How Many Truly Unique Blogs Can We Find?

Only One — The Rest Are Imitators

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You are the only you. No one can be you better. Once you get you to your best form, no one can knock you off. They can only be a bad facsimile. What folks say is not approval — it’s only opinion.

Each of us is a unique and wonderful individual. That is the key to our personal branding.

I’m Looking for Unique Blogs

I’m looking for truly unique and wonderful blogs. The blogs I am thinking of are one-of-a kind, stand-out, nothing-like-it, wow-will-you-look-at-that. only-one, wish-I-had-that-idea blogs. Every blog in the bunch will be outstanding in its own way. Some might be

  • outstanding in content.
  • outstanding in thought leadership.
  • outstanding in concept and execution.
  • outstanding in design and production.
  • outstanding in style.
  • outstanding for a blog in their category.

You get the idea.

When you see a outstanding blog, you’ll know it because you want to tell other people about it. You really like the idea of going back with them to show them around. It’s a category of one.

My goal is to find 200 of them.

So Many Possible Responses

I have so many questions that could bring so many possible responses, I’ve made a numbered list for you to use in the comments If you use the number and the bold keyword that will help everyone reading along.

  1. If you know a blog like that — here’s your chance to show it off. Leave its link and yours in the comment box below this post. Let us know why you choose it.
  2. What you think my chances are of finding 200 of what I have described right here. If you hold no hope for me, tell me why you think I won’t succeed at this challenge.
  3. What qualities should I be looking for? What is a unique and outstanding blog? What does it take for a blog to be a category of one?
  4. What if I offered resources to work with you to turn your blog into a unique and outstanding blog? Do you think we could make one happen?

Your turn.

–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    Great idea, Liz!

    One truly outstanding blog I know of is by Marshall Sponder. Marshall has been blogging for us at Know More Media for a while now and has maintained an incredible pace of about five posts per calendar day for as long as I can remember. He writes about SEO and Web analytics, places all kinds of photos and coneptual details in his posts, and dives deeply into his topic.

    Your chances are awesome. You are only two degrees away from at least 1,000 oustanding blogs/bloggers, I’ll bet.

    Qualities? Irreplaceability. Beauty in form and function. Thoughts and ideas that stop you in your tracks, keep you up at night or otherwise disrupt you in a good way.

    We could certainly make one – or a whole lot of ones – happen. You’ve got the know-how, that is for sure.

    Can’t wait to watch this thread grow.

  2. says

    Well, Easton, first let me say, if this thread grows from the seed of your comment. It’s going to be spectacular. Boy, the qualities that you name show the depth of your knowledge and your experience.

    I’m going over to check out Marshall’s blog. I don’t know how I missed it, but it sound great.

  3. says

    Occupational Adventure blog at

    I’ve been a dedicated reader for a long time. His postings emanate creativity, inspiration, enthusiasm, passion, and I-feel-your-pain-because-I’ve-been-there-too empathy. His advice is inspiring, practical, grounded in the real world, and easy to implement in real lives. After reading his blog for months, I read his book and his many articles, participated in some of his teleseminars, listened to his podcasts, chatted by e-mail, chatted on the phone. Came to learn that his blog perfectly reflects his wonderful, witty, and friendly personality…which is probably why his blog alone won me over. I’ve found some wonderful books, articles, and other blogs through his many links. And I find his enthusiasm absolutely contagious.

  4. says

    Liz, I’ve been racking my brain to stump you…a site you’ve never seen, and I just might have found it.

    It’s called Totally Unauthorized by Peggy Archer.
    I became interested in her because she’s in my husband’s industry (film and TV). She’s a female “juicer” which is jargon for electrician. That makes her one in a million right there. She’s irreverent and wry. She also contributes photos to another hilarious site called “abandoned couches” (just what the name implies).

    Now, truly, these fall into the category of unique, whimsical, sardonic, slice of life, but I’m not sure they’re irreplaceable. You be the judge.


  5. says

    Darn, darn, darn. I have two blogs. How can the two both be one?

