27 Outstanding Bloggers’ Most Successful Posts: The Morning Links

The Party Post Was Up at 5:33 a.m.

Everyone who attended the blog birthhday party October 24, 2006 was invited to bring a link to their most successful post and to explain how they made that choice. Each blogger made a choice based on his or her own criteria. During the party, people left to read posts and came back to talk about them.

To celebrate DWB’s one year b-day Cat created a shared banner page. Take a look it is incredible — like the blog it comes from.

Timothy Johnson offered these words his sales for charity.

And since you made a semi-obscure reference to “Race Through The Forest,” check out the charitable promotion I’m running right now. I’m basically donating my book-sales margins, so I want to sell as many books as possible to benefit three very deserving child serving organizations. . . . Let’s hope those Amazon reviews help raise a whole lot of money for some really great charities: A Time to Give.

Outstanding Bloggers’ Most Successful Posts: Morning

Outstanding bloggers identified these posts as their most successful in the first 250 comments of the party.

  1. Motley F….. Crue by Martin (warning: some words my offend).
  2. You’ve only Got 30 Seconds or 20 Words… by Char and The Queen of Multitasking or ADD? by Char
  3. Your Life, Your Greatest Work of Art by Rick
  4. Biphasic Sleep : 30 Day Summary by Scott
  5. The Ingenious Thomas Heatherwick by Mark McGuinness
  6. My Three Most Influential Teachers by Kent Blumberg
  7. Negative Thinking Power by Chris Cree
  8. The Power of 48 Minutes by John Richardson
  9. 3 Valuable Lessons from 1st Grade Career Day by Tony D. Clark
  10. You’d Have to be Brain Dead to Listen Up! by Ellen Weber
  11. What Adoption Usually Looks Like by Kate and No More Gratuitous Celebrity Mother Mentions
  12. New to Blogging? So was I at one time… by TechZ and My # 1 Digg I heart geek boys
  13. What Do You See in This Drawing? by Robyn McMaster
  14. Acomment 80 that we started tallking about the importance of breathing and what it meant when we were breathing through one notril more than the other.

    In the middle of that discussion — at comment 96 — Tony decided that he would see whether co.comments could keep with the number of comments this post would be getting. . . . more on that later.

  15. Ignore the Sun by Roger von Oech and Do You Recognize This Symbol?
  16. 21 Ways to Be More Creative by Christine Kane
  17. Amusing PowerPoint Slideshows in Hart’s email by HART
  18. Writing like Dead Grass by Michael Stelzner
  19. Net Neutrality Threatens Grandparents/Vets by Joe
  20. At comment 180, Tim asked Is there a World Record for most comments received on a single blog post? Who/where/how would track?

    I found this link — Most Comments Ever.

  21. We Can Still Pass The Combating Autism Act by Big Roy
  22. Who Do You Think You Are? by Steve
  23. The Purpose of A Hearty Life by Hsien Lei
  24. Pisa & Florence With Kids
  25. media strategic myopia by Mike Dunn
  26. Keep moving toward your goals by Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D.
  27. Breaking: Bach Joins Keller Williams Realty by Benjamin
  28. Home At Last by Debbie Call
  29. The Shoes by Candice

Candice did elaborate.

There are actually many other posts about shoes, like “the shoes the laptop wears” and my red shoes. (The laptop wears a pair of pointy-toed black leather high heels that were the talk of my cousin’s wedding. Heh.)

The coolest people were coming to this party, and It was only 1:40 in the afternoon.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

PS If I missed your most successful post link from the morning of the party, please let me know and I’ll update the list.

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  1. says

    25 links, all more than worthy to be there. And I’m proud to be one of them.

    Liz, as hard as it may sound, what post of yours do you think is your best?

  2. says

    Hi TechZ!
    I so look forward to your visits. They hope, light, and joyful moments for me.

    I can tell you immediately on my writing blog. It’s the essay that Starbucker won. There are two others there that come close.

    On this blog, I need to review more, I know I was pleased with How to Write in an Authentic Voice.

    I felt good about 10 Critical Skills

    I’m not sure which is definitive yet. I hope to have chosen one by the end of the links list. :)

    Thanks for asking TechZ

  3. says

    Liz, Thanks for including me in the list! I hope you had a great blog birthday – the party sure was great – be glad you didn’t have to pay for food for all those people.

    I look forward to my morning reading – all 24 articles.

  4. says

    Hi Char!
    Now you have one more that is yours and one more that isn’t. I went back to pick up Martin’s and picked up your second one. I love the post “20 words.” I was telling someone about it yesterday when we were reviewing her website. So thank you again for bringing it to the list. :)

  5. says

    Thanks Liz … just keeping you on your toes. 😉

    Nothing wrong with an old-fashioned underline for links.

