How Might a Promise Like that Change a Life?

What if you took yourself seriously?
What if for just one week you

  • . . . saw your strengths and not your weaknesses?
  • . . . did the work on your projects to your highest standards?
  • . . . gave yourself the respect you’d give to the holiest, most whole person
    you might meet?

What if you made a promise, swore to keep it, and only told it to yourself?

Would you take an extreme challenge to treat yourself as the best you — not the one you take for granted. Have you done so already?

How might a promise like that change a life?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!!


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    I need to make that promise to myself. I’ve been working hard lately and getting good feedback, so why do I let myself feel like I’m not there yet?

    Great suggestion. Thanks for making me think.

  2. says

    Mesmerizing photo choice Liz for this reflection. The challenge to lift ourselves out of our limitations is not so much to deny the actual weaknesses, but to learn how not to become anchored to them.
    So much of my own path lately has emerged because I dared to act out of the place of my deepest desires, an image of myself that I did not fully believe to be possible. Once I was able to admit the desire, then the path to achieve it quite simply appeared before me, and amazing folks like you and Chris, Kathryn and Jay,Laura,Henie,Detlef,Susan,Amy,Jeb,Ben Zoe, Chas and Mary-Frances all started appearing. I simply needed to take the blinders off. It’s been real work, but work tied to a vision, so there is always plenty of fuel in the tank…

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    I’m getting there. :) Like Richard, I too have been on a path of following my heart and my gut, though I’ll admit it started with amazing people as well as leading to them.

    I’m not sure what it says that it took someone else’s belief in me to get me going – someone who started as a professional contact and then became a friend. Maybe that’s one of the weaknesses I just have to learn to accept, and move forward from there? :)

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    The whole time I was putting this one together I kept thinking what are you doing? you should save this for Friday … you’ve already had two posts up on the site today.

    But it wanted to be posted, and I wanted to let go of the idea that other things should decide when I write what I think and feel.

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    That is very cool…sometimes the creative well needs to flow at a rate that can surprise and even scare us. I’ve been paddling furiously trying to keep up with the flow over in my corner today, then I notice Mr. Brogan has been sending out missives like there’s no tomorrow…the story is always bigger than us and sometimes the story will go where (and when) the story wants to go…perhaps this is some after the inauguration updraft?

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