    1. Here’s who I like…

    Honest, visually simple, great photography, thought provoking. This, however, brings up an important issue… what is outstanding to one blogger may not be to another.

    2. Your chances are good. It will just take time and effort. (Does that reduce your chances?)

    3. memorable voice, memorable stories

    4. assuming you could make one happen, it’d be your blog (but a business may not care, as long as you could drive traffic for them)

  6. Chris @ Martial Development says

    1. Martial Arts for Personal Development explains how and why everyone can benefit from learning martial arts.

    2. It should be easy to identify 200 unique blogs, from 50 million choices!

    3. Outstanding blogs serve their readers, by implicitly answering the questions “So What?” and “Who Cares?” in every post. Ordinary blogs serve only their writers.

    4. Tell us more please.

  7. says

    Hi Lisa!
    I think that any blog that you might choose as one of a kind has to be wonderful! I can’t wait to see . . .

    She’s a female “juicer” which is jargon for electrician. That makes her one in a million right there. She’s irreverent and wry.

    That much got my attention right there. :)

  8. says

    Hey Chris!
    The trick finding 200 that are truly unique. Are we that good as a species?

    That’s a great point about ordinary blogs.

    Let me think up more. :)

  9. says

    Liz,there aren’t a huge number of blogs devoted to eBay, and most of them either promote affiliate programs, are news related, or talk about making three figure a year on eBay. I feel that my blog, The Auction Rebel – – takes a different approach from it’s competition. It tries to provide information that the average seller trying to make some extra money on eBay would find useful.

    I think your chances of coming up with 200 should be pretty good. There are plenty of outstanding blogs out there. It’s just a question of finding them.

    Qualities should be blogs that serve their readers and not the writers. Ones that, no matter what the subject, individual readers will come back to day after day because it feeds their hunger for information, entertainment, or touches their emotions.

    Offer the resources to make one and you would have my complete attention.

  10. says

    Hi L.L.
    I didn’t mean to skip over you. Thank you for bringing this up . . . This, however, brings up an important issue… what is outstanding to one blogger may not be to another.
    Now the task starts to show itself as the challenge that it is.

    Outstanding to everyone!

    Memorable . . . sticky as in stuck in my head and heart.

    I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying in your last sentences.

  11. says

    Hi Gary,
    Welcome. Let’s be clear. I don’t really have those resources. I was just curious about who’d be willing. . . .

    I set my bar for unique pretty high. 200 could take a whole lot of time . . .but now I’m getting help so maybe it’s doable.

    You do have an interesting concept. I like the word Rebel a LOT!

  12. says

    Every (discounting splogs and scrapers) blog is unique! If you create your own content then you can’t help but put yourself into it. The question is, what makes a unique blog outstanding? I look forward to discovering your 200 outstanding blogs myself!

    Good luck!

  13. says

    Blog – Paul & Jenny Geelen, Ocularists.
    This is a blog we developed for Paul & Jenny – it is nominated because the content is extraordinary for the very specific audience. An Ocularist makes artificial eyes – and if you find yourself in the position of needing and eye, then Paul & Jenny’s blog is an extraordinary resource.

    Chances – I think your chances are great. Came across your search via Lorelle.

    Qualities – a blog becomes outstanding when you get to connect with important (for you) content with a personal ‘voice’. I’m not so sure its vital that blogs become categories of one. Look at novels and great novelists – its the depth and variety of human communication that makes it interesting, its not like the Olympics.

    Make One – of course.

  14. says

    Liz, in my last sentences I only meant this… if you work on a blog with me to make it unique based on my uniqueness, I think it would not be my blog but yours. In other words, if I can’t be unique and interesting without you, I am in trouble. (and not at all outstanding)

  15. says

    Hi Meg!
    Welcome! I’m delighted that you love your blog so so much that that you don’t want a blog makeover.
    I just made craig’s blog blog an SOB and he’s a fabulous choice.

  16. says

    Wow Liz – that’s reading between the (brief) lines! I meant more that I’m beyond hope, not that it doesn’t need it.

    Glad you liked Craig’s blog. Like yours it’s one I savour.

