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The Specials this Week are

Problogger is showing us how to make things happen.

SuccessCreeations stirs a discussion about Princes of Execution and Visionaries.

Brain Based Biz has jumped in with Both Feet.

Logic+Emotion prefers conversation to webinar format and explains why.

Success Begins Today shows us how to make true change happen.

Related ala carte selections include

The carnival’s in town over at Working at Home on the Internet.

Sit back. Enjoy your read. Nachos and drinks will be right over. Stay as long as you like. No tips required. Comments appreciated.

Have a great weekend!

–ME “Liz” Strauss


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    Thank you, Liz and SOBs. I liked “Talking To Yourself”; it’s one of those posts that includes concepts (monologuing) that get your mind wandering way outside of the intended scope.

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    Hi John!
    Are you supposed to be tending the bar this evening? Or am I as confused as usual? I very much liked David’s piec too, but probably for different reasons than you did. :)

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    Liz, thanks so much for flagging my blog on two footed-questions. I hope that this blog challenges folks to step out of the ordinary and comfort of what they usually do to try something different. I had fun developing this blog and give a lot of credit to Ellen Weber who first developed the concept of two-footed questions. I hope others take tips here and play around with their blogs in new ways. Shanks for the sunshine you spread, Liz.


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    Hi Robyn,
    I learn so much from your blog and from Ellen’s. Both of you keep me interested in what my brain is doing when I’m not looking. :)

    Sunshine, I hope it’s sunshine. Some days it seems like a flashlight on a starry night. :)

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    Am I too late? Princes of Execution struck a chord with me. My ideas are good but taking them to the working point is, sometimes, difficult. On the other hand, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to let a thought simmer for a while?

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    Simmering, as in cooking, often enhances the flavor.

    It all depends on you in many ways. I remember the first time I skied on a regular slope. I had to be ready for the first move or there was a strong likelihood that I would have gone down the mountain on anything but my skis. I waited for the right moment for me, and went. I got down without a fall, and skied fine all day.

    The other thing is that I had an instructor — not with me, but I had lessons. Sometimes listening to another’s advice is helpful. you do have to know who and how to pick your advisors, but the bottom line is that if you rationally feel you must wait, ok. If it’s fear, then take counsel and take the plunge with wisdom.

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    Tariq and Carolyn,
    I love the metaphor of the ski slope. Though my center of gravity is too high for me to want to try it in reality, I can live the imagery and be there with you. :)

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    GP checking in (yikes, innkeeper syntax again) Tariq your ski slope analogy reminds me of when i first started springboard diving… I’d go up to the diving board peer down 15 feet to the pool below and naaahhh. … chicken out. One day, (probably more in self frustration)… it was right and there i went…. couldnt get me off the dang board after that.

    I’ve been blessed with great advisors, tho I ‘m super picky as to who they are. (I’d like to count u guys among them if i may)

    GP in Montana who had an awesome adventure on a surprisingly well behaved Picken with new endurance riding bud AND advisor. Hmmm methinks maybe the Picken was trying to make a good first impression on Carol’s gelding? :)

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    Hi GP,
    You are a fine advisors yourself, if we might be so bold as you include you in our group. (Picken has nominated you. Alle sent a strong second.)

    I so look forward to your advice from Big Sky. :)

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