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It’s Like Open Mic Only Different

Here’s how it works.

open mike night

It’s like any rambling conversation. Don’t try to read it all. Jump in whenever you get here. Just go to the end and start talking. EVERYONE is WELCOME
The rules are simple — be nice.

There are always first timers and new things to talk about. It’s sort of half “Cheers” part “Friends” and part video game. You don’t know how much fun it is until you try it.


Happy Birthdday!!
Designers who blog

Bring-a-Link: Successful Bloggers Write Successful Posts

That’s right, you’re invited to bring a link to your most successful post. When you leave the link, please write a comment about how you chose the most successful post to bring.

  • Was it your best content?
  • Did it get attention from a hero?
  • Did it get the most links?
  • Did it get the most comments?
  • How do you define a Successful Post?

I’ll compile a list of all of the posts when the party is over.

C’mon in and get to know us! There’s free beverages and snacks in the sidebar. Join the party. See who you meet. Stay and come back again.

Be sure to Check Out the SOB History in the D-Z Listat the Blogging Times!

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    Martin, I’m probably going to be noodling the whole “Most Successful Post” thing for a while too. It all boils down to how I choose to define it, which I haven’t decided yet. Then there’s the part about selecting one post…

  2. says

    Chris – Yup, same here, which one to pick and why?

    I think I’ll go not with most links or any of that but the one I personally enjoyed writing or got the most satisfaction out of.

  3. says

    My own personal favorites are the ones that made me laugh when I finished and re-read them. But they usually aren’t the ones that get the most traffic.

    Rick, our next door neighbor likes to cook and we like to eat. Friday she called the house and had me come over to get half a chocolate cake. She made it because her husband left for Iraq Sat. Again. Army. She didn’t want to be stuck eating the rest of the cake after he left. Mmmmmm…

  4. says

    Hi Liz, no rush re the e-mail, I deluged you in detail and you’ve got a busy day of celebrations here!

    I’m working on my definition of success, will bring the post along shortly…

  5. says

    My post … Motley F….. Crue (warning: some words my offend).

    Why? Nothing special – no great numbers, visits or fanfare or comments but it was personal – lots of reminiscing, pure passion, raw 4am-in-the-morning stuff, my youth etc., etc.,

    Chris – Mmmmm … Cake

  6. says

    Happy Birthday Liz and all other successful blogs at the party. I hope you’ll come to mine in May. It would be rude of me to come to the party without a gift – a link gift that is – and I’ll bring you two!

    1. For my business blog – I bring you You’ve only Got 30 Seconds or 20 Words… because it has been my most popular post and it was selected for a headline makeover by Copyblogger.

    2. For my personal blog – I bring you The Queen of Multitasking or ADD? for no other reason than I like the graphic and I’d love to know if anyone else feels the same way.

    So here’s a toast to a successful year of blogging for you and wishes of many more to come!

  7. Rick Cockrum says

    My thoughts are with your neighbor, Chis. I just wrote to my son last night, and Lady Glynis is leaving to watch our oldest’s graduation from boot in a couple of weeks.

    The females here have been on a brownie kick the last month or so. I haven’t been able to get them to make Ben’s recipe yet, though. :-(

    For my gift link, Your Life, Your Greatest Work of Art. Not one of my most popular, but one of the most important.

  8. says

    Happy birthday Successful Blog. May the coming year bring plenty of link, trackback and financial happiness.

    A link gift to add to the pile : Biphasic Sleep : 30 Day Summary. Why is this my best post? Quite apart from the number of comments or links to it, it’s the one I’m happiest with (in terms of writing style).

    Quick question – are most people here in the same timezone? It seems incredibly early (it’s about 21:30 here).

  9. says

    Hi Scott!
    Welcome. Biphasic Sleep . . . I do that by default. I’ll really interested in reading you post. What great reasons for choosing it!

    No, I’m in Chicago it’s 06:37 — you can see that on the blog.
    Chris is one hour east — 7;37 — Savannah, GA.

    Rick is the same timezone as Chris, but hundreds of miles north in Pittsburgh, PA

    Martin is in Melbourne Australia.

    Mark is in the UK

  10. says

    See, and I thought Liz just didn’t sleep at all. I’ve seen time stamps on her comments after midnight and then she’ll be right there to reply to a comment of mine ~ 5 AM (4 AM her time!)

  11. says

    OK I’ve settled on ‘serendipity’ as the criterion for my most successful post – something I discovered by accident, and which led others to accidentally discover me. The kind of magical connections that start to happen when you start blogging.

    The post is The Ingenious Thomas Heatherwick about the English designer, sculptor and all-round creative maestro.

    As I say in the post, I discovered his work by accident, on late(ish) night TV, and something forced me to blog about it the next morning, even though I had many more ‘urgent’ things to do. The programme obviously struck a chord with lots of other people – this is one of my most popular posts, with lots of people stumbling on my blog while Googling ‘Thomas Heatherwick’. Judging from the e-mails and comments I’ve received, they seem to think it was worth dropping by.

    It has also brought me some new coaching clients who have been a joy to work with. This part is pretty intriguing, since I wrote the post out of sheer enthusiasm for the subject. It wasn’t a ‘marketing’ oriented post at all, but in terms of bringing in new clients it’s been one of my most successful. Maybe they sensed an affinity between my way of thinking and theirs, based on our shared interest in Heatherwick’s unusual way of looking at the world.

    Finally it was a success for me personally because it was terrific fun to write – I’ve no doubt that part had something to do with its other successes.

  12. says

    Sorry Liz, I couldn’t keep it to 25 words or less – and you shouldn’t expect anything less. Heck what’s the point of escaping into the blogging world with such rules, any rules … Bah!

    I only use word count for my professional life – this one’s personal.

    My Happy Birthday post to Liz …
    Three Cheers to One Successful Blogger

  13. says

    Hi Kent,
    Something from the state of flow! Yea! I’m all for that. That’s a great definition of success. Thanks for bringing the post. Sounds like those teachers were inspiring on many levels.