    Now … let me start reading through the list of posts.

  6. says

    Thanks Liz. I love the 20 words post too. It has been my most read post – hands down. Every so often when I review site stats (and I maintain a BUNCH of sites for myself and clients) I hope to find stats that go against the 30 second finding, but it just doesn’t happen.

  7. says

    Char, It would fun and interesting to ask group of below-level middle school readers — kids who are reading at the 2nd-4th grade level — to read several blogs that we picked out to see whether they stayed longer because they read more slowly or shorter because they had less patience with failure.

  8. says

    The content is awesome isn’t it, John.

    I’m a very lucky blogger girl. I get to talk to the people who wrote these posts — people like you — on a regular basis. Way cool!!

  9. says

    Hey Mark,
    That was the whole purpose for collecting them — to be able to share the good fortune of so many great ideas with everyone. Now we’ll all be stronger and smarter, and have so much more thinking and blogging fodder.

    We’re rich with ideas and thoughts! What a great feeling. And to think this only the Morning Links!!!

  10. says

    I’m working on that Most Successful Post.
    A girl has to keep some mystery for a little while doesn’t she? If only to buy some time until she makes up her mind about things. :)

  11. says

    Hi all – and thanks, Liz for including my post on the list.

    What a great round-up of terrific posts. The talent in this community continues to astound me. I’m proud to my included in the ranks…

  12. says

    Yeah, it’s a great community and you belong here. Don’t you doubt that for a second. I’m known even in the brick and mortar world for being able to “pick ’em.”

    It’s fun being able to spend my days with incredibly smart, cool people.

  13. says

    Liz, were gonna be awaiting your choice for Best Post Ever, if it were me, I’d nominate all of successful-blog.com!

    Thanks for including My #1 Digg, Erin really did a great job with that!

  14. says

    Hmmm….Liz is skipping over me again! 😉 What is it with that?

    Liz, if you’ll include my link, I promise to bring something good to the next party, OK? Please?

    Comment #662 — Simplified Business Plans for the Real World. Remember? :)

    Congratulations on another great party! You attract the most awesome people!

  15. says

    You’re doing the skipping htis time. Looks like you skipped the title. These are only the first links from the morning — up to comment 250.

    There are plenty more links to come. :)

  16. says

    I’m with TechZ & Mark. Liz you simply must let us know which of your posts you feel is the most successful.

    [instigates section in the back of the room to start chanting… “Tell Us Liz! Tell Us Liz!”]

  17. says

    Where’s my credit card? [looks in wallet]

    Like I said before, IF anyone were foolish enough to pay me to express my off the wall opinions, I might be tempted to take it.

    Not that I expect anyone to ever actually be that desperate to rid themselves of cash, mind you.

    But don’t think that your skillful judo will let you of the hook though. I’ve grown wise from watching the master at work! 😉

  18. says

    Thanks Liz for inviting me to add my own favorite blogpost. It was a great opportunity for me to look back over almost seven months of writing…and difficult to pick a favorite. I love all the ones from colleagues sharing their stories, rubrics, teaching tips, internet links, etc. But I would have to say my favorite is the one posted on June 26 where I share student A-ha moments from the last day of the class where I used a class blog for the first time. It made for a great experience for the students and for me that I think all of us (23 people in all) will always remember.

  19. says

    Thanks, Delaney,
    Everyone has such good reasons for choosing their most successful post. This will be a great addition to the list for the evening of the party. :)

  20. says

    Nice list of posts from the morning. I didn’t get to the party ’til later that evening.

    I have so many tabs open in firefox right now…off to read the blogging fodder…

    Cheers Liz on a very successful fun B-day!

  21. says


    How wonderful! I’ve got a lovely reading list now.

    ps: one of my fav posts from you is not actually a post. It’s your book writing from posts series.

    And I have to agree, your voice post was brilliant! I’ve collected all of your writing posts for later in fact.


  22. says

    Cat, the rest of the list will be up tomorrow. Well, for you — tonight. :)

    Thanks I like the series. I like that voice post too. They want me to pick one. I have 1600 posts to pick from. . . . It’s taking time. :)

  23. says

    I’m delighted you came back again! I hope you continue to hang around with us. It was fun having you Tuesday and I think you fit in really well with the bunch of us. :)

  24. says

    I’m so glad to meet and to see you coming here again. I hope you’ll make a habit of it. You’re such fun to be around!

    Stop by Tuesday night if you get a chance maybe we can talk some more!

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