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Down in Austin, near the famous music street, lives a woman named, Deborah Byrd. A few ago she did something remarkable. She wrote grant and produced a short daily message that became an international radio show.

I asked Deborah how she got interested in sky radio. She told me that college she took a general Physics class that first counfounded her, then captured her interest. Deborah told me that soon she was seeking out classes in Astronomy.

We discussed the story of Star Date, how it started as a daily phone message. Every day it would ask, Have you seen the stars tonight? She wrote the grant for that message that then became a radio short, which she left to the University of Texas.

Now Deborah is producing Earth and Sky Radio, which is on 1000 stations. Deborah explained that Earth and Sky has over 2000 scientiest on their database helping people explore possible, positive human futures. People meet and talk on the Earth and Sky blog.

We talked about how the blog changes the radio venue. Deborah explained that now it’s not just her words going out; now she also gets to hear what listeners think. We talked about the conversational aspect. To Deborah that’s one exciting part. She said that she welcomes comments, ideas, and opinions from every point of view — she’s anxious to listen, to hear what people think and why they think as they do.

Deborah said that producing a radio show with an extensive blog resource is a different kind of journalism. She said the exciting part is that not only do people get to talk, but that she gets to talk back to them. I thought “Ah conversation! Yeah, I know what you mean.”

B.A.D. Blogger Quote

I’ve been talking at people for thirty years and now, wow! They’re talking back to me! It’s so exciting! —Deborah Byrd

Stop by Deborah’s Blog, Earth and Sky, and say hi!

Thanks, Deborah, you B.A.D. Blogger!

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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  1. says

    Thank you for starting my morning with such a smile. I just finished reading an email from Deborah that proves she’s even nicer than this. You’ll have to meet us in Austin when we have a drink on that street that is famous for music . . . :)

  2. says

    Chris, why do you pick on astronomers?

    Kent and Liz and Chris … thank you. Aw shucks.

    Liz, I meant to tell you that I happened upon your blog via MyBlogLog. I’ve had a page there for a week or so and am stumbling around trying to figure out how to use it. I ran into someone’s page who said your blog was one of their favorites … so I looked at it … isn’t it great how people meet online?

  3. says

    Hi Deborah!
    It looks like you’ve picked up more than a few admirers here for both you and your blog! I think that’s very cool.

    I’m liking MyBlogLog for the very reason that we met. It’s a great connector as well a resource. I like how you can see the person and the blog. :)

    You’re not a stranger here anymore!!

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