  14. says

    Mark, I just read your post on Heatherwick. Superb stuff (both the post and his work) – where exactly is that rolling bridge (I’m guessing Canary Wharf somewhere)?

  15. says

    Yup she is a character and I think I can get her to scrawl her name on a napkin…

    Enough already – you know we can go on forever with this – and turn everyone away thinking we’re nuts (we are!), so … Liz meet Liz.


  16. says

    Scott, thanks I agree it looks like Canary Wharf but the bridge is actually in Paddington Basin. Apparently you can see it ‘roll up’ one Friday a month at 12pm – I still haven’t got round to seeing it in the ‘flesh’ yet.

    V interesting post on polyphasic sleep by the way. Re the 90-minute cycle When I trained as a hypnotherapist I was taught that we alternate between left and right brain dominance every 90 minutes – in one state you’re more awake, the other more sleepy. You can tell which cycle you’re in by which nostril you’re breathing through most strongly right now – e.g. I notice my breath is coming through my left nostril as I type this, hence I’m likely to be in right-brain dominance, which might explain why I’m feeling slightly low-energy. (Just having eaten lunch probably contributes as well :-) )

  17. says

    Wow Liz, this is great. I already found some great content to write about today. Char’s great posts fueled the fire.

    My most popular posts have always been my “5 minute Solutions Series” of free downloads. But one post went ballistic a few weeks back that really surprised me. I though it would be one of those mediocre posts that might not even garner a comment. But the title was evidently a big draw. Just out of the blue the title was The Power of 48 Minutes which had over 10,000 visits by the second day.

    This whole process of working in a focused manner for 48-50 minutes has really revolutionized the way I work. I use the process daily now for blog posting and editing my book. It cuts out the distractions and has helped me become much more productive.

    Your blog just gave me some great ideas… set the timer for 50 minutes… Lets GO!

  18. says

    Hi John!
    I read that post! It’s a great post and I read how it helped you when you were on vacation too. :)
    Thanks for bringing it for the list!

    @ Martin, I’m off to see!

  19. says

    John – very good post, my eyes perked when I read that 4 times a day and he wrote a 200 page book in two weeks – right down my alley.

    I just found myself a post to write about – thanks and look for some link love this week.

  20. says

    Happy Birthday and Blogiversary Successful Blog!

    Wow, lot of comments already. So apparently I have to change my morning routine to get up, comment at Successful-Blog, THEN get the kids off to school, walk the dog, and have coffee.

    You know, it’s great to actually be able to participate in an open mic. Tuesday night is “kids doing the practice thing” night, so I’m always too late for the party.

    It was hard to pick my favorite post, but I’m going with the one that seemed to strike something in the most readers – “3 Valuable Lessons from 1st Grade Career Day“. Though I’ve gotten more comments on other posts, this one got me a bunch of really great direct contact emails.

  21. says

    That’s very interesting Mark – the breathing thing especially. I’ve never come across that.

    Fortunately the right nostril is currently powering along :)

  22. says

    Folks – it’s nearing midnight in my neck of the woods so I’ll catch y’all in a few hours (okay, 7 hours). Have fun.

    My prediction: 1208 (guess why) – with at least two b5 server meltdowns along the way.

  23. says

    Hi Liz – congratulations and happy birthday.

    You’ve created quite a sense of community, so “carpe factum” and be proud of your accomplishment!

    I promise to stop back later with a blog post from somebody else’s blog.

  24. says

    Hey Tony!
    I knew we’d find a way to make it so that you could come to one of these. Who knew that the conversation could be lively do early in the a.m. for us?

    That’s a great post! Thanks for bringing it to add to the list. What fun!

  25. says

    Liz – you rock! Thanks for the way you value people’s art! Lately I was invited to write a new blog out of England and it’s a blast to show boomers how much brain can still work well past their golden years.

    It’s also fun to bust the myths about an aging brain as I did here, This link also connects to my regular business brain blog and shows why lectures lasted since Plato – even though they work against your brain:-) My favorite for list you’ll compile and that I cannot wait to read – thanks Liz! Happy Birthday!

  26. says

    Hey Ellen,
    You’re a rocker yourself, you know!
    I love reading about the brain. We’re a brainy incredible lot here!

    Thanks for bringing a link and story to share!

  27. says

    Thanks for stopping by Liz. You’re, and we all, are going to have a lot of reading to do. Some of the posts I’ve seen, like Tony’s. I enjoyed that.

    There’s been writings in India on the breathing balance for centuries. They have an entire literature of prognostication based on which nostril is predominant when you begin a task, what type of tasks should be done during which part of the breathing cycle, and how to induce changes in the mental state by manipulating the breathing cycle.

  28. says

    This nose breathing thing is particularly interesting to me — I can hardly ever breathe through my nose properly. I have no sense of smell either. Does it talk about nose breathing sanity? :)

  29. says

    My most-viewed?

    A story that piggybacked Madonna’s adoption of a little boy from Malawi by highlighting other blogs that detail what adoption looks like to “normal” people.

    By relating a post to a celebrity event, I could then post it at and attract those interested in the lives of celebrities to a blog that it basically concerned with women’s health.

    Writing a blog for women recovering from childbirth is a niche, but getting the word out that the site is there when women need it is essential and if Madonna, Angelina and Britney can help me, so be it!

  30. says

    Submitted for your consideration…

    Dr. Kirk is a phenomenal professor whose insights about classroom management will appeal to anybody who has to stand up in front of a group of people and teach them. She offers very practical advice on many of the issues that college professors (and high school teachers and corporate trainers) must deal with…

    So she’s my blog pic of the day (as far as picking out a single post, that’s almost impossible… they’re all good).

  31. says

    Hi Rick, the different breathing methods is some interesting stuff. I started with circular breathing a few years ago, and have tried others. There’s some Korean (or at least based on Korean) breathing and relaxation techniques that are pretty cool too.

    Just breathing – really breathing – is a great way to bring you back into the moment.

