Writing–Ugh! 10 Reasons to Get Jazzed about Writing

Writing Is Easy When It’s Over

Writing is easy. All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead.

Gene Fowler, Screenwriter, Director, Author
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Let’s face it. Everyone can think of things we’d rather do than write. Writing is work, even when it comes easily. We have to get the words down in the right order. We have to check that they’re all there and spelled correctly. We have to make sure that they make sense to people who aren’t us. Those are a lot of things to do when we might be doing something more fun, such as having a life.

Why do I write?

I just can’t let opportunities fly right by me.

10 Reasons to Get Jazzed about Writing

Why do folks write? They know that words have power. That a word well-placed and well-written can bring visibility and attention to them, their business and their brand. They know that writing is an incredible tool that reaches farther than other forms of conversation do. Even video, well-done, is written first.

We write because writing is power. Here are 10 reasons to get jazzed about writing.

    1. In today’s universe, writing is your voice. Not to write is close to having laryngitis. The ability to write is critical. You learn it same way you learn to play the guitar–by practice. If you want to communicate when the spotlight falls your way, you need to be writing “solos” now.

    2. Writing can reach an unlimited audience. More people can access what you have to say when they can read it. Your audience can read what you write on their own terms, in their own time frame.

    3. Writing allows you to think before you speak. One beauty of writing is that you can edit before people hear what you say. The uhs and ums, the wild digressions, and off-base thinking can stay a secret between you and your delete key. You end up looking smarter, and your audience ends up thinking you are too. That’s power.

    4. Writing lasts to become an asset. The words you craft today will still be available to you again and again. One investment pays you back with many returns. You can repurpose your writing to fit new situations. You can make it last to serve you and your business as long as you need it to.

    5. Writing is free promotion. Offer quality, relevant content to an audience who needs it, and they’ll be coming back to see you again. Your name, your business, and your brand will gain a following from the writing that you did.

    6. Writing increases the visibility of your brand. Writing great content means search engine ranking and link popularity. Whether you’re looking for a new job or promoting your business, high visibility is currency in the knowledge universe. Employers and clients are using search engines to check out relationships. You do it. Don’t you?

    7. Writing lets people know you as an individual. You become the one and only you. If I never wrote a word on this blog, how would you know who I am? Need I go on?

    8. Writing forces you to think through ideas. When you leave your ideas in your head, it’s easy to think you know them inside out. Often after writing something, we know it better than before we started.

    9. Writing lets you define the big idea of your brand. Whatever subject you write about will soon become what you are thought of as an expert on.

    10. Writing is networking with content. Writing opens doors. People read and answer back. All people tend to see others who think like they do as being smart. Some of those readers will become friends and business contacts.

I can think of so many reasons to write, and I get jazzed about the doors that each piece I write might be opening. Now as I finish this post, I have one more page in my archives. It’s like one more dollar in my promotional bank account. I can repurpose it and use it again and again. People can read it whenever they want to find out more about who I am.

Funny . . . . I’m even more jazzed about writing now, than I was when I started this post.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    Yeah, got to agree with you there – “writing is your voice”

    For me, writing is in my blood (always has been) – be it trying to write the great American Australian novel, to writing fairly stale business articles (for money) to the pure freedom of blogging.

    btw Liz, I’m ramping up my re-entry back into blogging – check the link. My aim: own the term “Small Office …”

  2. says

    Hey, Martin,
    Welcome this Sunday evening to my humble little blog.

    What’s this? You’re coming back to blogging? I need details, details, man. Use that voice of yours. :)


  3. says

    ehhh … must have been out of it too long :-)

    forgot to change the website link.

    The re-entry: SmallOfficeBlog.com

    It’s slow and steady as she goes (still pulling all-nighters at my consulting gig – never had so much chinese food and booze in yonks) so I won’t taste total freedom for at least 4 weeks.

    I gotta tell you two things: 1) Getting away from blogging for a while does one wonders.

    2) setting up a silly blog – GonzoBlog for me – where you’re not trying to impress anyone or write for a niche audience also does one wonders. think: absolute freedom to experiment with your writing style without being judged.

  4. says

    Hey, I love the new link. It’s very elegant, Martin. I think it’s got your brain all over it. The breath of fresh air seem sto have done you good. Where’d you go? To Montana? :)

    I’ve got a new link for your two. it’s got the cartwheel nebula on it. There’s only one of them. Liz Strauss.com


  5. says

    don’t you know, Liz … elegant is my middle name – but then I’m only elegant beacuse I came across this free theme and hacked it to bits.

    Where’d I go? Montana – how’d you know :-)

    LilzStrauss.com – Nice one! I think you are starting to Brand You(rself) :-)

  6. says

    I wondered what the E. stood for–Elegant I should have known. I thought it might be that, but then there was always extraordinary to consider.

    You could just click the link and go see how far I’ve gotten on the whole deal.

    I’m branding myself as the only Liz Strauss I’ve got.


  7. says

    erratic. eccentric. exemplar. but I like egghead.

    Liz Strauss. Liz Strauss. Liz Strauss … Brand it. Sear it into people’s minds. One thing I noticed though – what do you want people to think off when they think/see “Liz Strauss”.

    Big mistake I’ve learned is trying to do too many thing. People get confused who/what you are. A tight niche – = less confusion = more success.

    Go hard for one niche say: Blog Consulting. Be an expert in it – the “go to” person. Then when people think/see “Liz Strauss” they know: “Blog Consultant”.

    Okay, that’s it for todays session – you can pay me in nachos. :-)

    gotta go – lunch break almost over and the wifi here is playing up.

  8. says

    Thank you for the consultation. Even those of us who write about it need those of you who read to remind us of what we’re always spouting about. :)

    You’re right about making a tighter niche–You should have seen how wide it WAS.

    Thank you Elegant, Extraordinary, Erratic, Egghead.

    Nachos, as always,are on the house.


  9. says

    Hi Chartreuse,
    I don’t know much about the “expert” part, but I do a LOT of blogging these days. :)

    Thanks for your support.

    I’ll try to keep in the jazz and not get to the blues.


  10. says

    Why Mark!
    Great to see you!
    It wouldn’t be a secret, if you joined in, you know! 😉

    Hard to keep secrets when the whole Internet is reading over your shoulder.


  11. says


    That was a great post. I didn’t really “discover” writing until I was about 35 years old. I’ve already discovered what a powerful tool writing is for organizing my thoughts and communicating them with the world. I’m now learning how that affects brand ME and how I can help others. Thanks for a push in the right direction!

  12. says

    Hi FR,
    Thanks for letting me know. Your experience not uncommon, but I think you’re ahead of the game in knowing the value writing can play in helping all of us have a place in society. It’s so much of what people know of us in this world of computers–it’s more our voice that the words we speak to many people.

  13. says

    Now i don’t really see myself as a writer because i never really found any great ideas to write about (really).. But still, i really liked the above article, because it opened my eyes and reconfirmed (is that even a word) my interest in writing..

    Now i am not really very good at writing but i try my best anyways and like many other things, practice makes perfect. *chuckles*

    Thanks for the article it was really fun to read and quite enjoyable.

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