Alex Shalman and Steve Roesler Are B.A.D. Bloggers!

Hello, Hello! I’d Like You to Meet . . .

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It’s a fine way to spend a Sunday visiting some B. A. D. Bloggers I know. Without hesitation, these are folks who are worth getting to know. I can say that because I did.

Have you met Steve Roesler?

Steve Roesler knows Ann Michael and Valeria Maltoni. It took a while to find out. He called me. I called him. Then called me, and I him again. But in the end I know he knows them because we finally made a voice connect, and he outright told me. We talked about who knew who and how we knew each other. We even talked about how much we like them, and about how we met.

Then we moved on to other topics.

Steve and I had a delightful discussion about blogging and conversation. We wound through ways to invite readers to participate in what we have to say when we write — how to leave more room for them. It’s always fun to consider with an intelligent blogger how we present ideas on our blogs and the people who come to read them.

Steve works with client companies All Places World. The folks he works with become stronger communicators and better team builders. Steve handles All Things Workplace — he specializes in communication training and development and works on improving systems, relationships, and large-scale change. He has deep interest in the global nature of business and business relationships.

Steve’s a people person. It comes through when you talk to him.

Steve likes his family too. He’s worked all over the world, but he’s partial to the woods near Philly where his family is.

. . . And Ann and Valeria are nearby for a blogger meetup whenever he needs one.

Oh and, do you know Alex Shalman?

Alex Shalman says, “. . . a life stems from the realization that the past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet, the only moment which we possess is the one in which we live.”

Alex is a student, son of a dentist. He’s going to be one himself. He IMs me from the library. Well, that’s where he always says he is. So that must be. Except when I was younger than Alex, I used to put 250 miles on the car going to the . . . um, er . . . library. . . . Of course, he’s past that stage. He’s working gainfully on a career.

Alex likes learning. He reads books on personal development and participates in a mastermind group. He seeks out mentors where he can find them. He’s a membor of the attendees at SOBCon 07.

Alex’s personal goal to be a dentist will make him the fifth generation in his family to choose that profession. His plan is to be an entrepreneur by developing a practice that will be franchised, provide mentoring, dental education, and lead to a career as a speaker and teacher.

Alex’s blog is a result of his exploration into personal development and his continuing interest in it. He has an undergraduate degree and a passion for psychology. He likes restating it in an understandable form.

Yet the coolest thing about Alex is his laugh when he’s relaxed and being himself.

Alex and Steve, you are B.A.D. Bloggers!

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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  1. says

    Yo, Liz!

    Very cool. My mom would be very pleased to know that someone else has decided I’m BAD.

    Am sitting in the train station in Philly taking advantage of the free wifi and smiling, thanks to the honor. Off to a conference in Baltimore and can now be introduced as officially B.A.D.

    Keep writing (and re-dialing)…

  2. says

    Hey Steve!
    You are so B.A.D. I was just with Ann Michael at the top of the Chicago Hancock. I can’t wait to tell her about this. How cool is that — sychronicity!!!

  3. says

    Hey there!

    I just got my internet connection working at the hotel (Vista – don’t ask!) and look who I found – Liz AND Steve!

    Steve, Congratulations! Couldn’t happen to a BADder guy!

    I feel honored that I have met (in person) BOTH of today’s BAD bloggers!!!! Alex is definitely BAD too!


  4. says

    Hi Liz:

    You couldn’t have picked a nicer and better blogger. I’m sure it was due to your exceptional skill at finding the good ones. Congratulations Steve! Hi Ann. This is almost a reunion 😉

    BTW — I was finally able to map my domain URL to my blog so I am now officially just Yay! It took me only 10 months to figure it out..

  5. says

    Hey Valeria!
    Yeah, this is a mini-reunion for sure!!! Cool to find us all in one place. Let’s pass around the virtual champagne!

    Congratulations on remapping your URL. Has Ms. Michael been talking to you? If not, that’s even more synchronicity!!

  6. says

    Hey Liz,

    I just got back from vacation with my girlfriend – and what a great surprise – i’m BAD!! I miss you Liz – we are long over due for a phone convo!

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