  32. says

    Hey Kevin,
    Nice to meet you, I’m Liz.
    We’re celebrating. One thing you can do is bring a link to your most successful post and tell us why you chose.

    OR just join in the conversation. :)

  33. says

    I like that one, Liz.

    And since you made a semi-obscure reference to “Race Through The Forest,” check out the charitable promotion I’m running right now. I’m basically donating my book-sales margins, so I want to sell as many books as possible to benefit three very deserving child serving organizations.

  34. says

    You’rre here! Open comments and birthday wishes from TechZ. Way cool.

    Thanks for the links and the stories. Thanks for everything you do for the SOBs.

  35. says

    I think were easily going to top 1000 comments here, were almost at 100 and it’s just getting started.

    Bring out the very tasty hors d’oeuvres! And cake 😀

  36. says

    That’s going to make a fabulous blog experiment post. What a great idea. You should collect data hourly. Graph it.
    Then make a SlideShare presentation. :)

  37. says

    Timothy: Just like life. :-)

    Tony: I’ve never looked much north of India and China. Any websites or books to recommend?

    Liz: The two could be related through the olfactory nerve. Aww, now you have me working on another article.

  38. says

    Liz – Graphing it would be cool. Unfortunately I’m swamped today. Besides, there’s this great site having a birthday bash, and in addition to all the work, I’m trying to keep up with the party :)

    Rick – Human Technology by Ilchi Lee is a good overview. Some of it might be a little too much for some, but many of the techniques are great. I use a few every day.

  39. says

    No worries the data is captured. The time for each comment is recorded. So you’ll always be able to see how many comments per hour etc.

    Maybe I can help in some way. :)

  40. says

    Happy Birthday Liz! (Your blog is a scorpio, by the way. Which makes it dark, intense, and somewhat sexually alluring.) I’m still sans computer and hard drive… so I couldn’t write the contest message, but I wanted to stop by and say hello and happy b-day to all to whom it applies!

  41. says

    Happy Birthday Liz,

    It was fun flirting with you last night!

    Here’s my birthday gift to you:

    Please accept my Ball of Whacks®
    — My entry to your Gala Bash —
    You’ll love it — it’s really true —
    Play with it till you turn blue!

    Roger von Oech

  42. says

    Hi Roger,
    Thanks for the 25 words.
    Are you going to bring your most successful post link and a bit about why you chose to bring one? We’re compiling a list. From what I read last night. You’ve got some great ones to choose from.

  43. says

    Can you tell me your most successful post in your eyes and why you picked that one –so that I can go get the link and add it to the list we’re making?

  44. says

    Okay Liz… The most successful post is probably this one…

    Why? Well, as far as the internal process, it was fun. And the idea and writing grew organically. And as far as the external process, it drew in lots of response, which sort of surprised me BECAUSE it had been so easy and fun to write. (You know, we usually think that the external success should be “hard-won.”)

  45. says

    That’s a terrific post Roger.

    “… discovery often means the uncovering of something that was always there but was obscured by something else.”

    Great advice. Taking the time to be quiet once in a while allows the mind to do its thing. Think of how many times you remember something – a song, that guy that played Bob in the movie you couldn’t remember – when you’re relaxed and letting the mind wander.

  46. says

    Okay.. I’m caught up :) I just saw the other post – I missed that it was an all-day event! WooHoo!

    Hi Liz // and thanks! 1-year time sure flies when you’re having fun, right?

    Here’s my gratuity link. It’s the second best traffic on this link, from all my blogs (next to the Labrador Retriever Post on my pet blog)…

    Lots of powerpoint slide shows of mindless dribble and for the short attention span individuals…

  47. says

    Hey TechZ .. what’s for supper? :)

    Rick .. thanks! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. I’ve been thinking of renaming it .. UNsuccessful-Blog…. lol

    If only I would pay attention and retain what I read here .. I’m sure I’d be much better off.

  48. says

    Hey HART,
    You tell great stories. Why not give TechZ some of the early history of Successful Blog days. Back when we were in Fine Fools and “Half the Show is in the comments . . .”

  49. says

    HAPPY B-DAY everyone!

    Apologies for coming in late. I had to work. I’m still not finished but I can’t focus anymore (it’s after ten pm) so I’m going to call it a night.

    In honour of the shared B-day celebration I wrote this post –>>

    To celebrate DWB’s one year b-day I created a shared banner page –>>

    It’s going to load a tad slow but that’s ok. Being able to see everyone together is worth the wait.


  50. says


    Happy B-day/Blog-o-verssary!!

    What great content in 1 year…SB is such an amazing showcase of just what great things one can create when living passionately and on purpose!!

    I’ll have to scan my archives and find my favorite/bestest post.

    Thanks to you for gathering the good stuff all in one place. Can’t wait to read ‘em all later…

    Happy day,

  51. says

    Hey All,

    Happy Blog B-Day to us…

    148 comments, I guess I didn’t get up early enough.

    I haven’t even jumped in the shower yet, which I’m going to do now.

    Count the comments, I think about 33 should about do it. 😉

  52. says

    Thanks Liz. I sort of like it too. Portraits are my thing. The human expression holds an attraction for me.

    I glance down through those faces and remember the first time I came across each blog, the different conversations we’ve had, the ones who have changed from stranger to friend.

    If just for the friendship angle, I’d love blogging …

  53. says

    Thanks Rick! If you need the code just holler and I”ll shoot it over. It’s simple, you just create the banners and drop them in a folder. The code does all the rest.

    (I wish other bits in life were that easy …)

  54. says

    OK, Phil sends his regards (just call me “make it great by proxy”). He’s currently posting his attention at I’ (Disclaimer: not a real blog name). Anyway, he said to tell everyone “hi”

  55. says

    Chris, No, I’ve actually been up for hours. I even got a little work done before stopping by.

    Rick, It’s a great job (if you don’t like money).