  17. says

    Oh LL I hear you know that makes sense totally. Though I’m sure that I agree. Someitmes I like to have a friend who serves as my board of directors, my sounding board to liten in as i think through my thoughts — it’s more efficient for me. :)

  18. says

    If you’re willing to look past content that might not be your cup of tea, there are some outstanding unique fashion / beauty / style blogs out there.

    I’d recommend:

    The Beauty Brains —

    Two industrial chemists who create beauty product formulations answer reader questions and spill the industry’s big secrets.

    Kristopher Dukes —

    A fashion writer from LA shares her fabulous daily obsessions.

    Gala Darling —

    Alterna-girl lifestyle advice.

    You might also want to take a look at the two ‘big guys’ of the fashion blogosphere, Manolo ( and The Sartorialist (, if you haven’t seen them already — both distinctive, unique voices.

  19. says

    I get your drift but to me, every blog I read is unique for the simple fact I don’t half near enough time to read all the other blogs to see if the one I’m fond of is… unique (in the first place).

    As such, I invite people to leave a nicely crafted comment if they feel a given blog is too “generic”, hence instantly making it… unique!

  20. says

    Hi Claude
    Welcome! I don’t know that I can buy into that argument. Do I have to date every man to find the man that I love? Do I have to eat every meal to know the restauran I’m eating is serving unique and outstanding cuisine? It’s not a comparison.

    When something appeals and resonates to both my intelligence and my heart, I know that. When it does it deeply and in new way, I understand too. I’m energized and want to show that to someone else. It happens when I read a fabulous book or see a fine work of art.

  21. says

    Hi Tim,
    I don’t mind the link, in fact I asked for you to bring it, but would also bring back the link to the blogs themselves? I want to compile something to share with everyone.

    I like minimalist blogs — hey I like all blogs done well. Excellence is something that I get jzzed about. :)

  22. says

    I’ve been a reader of David Armano’s blog, Logic + Emotion for some time.

    He’s always got insightful articles that are spot on relevant for the advertising/marketing set, but they often come out of left field, which makes it all the more skillful.

    He almost always peppers his posts with meaningful graphics he makes himself, and they’re really my favorite part about his blog. Definitely worth checking out and seeing for yourself.

  23. says

    Hi Jeff!
    Ah David Aramano! he’ll be speaking at SOBcon07. I know his blog. Excellent choice. The man is well respected for the very reasons that you like his blog. He also has a wonderful sense of humor.

  24. says

    Just being allowed one blog makes this hard, but I want to point out Dave Schoof’s Engaging the Disquiet.

    I think your chance of finding 200 unique blogs is almost guaranteed, but hard.

    Some of the qualities that make a blog unique? Individuality of voice. Knowing what you want to talk about and putting yourself into it. Writing that makes me realize why what the blogger is talking about is important to me and inspires me to change. A design that reinforces the tone of the blog.

    Could we make one happen? Heck, yeah!

  25. says

    Hi Rick,
    I am with you. I guess I should loose the one blog rule? Huh?
    I had thought one choice would keep folks focused, but I guess it’s having a negative effecti.

    I’m going to print these comments out and use them to aggregatethe information so far. This is becoming an interesting study.

    You and I would make a Darn good blog — heck yeah!

  26. says

    I would keep it to one choice. It makes us think and focus. And yes, it is an interesting study. We’ll get a good clue as to what makes a great blog, at least from the blogger’s point of view.

  27. says

    Hi Fred!
    Welcome! I’m really interested in what bloggers find unique and outstanding. AND what’s exciting is that as the hours tick by I get more interested. I’m learning so much from this exercise.

    It’s thrilling. I hope it lasts a long time.

    The OPML idea should include the ongoing list don’t you thing?

    PS Your ps just inspired my Change the World post for today. :)

  28. says


    About your question “The OPML idea should include the ongoing list don’t you think?”:

    That depends on the way you are going to assemble the list.
    If it’s OK to remove blogs the moment you ad a new/better compliant blog than you can start right away of course.

