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Successful-Blog is community in conversation. That’s why the home page says Successful and Outstanding Bloggers. Bloggers are constantly talking and trading techniques and strategies for how we keep our blogs and our businesses growing. . . . When we find one, it’s hard to keep quiet. We want to know if someone else knows more about it than we do. . . . Imagine the benefits of a community thinking and talking together–a wealth of resources right here. Not to mention the friendships made. –ME Strauss

Want to be a Contributor?

Successful-blog publishes original content that is directly relevant to small businesses and the big brands who want to reach them. Our bias is to actionable ideas that can help grow a team, a brand, a business or an online presence immediately. Review the blog to see where our business audience and ideas cross your competencies to choose appropriate topics. You have a better sense of what you’ll do well and share with passionate insight than I might.

Have stories to swap or ideas to add to the conversation?

  • Is there something you do that works really well?
  • Have you had a success you’d like to share?
  • Have you figured out a useful trick or two?
  • Have you got a tool or tip we don’t know about?
  • Have you figured out the hard way a pitfall to avoid?
  • Have other ideas on how we might collaborate?

Our columnists on Successful-Blog start a conversation, not a presentation.


If you are a member of our community and you’d like to be a columnist, email Rosemary O’Neill (
Please include:

  • A strong description of your area of expertise and passion. (We love how-to and actionable content that applies to small business, big brands, social media, writing, entrepreneurs.
  • Be helpful, not hypeful. Include the how-to.
  • Include links to any previously published material that shows your writing style.
  • Include a bio that includes:your name, your blog link, website link, or profile link, and your twitter name with a link to your twitter profile.

I only publish original and exclusive content on this blog. By submitting your writing, you are certifying that it is your own, that it appears nowhere else online or offline, that you are not infringing others’ rights and you have the legal ability to offer it for publication.

Please do not send unsolicited guest posts; they will not be read.

Know that I write and edit for a living which means, I might make minor changes in what you write. It’s the editor’s curse. We can’t help it. You can take heart that professional editors don’t change meaning without talking about it, nor do we make writers look bad in print.

I’m delighted to share the space with a well-voiced article on a topic appropriate for Successful-Blog readers. I’m looking forward to adding your voice to the Successful-Blog list of Contributors.

–ME “Liz” Strauss