you get the word out thru social media, they will come to you since you are an expert at solving their particular problem.

  2. says

    Hi Kurt,
    I really like the way you say that. It makes the whole thing easier for me to imagine in context.

    I agree that social media is really more like a bridge than bullhorn. :)

  3. says

    Liz and Mack, great series and I look forward to continuing the conversation. For me social networking is like all other investments, I attempt to make more deposits than withdrawals! The payoff so far has been incredible.

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