  56. says

    OK. I think I decided. My most successful post, based on entirely irrational and undefinable characteristics (“I just like it”) is…

    No Love for Love Bugs

    It wasn’t an easy decision. But, in spite of the icky-ness of the topic, the silliness quotient finally pushed it over the edge.

  57. says

    Liz, had a Bellsouth related issue to resolve here at the office. Apparently they decided to change their DNS servers and since our company sub-contracted our DSL from a local vendor I had to spend about an hour on the phone with tech support to get things re-configured on our end. Our office was a (nearly) internet free zone for a while here.

    I think the new duck-tape and bright red chewing gum that now hold things together compliment our router casing very nicely, thank you!

  58. says

    Good to hear you’ve been up and about Joe. I was on vacation last week. Thew off my whole routine. Some days I didn’t get dressed until nearly dinner time. I’m not sure I would make it working from home. Too much freedom isn’t really liberating, if you know what I mean.

  59. says

    Is there a World Record for most comments received on a single blog post? Who/where/how would track?

    Liz, I think you might become the first “unofficial record-holder” for one-day blog comment traffic.

  60. says

    Sorry guys,

    This working at home takes a little discipline(?) I have to go get some work done, got some bills to pay soon.

    I’ll be in and out all day. 😉

  61. says

    Liz, if that’s all that is needed I think you’ll have the record here one day. Besides, most of your comments come in within a day or two of the post. Those record holders are getting comments over long periods of time.

    Perhaps we could create a “same day comment” category?

  62. says

    okay. Story time (see comment 139, page 6) …

    I started blogging May 31, 2005 and Liz and I went to different schools together. I would see her commenting on the blogs that I would be commenting on (and noticing her unique way of interpreting posts compared to my sideways viewpoint .. // remember this is a story!)

    The archives start June 2005 although I’m not sure about that except that it was part of the fine fools network (don’t bother looking for it now – sex pictures comes up) and later inducted into 9-rules.

    It was disgusting. If every 2nd post wasn’t “Darren this” and “Darren that” .. it was a challenge of the minds to see who could put in the last words. Let me give you an example (all of which you are probably aware). Comments would go something like this:
    YOU: … and that’s what I think!
    HER: Okay! I like the way you think!
    YOU: Thanks
    HER: Your welcome
    YOU: K.. I’m going now
    HER: okay. Come Back now!
    YOU: Okay I will
    HER: I’ll be waiting
    YOU: Don’t wait up for me, I’m serious.. Go to sleep – I’m leaving now
    HER: That’s fine!
    YOU:/// well, it didn’t matter what you said because she would have the last word!

    (feel free to interupt me)

    Anyway .. It was a dreadful Xmas but a great New Year because Now this blog was ‘released’ to Liz to do what she wants to do. If you recall about that time there was a hullaballoo out there. One minute Liz is mentioned in Washington Post and the next minute locked out of her blog. I believe they her and cowboy jumped ship with Matt (pre-blogherald) and a new small business section was born? or more pronounced.

    Then it was back to the same old same old.. “Darren this” and “Darren that” and meanwhile in the background stuff became “ERATI-mated” and um .. well, who knows how it happened but by first week of February 2006 not only did Liz jump ship from two networks .. she jumped ship from the 3rd one and joined Darren and b5media.

    Now – of course, she wouldn’t be here today if HART (1-800-HART) had not mentioned one day in 2005 that she had a spelling mistake in her header graphic. I’m not sure and can’t remember but – for some Egotistical reason (because I’m anal like that) I attribute that to the reason there is that insertion of that ^ And outstanding bloggers^ in the header .. but in the old header.. (I think it was red before).

    Let’s see .. what else. Oh yes. Then the Technorati incident and I will not bother mentioning that again here but it was shmugley.

  63. says

    Hey, Big Roy,
    Thank you.

    I’m glad that’s the post you brought with you. I like the post and your reasons for choosing it. It’s a great addition to the list. Success means having a care about people.

  64. says

    I’m with Joe. I guess I better go get some actual work done. I’ll check in now and then to see how the party’s going. I’ll also check and see if you’ve killed co.mments, Liz :)

  65. says

    Liz, I’m not a SOB, and I’m not the most eloquent writer. Mine is not a high-traffic site; it’s there because I want it to be. It helps me clarify my thoughts, to stay on track.

    The entry that means the most to me is: .

    It’s something I make a point to ask myself every morning; if I don’t like the answer I get, I know that I have some work to do before I do anything else.

    Thanks for making a great site! I enjoy reading you and all of the people who contribute.

  66. says

    Hey, Steve,
    Don’t apologize. You wrote a darn good post there. Why tell me that you’re not a writer? Don’t I get to decide? :)

    Thoughts and ideas are important. You have plenty of them. We need them.

  67. says

    Great answer, Steve!
    Glad you haven’t left the building. :)

    I leave off words like that all of time. Not to mention the words I mix-up, misspell, and totally omit. My brain and my eyes don’t often cooperate — especially when I’m on a roll.

  68. says

    Hey HART…!!!
    I understand your Blog is having a Blog B-Day also…
    How come you didn’t join in the Blog Carnival with the rest of us???

    :-) Happy Blog B-Day to You Too…

  69. says

    Question for savvy bloggers out there: What feed reader do you use?

    I like web based because I split between home and work and don’t want to have to work at keeping stuff straight. Been a Bloglines user for a while. Tried Rojo and didn’t like it much.

    Just took a look at the latest Google Reader and it has potential

    Any input out there on Google Reader vs. BlogLines?

  70. says

    Hiya! Came to join the party with this gift – my personal favorite post, which also happens to be a favorite with spammers! 😛

    The Purpose of A Hearty Life

    It’s a heart-felt declaration of why I felt it important to write a heart disease blog and why I think mine is different from all the others. I’m still working to define the blog and make it valuable to others but I hope my passion shows through in this one particular post.

    Party on!

  71. says

    Okay, I know I said I was leaving, but had to chime in on Chris’ question.

    I’ve been a user of Sage since way back in alpha, and nothing I tried made me want to switch. But after using Google Reader for 2 days, I switched. That was just after the launch of the new version and I’m loving it.