  29. says

    Hi Fred,
    Let me write a post and get up Glenda’s interview. Then we can strategize. :) I’ll email you. In a second once I submit this comment so that you can find me. :)

  30. says

    1. I’d like to think my blog, Are You Eating With Your Anorexic” is the wittiest, sassiest healthcare blog out there, but I admit there is two others I admire for their insightful and unique and painfully close to the bone qualities: “hungry for hunger and Junkfood Science. These bloggers howl intelligently into the madness.

    2. There is no question about whether there ARE 200 of what you describe. The question is how to find them – the playing field is awfully flat right now!

    3. What qualities should you seek? I think good blogs, like good writing, are like pornography: you just know it when you see it.

    4. Being unique is easy. Being interesting is a whole another animal. No one else can make our blogs interesting but … us.

  31. says

    Personally, I like Dave Schoof’s The Disquiet in Men.

    Dave (of course a good friend) gently deals with the issues that lead to men’s midlife crisis. But he doesn’t promise them that they can be ‘cured’ of it. No. He helps with ways to engage, work with and manage ‘The Disquiet.’

    What he’s offering is unlike anyone else we’ve found on the web. No blame, no ‘it’s the woman’s fault for everything,’ no singing happy songs to change how you feel, no ‘push it away.’ And the fact that he’s identified outwardly successful men is a testament to how all/most men suffer with this ‘Disquiet.’

    I’ve rambled, sorry. Lots to say about this – but I’ll stop now.

  32. says

    Hi Laura!
    Welcome! I sure like the way you talk about your blog! and the way you talk about the others. It’s makes wanna go see them.

    Your points that follow only give credence to your enthusiasm. Wow!

    I can tell you’ve been thinking . . . probably all your life. :)

  33. says

    Hi Dawud!
    I’ve seen Dave’s blog. it’s everything you say it is. Underscore the “nothing like it.” and the “there is a need.” I was most taken by it. Thank you for reminding me of it. :)

  34. says

    Hi Liz,

    Probability of finding 200 truly unique blogs: 1.0!

    Qualities to look for: Everyone’s given great suggestions. The only unique thing I can offer is this test: If I look in my aggregator and see a new post for this blog, do I drop everything I’m doing to go check it out? If yes, it’s in the list! At the risk of angering you and everyone else I don’t mention, I’ll name two that fit this description: Creating Passionate Users and Steve Pavlina’s blog.

    Could you help me make my blog unique? I know you should never say never, but….;-)


  35. says

    Hi Mike!
    More proof that we think alike . . . those are three blogs that are personal favorites of mine.

    I love your definition — do I drop everything to read it?

  36. says

    Three? HA! But thank you. It goes without saying that Successful-Blog is truly unique, but it didn’t fit my criteria because you post too often and I’ve learned that I have to pace myself in popping over here! :-)

  37. says

    And the man from Spooky Action gets 20 point for a spectacular recovery! [big grin] :)

    Don’t be silly, Mike. Only every other post is dedicated to you. :)

  38. says

    Oooo, Mike. That’s a great measuring stick. Oddly enough, I’m so busy with client work that I don’t actually have a blog that I’ll drop everything for.

    I will. however, drop what I’m doing to answer comments. The only other person I know who does that is Liz.

  39. says

    Aw heck, Dawud,
    Liz just doesn’t have anything else to do. You know that. :)

    My brothers pay people to be my friend so that I won’t bother them. :0

  40. says

    An impossible task, to pick just one! I have 111 blogs in my feed reader right now. However, let me mention —

    (1) Burning Silo,
    which is the best nature blog I’ve found, featuring excellent photography, good writing, and interesting stories. The author, Bev Wigney, is an extremely competent naturalist who includes just enough personal info and non-nature-related stuff to engage a broad audience. Thus, unlike a lot of bloggers, she isn’t just communicating with fellow enthusiasts or preaching to the choir.

    (2) I’m quite sure you could find 1000 outstanding blogs if you had the time. The more I look, the more amazed I am by how much stuff is out there (though it does tend to be hidden by all the dross).

