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Liz Strauss in Chicago is worth her weight in gold or Pop Tarts. Chris Brogan in ZDNet

There are few people more gifted at creating compelling ideas than Liz. I’m continually amazed by her ability to distill simple, clear, and brilliant concepts from a hodgepodge of seemingly disconnected information, and outline a path to do something with them. It’s a big part of what sets her apart in a crowded, information overloaded online world. Liz is a true connector of both people and ideas, and her work with the SobCon event is a perfect example. She brings the best minds into a room and gives them the inspiration to think together, create together, and walk away with tangible, valuable ideas that they can put into play the minute they get back to work. I’m privileged to know Liz as both as both a colleague and a friend, a storyteller, a conversation catalyst, and a business strategist, and I’d recommend her highly to businesses needing fresh ideas and clarity on what could be next for them. — Amber Naslund, Director of Community at Radian6

Liz got to the heart of what I was struggling with in my business so quickly and gently in our 10 minutes together, I *had* to sign up for SOBCon, and was rewarded there with another profoundly transforming experience. If you get the chance to spend time with Liz, jump on it. Like I said: magic.” Colleen Wainwright hired Liz as a seminar leader

Liz is brilliant! She asked tough questions. She listened. She guided us and prodded us until we discovered the answer to our burning question. In our case, it was finding the platform upon which to position our business. Working with Liz is like not working at all. She’s incredibly creative – helping us think more broadly and deeply about our business than we ever had before. She is one of the most giving people you’ll ever meet. Liz finds her success in helping you find your success. What more could you ask for? George Krueger hired Liz as a Business Consultant

Liz is a power-house. A 30-minute conversation with Liz equals 6 months of social media research. She knows how to ask the right questions. In my book, knowing how to ask the right questions means everything! A lot of my business associates include the word “strategist” in their bio/resume but Liz actually lives and breathes strategy. She’s the real deal. Period. Carole Hicks, Owner, Oh! Social worked with Liz as a Business Consultant

–Stuck? Confused? Need clarity? Redefining your vision? No problem. Call Liz Strauss. First of all, working with Liz doesn’t even feel like “work.” It’s play…the way “work” really should feel like. But know this: the work gets done. Quickly. Creatively. Organically. Liz re-focused our company’s vision like a laser beam in short order, in addition to defining our target customer and creating a compelling tag line that definitely starts creating conversations. Oh, yeah. One more thing. Expect unplanned phone calls from Liz. You’ll discover soon enough that she’s noodling away on your challenges all times of the day. When her muse strikes…you’ll be the first to know! Still stuck? Call Liz. Get un-stuck!

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative — Thomas R. Clifford hired Liz as a Business Consultant

–Liz is an amazing out-of-the-box thinker. She has helped me on several occasions with problem solving, strategic planning and branding issues for my growing business. She opened my eyes to critical marketing, design and communication elements I had overlooked or not even thought of and consistently displayed she certainly knows what she is doing-I love her insights, feedback and ideas. I know my business is in a better position today because of Liz. In addition to her many talents, I enjoy Liz’s candor, warm sense of humor and authenticity. Whenever I connect with Liz, via email, phone or face-to-face, I feel encouraged and energized.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative — Derrick Sorles
hired Liz as a Business Consultant, and hired Liz more than once

–Liz is one of the most creative people with whom I have ever worked. She is able to bring different perspectives to bear on a problem and find the common ground on which to build a product or service. While she is filled with her own ideas, she is a great listener and encourages those around her to be creative. Working with Liz is not just enlightening, it’s fun!

Ann Michael, Founder, Delta Think, LLC
worked directly with Liz at The 65th Crayon/LizStrauss.com

–Liz has a remarkable ability to identify market opportunities and articulate the strategies and tactics necessary to capitalize on them. Besides knowing her stuff inside and out, Liz is easy to work with, generous, and honest–an exceptional business resource in every sense of the word.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Brad Shorr, Word Sell, Inc.
hired Liz as a Business Consultant

If you think Liz is a giver here on her blog, wait until you spend one-on-one time with her in the context of her Perfect Virtual Manager service. THAT is where she shines so bright you have to wear shades.

I took advantage of her services in December, because I felt like I was getting in my own way on some business development matters. I had a very specific goal, had spent three weeks (off and on) in a spiral of brainstorming, and just got to the point where I said –Enough.– 30 minutes into our first phone call, Liz got me to my goal.

One the best investments I’ve made in myself, ever.Whitney Potsus, owner Connected Content, hired Liz for tune-up sessions

Doesn’t Perfect Virtual Manager just make a whole lot of sense?

When Liz and I first talked about it, I had one of those — aha! — moments. Those of us running a business could always use the advice of a manager, but we so rarely have that working from home, working as a solo entreprenour, or running a small business.

Especially an impartial manager looking specifically to help someone. We’re instead doing all of it on our own.

Perfect Virtual Manager really helps in those situations.Scot Herrick, Owner Cube Rules/Ten Keyboards, an adviser on the Perfect Virtual Manager Service

What Do the Financial Guys Have to Say?

I was Liz Strauss’ Group CFO during our time together at the Sundance / Newbridge Educational Publishing Group. My role was to test, vet, endorse and help present business and publishing plans to owners, initially a private equity partnership and later at a corporate level. (Wicks Group of Companies, Haights Cross Communications)

Liz produced an impressive set of projects and initiatives that met the needs of under-served market segments. She did this on a particularly limited budget. In our hindsight evaluation of the IRR of these projects, she was unique in her rate of return on invested funds. Projects routinely measured a minimum of 30% IRR on investment. Some projects exceeded 100% IRR. Our time together was characterized by rapidly accelerating revenues and even faster accelerating profitability. –David Cruise, CFO, Wicks Group of Companies

Elizabeth Strauss and I first become business associates when Haights Cross acquired Sundance Publishing in June 1998. . . . The accomplishments I remember most of which Liz was a leader in driving are (1) the transition of the Sundance business from being mainly a distributor of non-proprietary products to a recognized publisher of high quality supplemental educational products, some of which are still selling today (Oct 2007), and (2) the very creative strategy of sourcing product content from oversees educational publishers, modifying it for the US market, all done at a fraction of the cost of creating new proprietary educational products from the ground up.

Liz hit the mark with nearly all of the new proprietary products that Sundance brought to market in the late 90s. Needless to say, the return on investment for these oversees licensed products was extraordinary given the extremely low cost of development.

I have always appreciated and enjoyed Liz’s tenacity and direct spoken nature. I think of Liz as a creative thinker to problem solving and/or opportunity pursuit — always thinking both inside and outside the box — as to best way to approach a problem or opportunity. I believe Liz could be successful at just about anything she sets her mind to. — Paul J. Crecca, President & CEO, Haights Cross Communications

HAVE A QUESTION, suggestion, or just want to talk business? E-mail Liz at lizsun2@gmail.com.

Or call her at 773 809 5499.

Liz also writes at Liz Strauss [dot] com
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