    My wife was using Bloglines, but I switched her over too after she kept reading over my shoulder and saying how much nicer GR was. The “River of News” list view has cut my scanning of feeds by about half. And the “starring” feature makes it easy for me to mark stuff to read later or blog about.

    Just my $.02… Now I’m really going to do some work :)

  72. says


    I just switched to Google Reader because I like how it remembers which posts you’ve read and which you haven’t instead of marking all as read as soon as you open that blog in Bloglines. I also like being able to have a blog assigned to more than one folder, tags, and the general look of Google Reader.

  73. says

    It’s not web-based, but I just use the reader in Thunderbird. For times when I need to go from computer to computer, I have portable Thunderbird on a memory stick, and just copy my data files between my laptop and the memory stick. The plus is their backed up all the time, and I can get my email without using something like yahoo, gmail, or hotmail.

  74. says

    Another vote for Google Reader. As for looking over my shoulder, I have to say that I don’t worry too much about that. If somebody wants to read what I read, maybe it’ll help them out a little…

  75. says

    Hey Hsien!
    Thanks for coming! That’s a great post to put on the list! I’ve been thinking about Google Reader. I think you’ve just convinced me.

    No wonder they call you, Smart Cookie!

  76. says

    Hi Liz and everyone, happy birthday to all….I can’t stay unfortunately because I’m getting on the road to meet an old friend this evening down in San Antonio.

    Friends are good!

    Liz is good!

    Before I forget, my most popular Family Travel blog post is Pisa & Florence With Kids, which has my daughter doing the obligatory dorky hold-up-the-Leaning-Tower photo which everyone agrees is dumb and everyone does anyway ’cause it’s fun!

    Thanks so much to Liz and everyone for this great community, and I wish I could sit here today and chat. Just back from the grocery store with a few bottles of wine so I could really be in fine form in a few hours.

    As it is, must wish everyone a stone-cold sober best wishes!

  77. says

    hey liz – first off, congrat’s on such an amazing site in just one year…

    my most successful post is based on two things: the fact that google still points to it often for variety of media related search strings & that it received a nice compliment from doug kaye, the guru of podcasting and founder of it conversations & now co-owner of

    it is titled “media strategic myopia” – something i tend to know a little about 😉

  78. says

    OK you Google Reader folks nearly have me convinced. I think it may be time to suck it up and learn my way around a new app.

    Is there anyway to rearrange the order of things in the left scroll bar, or is alphabetical the only choice?

    One thing I like about Bloglines is that I can shuffle my feeds so that the ones I am most interested in are at the top regardless of their spelling.

  79. says

    Hey Mike!
    Thank you. You’re no little guy when it comes to doing things right yourself!

    What a neat story you brought with your post! That will be a great addition to the list. Gosh this list is going to be a classic!

  80. says

    Hi Liz.

    I just wanted to pop in and say Happy 1 year Birthday.

    I have a busy day of client work, so I’ll stop back later in the afternoon evening. I’ll even bring cake and of course a special link just for you :)

  81. says

    Hey Liz, Just a drive-by as well, just put some customers into test mode for going live tomorrow. (Presently sitting around waiting for stuff to break.)

    I don’t really try for ‘successful’ per se with my posts. The only goal really, for me, is to be interesting.

    I suppose the posts where I have various acquaintances stop me on the street and say “oh that was a cool post the other day” would work, but I never remember which ones those are.

  82. says

    Hey Debbie!
    So glad you made it. There are so many folks here you’d really like.

    Ah, a return to heart . . . I know a little about that, I had to get my heart rewired to my head, somehow they came apart. They don’t work as well that way do they?

    People respond to head and heart.

  83. says

    Liz, good point.

    We were discussing them when I wore them to dinner at a friend’s last night. (“Oh yeah, those are the shoes from the blog, those are cool!”)

    The Shoes

    There are actually many other posts about shoes, like “the shoes the laptop wears” and my red shoes. (The laptop wears a pair of pointy-toed black leather high heels that were the talk of my cousin’s wedding. Heh.)

  84. says

    Hi Liz,

    Happy birthday to Successful blog and all the SOBs. This looks like a busy party :-)

    Since my blog is fairly new and I’m not so active on the blogging side of life, I don’t have a successful post to share here but I do have a favorite post.

    I’m originally a art historian so last december I had posted a little something about the artist Mark Ryden. It’s one of my very first posts.

    Mark Ryden’s cabinet of curiosities and popular antiquities.

    I feel a glucose overdose coming up… Cheers!

  85. says

    And Debbie (and HART and anyone else) don’t forget the Blog B-Day Carnival.

    Liz you have to help remind people that posts are accepted until 10-30.

  86. says

    I have to put this in here, because there are so many people here.

    Many of you know of Neal Donald Walsch, who wrote the critically-acclaimed book series, “Conversations With God”, and appeared in the movie, “The Secret”.

    A movie has been made from his book series. You can watch the trailer at:

    I, for one, am putting this on my ‘must see’ list. His story is nothing short of amazing, and regardless of your beliefs, an inspiration.

  87. says

    Ok Liz, a flourless chocolate cake — with confectioner’s sugar only on top it is. I just put in the order and I’ll pick it up on my way back to the party.

  88. says

    Liz, I didn’t see the message, and it depends on the server setup that you’re on, but yeah, sometimes it’ll say something like, “The server is busy, your request is being processed…” or something along those lines.

  89. says

    Thanks, I didn’t know that. I’m on one of the b5 servers. So that’s something. Martin said this morning we would take the server down twice. I hope he’s not right.

    I’ve got another post that’s being pretty heavily stumbled upon right now.

  90. says

    Hi Roy!
    Great to see you. That sounds like a wonderful post. I’m looking forward to reading it — especially seeing you use the word sucks. I love it when you get in the trenches. :)

  91. says

    I can’t tell you how loud I laughed when I read that you just found out about you paying for the comments on this post.