    (3) Great blogs are definied by great content — good writing (and/or artwork, photography, audio, video) — and a unique perspective. Contrary to accepted wisdom, most people are NOT unique, because most people are afraid to be truly original, which is not the same thing as being merely novel or hip. True originality is timeless.

    (4) I have no idea what you’re talking about here. Otherwise, thank for raising some interesting questions!

  41. says

    1. A unique blog that you may like is . The conversation varies, and the topic floats back and forth, but it seems to keep people interested and coming back for more.

    2. You will be able to find 200 blogs like you are looking for – if anyone could, it’s you.

    3. What qualities? Above all, it should be interesting. The topic doesn’t matter as much as the writing style – it has to capture your attention.

    4. Absolutely – you have a great writing style, and could turn even the roughest blog into a work of art.

  42. Teddy says

    Hi, Liz, one of the very few websites I visit on a daily basis is It’s down at the moment for some maintenance, but it’s by far the most well known web application security blog out there.

    The guys who run it found vulnerabilities in just about every major website out there (Google, Yahoo, etc…) and are even working with the browser companies to fix their issues too. They also came up with the concept of hacking corporations using only JavaScript. It’s pretty wild stuff.

    I guess 10-13 thousand people a day go there (when it’s up). They said to check back tomorrow.

  43. says


    I’ll take 50%!


    When I’m truly crazy often is the most important time for a mental break to read (and comment on) something that really inspires me. I don’t ALWAYS drop everything to read my favorite blogs, but the desire to is there!


  44. says

    Hi Teddy!
    I’ve heard of ha.chers and I think I was there once on piece I did a while ago. I’ll keep looking. I’ve worked with Fred to get an OPML going of all of these feeds.

  45. says

    Mike, I understand totally. I’m starting to wonder how much fun it would be to be a problogger so I could blog all day. However, I’m a long way as a problogger from my current income level.

  46. says

    Hi Leroy!
    Sorry I didn’t mean to jump over you! I see what you mean about green lama, but I’d sure like to know who writes it. I couldn’t find that information easily. Do know who the writer is?

    You’re sure about writing, but I think that folks aren’t giving design enough credit. . . .

    Thanks for your confidence.

    I’m really having a blast at finding all of these new blogs that are so terrific!

  47. says

    I can only handle the first question right now. I have my favorite blogs, of course, but they don’t fit all of your bullets. That’s a challenging list, you know?

    I like what one comment said about the blog that you click on when the new post shows up. That is a great blog.

    There’s only one like that for me right now. Michael Hyatt’s blog about publishing: From Where I Sit.

    I do think Robert Bruce’s and Gordon Atkinson’s are pretty darn unique, though!

  48. says

    I’d say a new design could do wonders for me – but I don’t have the funds for a professional redesign , and I’m no artist myself :( You have any burning desire to create a work of art for free? 😉

  49. says

    Hi Leroy,
    I understand what you mean by the funds. I wasn’t talking spending money. I never spend other folks’ money for them. I don’t have any money myself. . . . But I’m sending you an email.

  50. says

    I think this is a unique blog in its genre, maybe you will, too. It’s a very personalized corporate blog, designed for babyboomer women who would like to get away with girlfriends for a few days. It offers honest information, resources, opinions and sometimes airfare or other deals. All research,experiences and writing are done by the author without any corporate direction or editing. It is a marketing blog and a very personal blog done in my own writing style. What do you think? Unique or not?

    Tish, I’m editing your comment to include your link Girlfriends Getaway

  51. says

    Very Short Novels is an outstanding blog: each post is a (very) short story, with 299 words. Provocative, funny, action-packed, and great words. Truly one of a kind.

    And then obviously there’s my absidea blog which is basically a collection of nonsensical engineering ideas, sometimes illustrated, each idea being developed in a story, generally to the point it becomes hilariously absurd. But you should not trust my judgement.

  52. says

    Hi Tish!
    Welcome and thanks for a corporate blog. It’s nice to think there might be one or two that have some spunk and style. :)

    I’m going to have great weekend playing on the blogs I can see.

