Great Team Ice Breakers To Loosen The Group Up

By Deb Bixler

Whenever a group of adults come together for the first time, be it work-related or otherwise, the atmosphere can be a little bit uncomfortable.

After all, making friends and getting to know someone is oh so much easier as a kid than it is as an adult.

team meetingAll leaders involved in team meeting planning should consider incorporating ice breakers into every event.

When multiple people are coming together for the first time, you may want to try some team ice breakers.

These activities are great as group team building exercises and really allow people to get to know one another.

#1 – The Team Interview

You’ve all probably done this exercise at some point growing up, most likely at school. Interview is a simple game in which you divide your group into pairs. Each pair is responsible for interviewing each other and reporting their findings to the rest of the group. Encourage the participants to find at least three interesting facts about their partner to share with the group. This is a great way for your group to learn about each individual without the awkwardness of having to talk about yourself in front of a room full of strangers.

#2 – Fact or Fiction?

This is among the most popular team ice breakers out there. Have each person in your group write down two facts about themselves that most people don’t know and an additional fact that isn’t true. The entire group can then go over each list together and try and determine which two facts are true and which is the lie. It is a fun game that really gets people out of their shells.

#3 – My Name Is?

This fun activity is super easy. Have each person go around the room and tell everyone their name. They must also add an adjective starting with the same letter of their name that describes themselves. For example, someone named Joe might go with “Joyful” Joe. For the remainder of your time together that day, each person must refer to each person with their new name.

Getting a group of individuals together for the first time can be hard to do. Most people are very reserved and have their guard up to some extent. These team ice breakers are a great way to make people feel more comfortable in their new environment. It will make your team more productive and easier to work with. Give them a try!

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    And without a planned networking activities many will just sit down and wait for the meeting to start.

    Networking should be a planned event to keep your team engaged! Thanks, Riza!

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