    I’m still laughing. That’s what took me so long to type this comment. :)

  92. says

    Hey You Rocking Publicist, Debbie Millan!!!
    How the heck are you?

    Economy Foam — if it’s like the rest of your blog, it’s got be just wonderful

    I need you now more than ever. I’ve got a great idea! Can I call you?

  93. says

    I’ve been meaning to look into some sort of martial arts training. Not that I have time for yet another hobby, mind you. OR the money. Speaking of which, I probably should stop by the bank on my way home, eh? Boy is Gorgeous going to be hot with me over this one… :)

    The good news is it is after 5 here on the East Coast so I imagine some more of the regulars may start checking in here in a little bit.

  94. says

    That sounds like a fine reason to chose a post. We have a saying here Half the show is in the comments. It’s proof that you wrote something that moved people.

    Sometimes here the whole show is in the comments. :)

  95. says

    Evening all (or afternoon for most of you, I guess).

    Liz – I’ve brought you a special Birthday guest.. . my wife Mami. She’ll be here in a minute. Her blog’s a bit different to mine…

  96. says

    Thank you for your reply Liz(That was so quick! I’m so pleased).
    Mark told me your blog is very nice and you have your blog’s birthday party today.
    So I thought I would say hello.
    I hope you are enjoying the party.

  97. says

    I am enjoying the party. Though I’ve been here for almost 12 hours.

    We do a smaller version of this every Tuesday. It only lasts for about 4 hours. It goes very quickly. Right now we have almost 300 comments. AT night we’ve gotten 456 comments in about 4 hours.

    Then it’s very fast and furious almost like playing a live video game with real people talking — 4 or 5 conversations happening at one time.

  98. says

    I took most of the photos around London and others in different parts of England. I’m writing articles for Japanese magazines,papers and my blog for Japanese readers.
    I hope you enjoy my photos although my blog is all written in Japanese.

  99. says

    I think your blog is beautiful. I thought it could be London, but it’s not part of London I recognize. I was going to tease and ask how you got Mark in that costume . . . :)

    I believe there are one or two Japanese SOBloggers in the Hall of Fame Directory.

  100. says

    I don’t know how she does it Scott, my best is 44 comments followed by 41 then 37 and I thought that was Great.

    I think this could go Well over 750 by the time it’s over. :-)

  101. says

    *burp* // taps Microphone .. Is this thing on?

    JOE! okay. I submitted.

    ~waves to everybody! – Hello & Goodbye.. my wife (in her infinite wisdom) has decided to shop on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, and has purchased all the ingredients for .. HART’s Famous Chili .. so, I guess I won’t be back here for about another 3 hours..

    Hope everybody is up and Chatty then! But, I’ve got a hungry BooBoo that I’ve just got to feed. *sniffles* [h-e-l-p]

  102. says

    btw .. I think my best post that has the most comments on – reached … a whopping 42 posts … congratulating Team Canada’s Team Kleibrink for winning Silver Curling medal at the Feb/06 Olympics. Actually – it was over 80 – but then I deleted the spam comments. My next best post – reached 8 comments. I really do suck. It’s true.

  103. says

    You know, after staring at my very old laptop screen all day this new monitor I have here is very pleasing to the eyes…

    Did someone say dinner? Mmmmmm… Smells great!

  104. says

    Hey, Liz, happiest birthday wishes to you and Successful Blog! I’m literally driving across multiple states today and tomorrow but wanted, from my sweet little hotel room, to stop by and give my regards. We’re all happy you’re here in the blogosphere and grateful for the smarts you grace us with.

  105. says

    This feels vaguely like the old Navy days on shore leave. We’ve been partying all day and then a new gang shows up and we just start partying all over again! Very nice indeed.

    Hi Mike, Tammy, Ann, Jessica, Scot, oh, and Hi again Joe!

  106. says

    Hmmm – no I haven’t decided on a post.

    As for the drink, I should lay off the hard stuff since I haven’t had dinner yet (leaving in 5 minutes to pick it up).

    How about an iced tea for now!

    I suppose I should hold off on the nachos too until after I eat!

  107. says

    … I’ll go a full verse?

    “If ever there was a successful blogger,
    how would they know they fit the part?
    Soon Liz would grant them a button
    One that comes straight from her heart…


  108. says

    Wow – one refresh and I miss all the poetry!

    Liz is there a way to set this up with the latest comments first for open mic nights????

    I’m such a dork – I keep missing what everyone is saying while I’m paging through!

  109. says

    Thank you for the wonderful cap. I’ll wear it to sleep tonight . . .:)

    I wrote you a comment. Thank you from my heart.

    But I can’t put it in the list. It’s about me. You have to have posts you love more than that.

  110. says

    Boy am I late to this party. Happy Birthday to all the One Year Bloggers! My internet connection is horrid right now at my hotel so as much as I’d like to bring a link, I better wait . How’s everybody doing? Liz, you havin’ fun?

  111. says

    Well, I get some sleep and look at this! Everone is still going.

    It’s a wonderful party Liz, you must be zonked.

    And Debbie Millman even shared in. She’s a beaut.

    … now off to read the links and grab a hot cuppa …

    well, it’s a ‘potta’ actually … but cuppa sounds so much more attractive …

  112. says

    You aren’t dancing yet? Well strike up the band, my lady – we’re goin’ for a spin! Let’s call it the “Blogiversary Waltz”. One-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three…….we’re pretty good, aren’t we? :-)

  113. says

    Ahhh waltzing takes me back to grade five when the teachers were making sure that we waltzers were a safe enough distance from eachothers by measuring the length of distance between us with their forarm.

    We all looked like stiff lego people…

  114. says

    Speaking of flying…

    Gotta jet
    Tho I hate to go,
    As always Liz –
    One heck of a show

    Your continous example
    Of the power of “we”
    Makes us all proud to wear
    Our SOB

    Happy Birthday:-)

  115. says

    Goog night Mike!