  53. says

    Good day, Mandarine!
    I like the name Very Short Novels. That makes me want to look. I still read very long ones too, but not online. :)

    You’re right to be pleased and proud of your blog . . . don’t discount your own judgment. :)

  54. says

    Personally I would offer ChickyBabe.

    It’s easily overlooked because it uses a standard Blogger template. But in terms of a personal blog and its content. This one is king. It’s the way she writes that plays with your senses which personal blogs should do.

    More to the point, her readers reflect this because they keep coming back for more and they keep the interaction which is important in a blog. Lastly, it’s hard to keep the anonymity in a blog and make it successful, she pulls this off really well.

    I think that it’s easy to find unique blogs out there if you know what you’re looking for. Most people tend to equate unique with high hits, but it’s the understated blogs that are truly unique. They don’t bother being mainstream and follow a path on their own. You find the understated blogs, chances are, you’re finding truly good content.

    It’s hard to say what makes a blog a category of one. Maybe it’s something that no one has done before. Maybe its something that shines above other “me too” blogs. Personal preferences differ from person to person and like I mentioned, uniqueness doesn’t guarantee popularity. More often, it tethers on the bring of obscurity.

    If you offered to turn a blog into something unique and outstanding. Anything is possible. I’d like to think as a personal blog, my blog is unique as it is. I’m already me and no one else can be me. I have perspectives that differ from people like a wild card. But if it’s uniqueness that also comes with hits. I really wouldn’t mind that sort of help.

  55. says

    Good morning, dear!

    A couple of weeks ago, a humor writer’s group I am in, was shocked to learn that almost all of the articles we have published, had been plagiarized by a South African writer. Many of our members were horrified yet flattered that someone considered their work good enough to steal – LOL

    I was depressed over Pop’s death, and felt even worse when I discovered that none of my articles had been stolen! Then one of the members said, “But Marti, your stories are so uniquely YOU, no one else could have written them”. That made me feel a little better – LOL

  56. says

    I would really disagree that there is only one blog unique and other are immitaters.Blogs are measured on their content ,voice, ability to interact with readers, helping them out when they really need and keeping the promise up.

    Considering my blog’s Niche there are so many blogs which are on this niche but i find very few blogs who explain what is technology, make it simple for readers.

    People dont come for news they come on blog seeking if somebody can answer your queries.

    Just writing a post “Apple released Iphone with so many features…blah blah blah” is not what people look for.They want “Ok thats cool but do i really need it.I already have a phone what difference can iphone make….is it early to buy? If yes when if not why”

    I dont see many blogs doing it…they tell them whats new but they dont doge the bullet of questions and interaction with readers.

    Thats what i do it on mine.Make it simple tell them why and how and when is the right time.

    They say your blog is being watched…its more than watched its measured.

    Take a look at my blog if you find it different.Even if you dont thats ok…I am still new and I might need to improve but thats what my goal is….

    This is a really nice thing you are doing.I wish you good luck, hope u succeed.

  57. says

    Hi Ashish,
    Welcome! Thank for your sincere and thoughtful comment.

    I think you may have misunderstood what I meant by “one only — the rest are imitators.” What I was trying to say is that unique and outstanding blog has certain something that is so compelling, fresh in it’s conception, creative, so a function of it’s maker or the relationship between writer and readers that it has something intangible that cannot be reproduced with the same result.

    For example, The Million Dollar Homepage was a unique and outstanding idea. Those who have attempted to do the same thing have not succeed to get the same result. Alex Tewes had concept, execution, timing, and presention all in a way that it worked.

    I agree with you that many in every category are individually successful and outstanind blogs. I have a whole directory those that I acknowledged and do every week. They are who this blog is for.

    But I’m look for the rare birds — for two reasons — to see how many we can find and to see how other bloggers define them. I am curious and we all get to learn.

    I admire that you said this Even if you dont thats ok. Because I’m only one person and you are the definer of your blog.
    What said in those six words is how I knew I was a writer many years ago — when I knew what other people said was only opinion to be considered and weighed not anything more than that.

