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What a thrill it is to see so many new businesses that got their final “something” from a little meeting called “SOBCon.” Congratulations, Joanna on Powerful Web Content. Congratulations Michael on Gateway Blogging. Congratulations to Sheila and Connie on Five Web Tools. I know of a least two more coming. . . . Each of them is playing to their strengths and their past successes.

Today, I announce the first of two cornerstone pieces that pull together everything I’ve working on and toward for almost three years. You might have noticed it in the sidebar this weekend. It’s called “The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog — The Insider’s Guide to the Conversation that’s Changing How Business Works.”


You might recall we had a conversation about this eBook I was working on. That conversation confirmed the book’s original purpose — to explain online conversation in the context of relationships and building a business.


The two sections of the book show the two sides of online conversation — receiving and sending information. The Subject heads include these:

Section Samples

Because of the urgency of everything Internet, it’s filled with immediately actionable tips, ideas, and checklists.

Lots of Lists

Who needs to read it?

Everyone who wants more community participation, more comments, more referrals for their business — Marketers, PR folks, Educators, Business Professionals, and New Bloggers.


Anyone who’s been trying to figure out or explain what a blog is.

It took a career of education, business, educational publishing; several weeks of research; and over 3,000 posts and almost 70,000 comments in blogging conversation to learn what I’ve condensed down to these practical pages.

I know you’ll get a fresh perspective and great tools, when you read it. If you want to communicate with authority, credibility, and influence at the top of your game . . . then get the book that will get your best voice in the conversation.

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–ME “Liz” Strauss
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Gratitude to the folks who took a minute to add to the conversation!
The secret to writing a successful and outstanding blog
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The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog Ebook
It’s a stew, a potpourri, a melange. It’s what’s happening.


  1. says

    Liz, you’re right, so many of did get that final something from SobCon. So many powerful voices and messages, but “own your space” (from David Bullock) is still playing through my head

    Congrats on getting your book up and out there – I’m sure it’ll teach and inspire a lot of people


  2. says

    The book sounds great. I ordered via paypal this morning. when will I receive a link to download it? received no link by e-mail . . . wasn’t redirected to a download page from paypal and thus am frustrated. I am eager to see the book . . . of course assumed I would be able to download it immediately. Please help . . .

  3. says

    Thanks Mary!
    Glad we could straighten it out so quickly and that I got to talk with you on the phone!! Bonus for me.

    You can bet you’re not a stranger here. 😉

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