    Liz – My boyfriend just walked in with foot long sausage that was cut off a longer one whle he was at the construction site today. It’s girth is about well the same size as my upper arm. He surprises me everyday! LOL. i love when this happens… means I don’t have to cook.

  116. says

    Joe, you might be right on my “soundtrack” post – I guess I looked at that more as a history, but in hindsight I can see it revealed more than I thought it would.

  117. says

    Thanks Starbucker – I really liked the Crash Davis one too (although I have yet to write my statement). I’ve been running in to you in a few cyber places lately, haven’t I (in comments sections). Looks like we might enjoy the same reading material!

  118. says

    Liz and Joe – I just peeked outside and the future is bright with a smattering of clouds.

    WoW, what a great run of poetry and links you’ve gathered in Liz. With my week it’s going to take me into the next Mic night to read them all.

    And happily read them I will. I already have a new recipe for chili, bloglined a writing blog and am seriously thinking about jumping on google to read.

    And all before my cuppa cooled …

  119. says

    Joe – Sure why not. My french is not so good these days. I practice a little bit everynow and then. Mais maintenant je suis pas capable de l’ecrit une ligne en francais vitement. C’est tros longtemps… a peut être 20 années?

  120. says

    I’m not sure if I saw Dee and Melissa here tonight, but they just joined the Blog B-Day Carnival.

    I’m pretty sure Liz had something to do with it, and if not, still glad to have ya.

  121. says

    Happy birthday to Liz (and her blog). Happy birthday to Liz (and her blog). Happy birthday to you (and your SOBs too). Sorry I’m late. Darn work thing. 450 comments already. Whew!

  122. says

    What’s up Starbucker. Life here in the Brew City is very good. Here’s to good friends, tonight is kinda special. 😉 How are you friend? Up for a shot and a beer from Brew City Phil?

  123. says

    Ok, I want to pick as your most successful…

    When you helped so many people (including me) with problems with T-Rati.

    They responded to you, your post and fixed a lot of the problems we were having. 😉

  124. says

    Liz and Starbucker – I know it’s been short, but my wife calls, and I have the opportunity to spend a bit of time with her. I promise I’ll buy you another round when we connect again in person. Have fun!

    And everyone, enjoy Liz’s place, and be sure to clean up after yourself so Liz can get to bed before sunrise! :)

  125. says

    So Liz, do you want to try a Cha-Cha now? I wish you could see me now- I’m in Missoula MT at the hotel restaurant tapping this stuff out among the din of the other diners – pretty surreal!

  126. says


    It is a good post – not my favorite, but a good one. :) I’m actually not sure which post is my favorite – it is kind of like picking your favorite child – you just can’t do it.

    I have no children, but I would imagine this is how it would be. 😛

  127. says

    Hey! I didn’t realize it is your birthday! Congrats!!! WTG!!! Awwwlll Right!!! Give me an excuse for an exclamation!!!

    Seriously – Cool deal Liz… Many Many More

    So – you asked for one post eh? Sorry if the URL throws off your format (hope it doesn’t but its a long one). This has been my most visited entry since the beginning;

    Feels like its been a long year to me, I bet it feels differently to you eh?

    Take Care Friend, You’ve done a bunch of good things for me and I owe you lots of Thanks!


  128. says

    I picked mine because it was picked up by the MSM in my area and Liz’s because it influenced a Big time company.

    Both got a reaction from something we wrote in Blogs.

    Neither were really “favorites” but were Very Successful Blog Posts. IMHO

  129. says

    Hi all… Just wanted to pop back in and see how things are going. Wow, closing in on 500, awesome!

    Well the kids are in bed, and it’s finally quiet around here, so I think I’m off to enjoy it. Happy B-Day again, Liz. This has been, and will continue to be I’m sure, great…

  130. says

    Most successful post?
    Easy. 😉

    And here’s the story:
    For some reason I’ve always been drawn to corporate hypocrisy and controversy, and one of my first big posts was my most successful:
    A Brief History of Digg Controversy

    I’ve followed Digg’s success right from the beginning, and after a while I began to notice a number of intersting controversies popping up from time to time.

    So I started keeping track.

    Little did I know that the web2.0 was about to explode, with Digg being one of the posterchildren.

    With the most recent episode of controversy surrounding allegations people were trying to game their way to dominating the frontpage,
    blogs started linking to it — and I was lucky enough to get links from Bokardo, Guardian Unlimited, and DrudgeRadio (Drudge Report).

  131. says

    Pardon me for my manners. Let me start again!

    Happy Birthday to Successful-Blog
    Happy Birthday to Hart
    Happy Birthday to Designers-Who-Blog
    Happy Birthday to WorkingAtHomeInternet

    Good evening to everyone!
    Some I know, some I don’t
    Nonetheless it’s good to meet you all!

  132. says

    Well, it wouldn’t be too much of a change. You’d just be able to participate in the ultra awesome business channel.

    There is also another reason, but I’m not sharing it. 😛 It may have to do with the “Blogging” channel being renamed “Founder Blogs”, though. However, that’s just a rumor.

  133. says

    Happy Blogday to you…
    Happy Blogday to you…
    Happy Blogday, dear Lizzie,
    Happy Blogday to you.

    Dunno if anyone else did that; 500+ comments were a bit much to wade through.

    Anyway, many happy returns, Liz!

  134. says

    Liz – flourless chocolate torte is amazing with chocolate ganache drizzled on top… served with a side of really good ice cream (Starbucks java chip would be my recommendation)

  135. says

    Liz, maybe we could have another contest… Instead of guessing how many comments we get here today, we could guess how many times the word “chocolate” appears!

  136. says

    Timothy, I’m telling you I think there’s more chocolate than that here! I think I’ve used the word chocolate at least 6 or 7 times myself here today. And I’m just one chocolate lover of many present.

  137. says

    Thanks for asking, Liz

    Here’s one of the top read (in-series) topics,
    What Happens During Euthanization?