    Thank you for your good wishes. You’re not a stranger here anymore.

  58. says

    Duh on me, I didn’t mention that the stories are all on my blog. Does being un-plagiarize-able qualify my blog as “unique”? LOL

  59. says

    Hi Marti,
    I didn’t mean to jump over you. :)
    That’s not a nice story. It scares me because I know means that soon enough there will be police to take care of that kind stuff — simply because it happens so often that we won’t have time anymore.

    I’m so sorry that it happened to you and your group. You have a wonderfully readable and as you said “un-plagiarize-able” — in the unique sense — blog. :)

  60. says

    I haven’t thought of a nominee yet… I just want to further clutter this monster thread. 😀

    If you actually end up with and list 200 blogs, though (and I’m sure you can), I will personally write a poem that integrates every one. I am THAT GOOD. -j

  61. says

    I offer up also known as Six Degrees of Inspiration. Based on the theory of Six Degrees of Separation. Only, it’s turned upside down.

    What if you inspire one person, and that person inspires another… Could it be that we are all connected by inspiration?

    You can go to my about me page to learn more.

    The Blog is basically anything and everything that will inspire other individuals.. Movies, television, poetry, music, people, etc.

    I just started the blog in December, but I have had some great responses.

    I would love your feedback!

  62. says

    Liz, since you’re looking for unique blogs, let me introduce you to Pip Wilson at There you will find an array of subject matter ranging from history, world events, science, paganism and more. The blog contains other advantages for any reader’s taste. His “Book of Days” is outstanding with events that have occurred throughout the world on any given day plus he has ‘The Yellow Pages which center more along the political line in world events.

    You may attempt to have a peak to see for yourself yet plan on being entertained for quite sometime. In other words, bring a sack lunch, kick your shoes off, and stay awhile!


  63. says

    Hi Saboma,
    Thank yuo for that lovely description. I think I was by Pip’s once a very long time ago. It sure sounds familar. It will goog go back if that true. :)

    It is nice to meet someone as eloquent as you are. You’re not a stranger here anymore.

  64. says

    I’ll toss mine in to the ring. My blog is called “Girls Can’t WHAT?” and it’s purpose is to inspire women to be anything they dream of being. I focus mostly on non-traditional roles for women and include interviews, stories, random thoughts, video clips or anything else that I find inspiring.

  65. says

    Hey Benjamin!
    Great to see you. The Bawldy’s blog is great standard to shoot for. He says they don’t put “marble tops on chepa furniture.”

    Unique, we all are. Oustanding is the questions.

  66. says

    The LINK:

    *What you think my chances are of finding 200 of what I have described right here. If you hold no hope for me, tell me why you think I won’t succeed at this challenge.* OF course you can find 200 wonderful blogs…the challenge will be narrowing down what is out there and determining the criteria for wonderful. It is very subjective, as someone else mentioned!

    *What qualities should I be looking for? What is a unique and outstanding blog? What does it take for a blog to be a category of one?*
    Unique content, eye-appealing format, individuality, humor, creativity, cult appeal or wide-audience appeal? So many qualities, so many blogs…

    *What if I offered resources to work with you to turn your blog into a unique and outstanding blog? Do you think we could make one happen?* ABSOLUTELY! Pick me, I want to make something of this and thoroughly enjoy it. I will be the first to admit my blog is not of “stellar” quality, and needs some work.

  67. says

    Thank you for your kind words, Liz. My heart smiled really big when I read your reply. Heck, it’s still smiling big even now.

    Make a great day!

  68. says

    I’m confused. You seem to start by proposing your blog as and ending by saying it is not of “stellar” quality, and needs some work.

    The blogs I’m looking for are

    one-of-a kind, stand-out, nothing-like-it, wow-will-you-look-at-that. only-one, wish-I-had-that-idea blogs

    I appreciate your confidence in my ability to find them! :)

  69. says

    Hi Alan,
    Knowing Blogger as it was in 2005, that is quite something. Most folks were just trying to figure out how to make something like categories.

    I can’t wait to go look. Thanks Alan. :)