    I wrote this series-post without thinking much about traffic nor search term, since I reckon this kind of subject is an unusual daily event that dog owners would be facing. Boy, was I so wrong. Most of my visitors are email-queriers than commenters, hence I’m having some difficulties in answering one to one basic. I may have to write a part 5 to this topic sometimes soon.

    Liz, please forgive me for the “inappositeness” of my subject. :(

  138. says

    Tim, I take it you like chocolate too? :-) BTW, see you in a few weeks.

    Chris, I’m surprised you even had a jacket over there. It’s 40 here in Missoula, MT. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow (yes, snow).

  139. says

    Did I mention that Gorgeous dished me up some of Edy’s Grand Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream (ICE CREAM!!!!) tonight? mmmmm…..

    Steve, It’s good to see you again!

  140. says


    Well I guess I’m fashionably late! I saw Phil just left a little bit ago…and is Starbucker still around?
    Happy b-day again Liz…I left a comment earlier, but think it was in the wrong spot. Thanks for the heads up.

    Looks like 500+comments fiull of fun. Now that’s a party!


  141. says

    Steve, For some reason your message has a little “replied to” symbol but I don’t see where there is any message out to you in my sent items. Weird. I’ll poke around that some more in the morning to see if I can’t figure out what happened.

  142. says

    I’m going to figure it out too Tim – I saw Phil last month and had a blast. Next time to Milwaukee I need to sneak down to Chicago and visit the birthday girl. I think we probably just need to have a convention or something.

  143. says

    Liz, my referring to “inappositeness” is that it is not auspicious to bring “death” to “birth” in the same event (the asian culture context).

    I’m not superstitious anyway, and hope you’re not.

    Steve – I bet your wife has to be a part-time counselor to her clients too.

  144. says

    Hey everyone, another chocolate lover checking back in after a hard night. It’s been going great guns in here today!

    Chris, you’re welcome to come up here to get a taste of snow. We had some yesterday and today, flurries only thank goodness.

  145. says

    Tim, Starbucker,
    Hearing Tim talk about meeting us. Reminds me that my husband turned to me this afternoon and said. “You really should throw a convention.”

    Believe that, Starbucker?

    I told him you already wanted to. :)

  146. says

    Gorgeous says I romanticize the winters, only remembering the good parts. But the truth is I kinda didn’t mind the bad parts so much either. Not that I’m complaining. This is the time of year when Savannah actually has great weather. We’ll be back to wet-blast-furnace soon enough.

  147. says

    Renee, I think it is more like fulltime.. 😀

    I think people are worse when it comes to their pets than family members..

    Chris, I don’t ever remember getting anything. That’s weird. Weirder things have happened.

    OK wife tells me I need to go to bed lol

    Night all!

    *man I am so whipped it ain’t funny*

  148. says

    Steve, I just found and re-sent it. Don’t ask where it was hiding…

    I’m off to sleepy time myself folks. Keep commenting away. If Liz can keep awake you’ve still got a couple two or three hours to max this out! What a great way to celebrate the birthday of a blog!

    ‘Night All.

  149. says

    I will when I see him Liz.
    I need to take a break here and pay my restaurant tab and do a few work things before I turn in. I’ll stop back for a “g’nite” in a bit.

  150. says

    Ooppss…got derailed on a call…

    here’s the 2 posts I dig:
    This is my fav I wrote over at Small Business Branding, cuz I like the Steve Irwin angle on branding by being yourself. I LOVE that bloggers are such originals!!

    …and this is my favorite from my PMP blog, again all about being unique and staying true to yourself… _the_critique_self_love_is_where_its_at/

    Liz, you are a TRUE original…and I LOVE it!! Hope you’ve got plenty of snacks to keep you up tonight!


  151. says

    I’m back now! Glad to see that this is still going on .. but I’m not going to read all those 588 comments at the moment :)

    Did I miss anything? New links? contests? Did Liz post all those 25 words or less entries? Is anybody drunk? Is everybody drink? What music is on the turntable?

    Well – if nothing is – here’s one song..
    Happy Birthday .mp3-1 )

  152. says

    Hi Liz! Glad to see you’re still up! Whew~ Long day, eh? Are you having fun? I wasn’t going to ask earlier, (pre-500 comments) but – how close are you to getting comments from all your 500+ SOB’s?

  153. says

    HART, The latest contest is guessing how many times the word “chocolate” appears. The latest theory is that it is something over 10 times. Personally I think that is a remarkably low number considering how many of us are chocolate addicts.

    Oh, Liz – I shot you an email.

    And now I really am heading to bed.


  154. says

    Rick .. that was “The Happy Birthday Song” by Arrogant Worms :) you want it? help yourself (save target as) .. I could also have a few other birthday songs on the www at the moment … Beatles .. Uriah Heep … Patsy Cline .. Marilyn Monroe .. Elvis .. anybody interested?

  155. says

    Not to be a party pooper
    but it’s time for beddy bye
    and after all of the partying
    I seem to be in a stupor.

    Berma Shave

    Nite Liz
    Nite All

  156. says

    Chocolate? Now why in the world would you want to count Chocolate Words in here? I mean .. chocolate? Really? What type of Chocolate? White Chocolate? Dark Chocolate? Chocolate Milk? How obsurb!

  157. says

    Liz — good question. I just didn’t have the time to think of it. I guess my story is all about Where Is Basil? That site is all because of Successful-Blog and open mic night. What more is there to say, really!

  158. says

    Happy Birthday Renee for yesterday! Did you have a party? Personally, I hate celebrating my birthdays .. ever since I started counting backwards since my 33rd birthday … People keep mocking me that I don’t look good for a Teen-Ager ..

  159. says

    Ben .. I’ve been around the computer, but working hard … and then surfing late at nights. It’s like hit-and-miss with the comments. It’s almost like I have to stick to the Aussie blogs just to get some feedback in realtime ..hehe

  160. says

    Hi Ben.

    Doh! Now I know I’ve been up too long. I never even thought of that, HART.

    I’m going to say Good Night, and a final Happy B-Birthday Liz, Joe, HART, and cat. Have a good week, and a successful year to come!