How to Find Homes for Your Links

It’s easy to get people to do what you want, just show them why it’s to their benefit to do it.

If what you want is a link from me, then your challenge is to persuade me. Show how it’s in my best interest and that of my readers to give your link a home on my blog.

Speaking of homes, you should also make sure that you want me to have your link. A link represents a vote from you. You want to find blogs with quality content, blogs with like-thinking writers who will value your relationship. Here’s how you might do that.

  • Get to know me and my blog.
  • Don’t become a stalker, but do make a project of finding out who I am and what I care about. Study my blog and my readers’ comments. A little reconnaissance and you’ll get a good idea of where or whether your link is a good fit.

  • Think about where your link would add value.
  • No one needs a link on their blogroll. Find a reason that I need your link. Do you have a post that ties well with one of mine? Do you expand on a topic that my readers have shown an interest in? Have you covered a subject I’ve missed, or does your content compliment mine, offering my readers a change they might enjoy? Once you’ve found a compelling answer to a question such as one of these, then you’re ready to talk to me.

  • When you talk to me, be personal and persuade me.
  • If you want my attention talk to me, not sir or madam, and let me know how you see your link improving my readers’ experience. That will surely get my attention. Persuade me. I want to feel there is a compelling argument for your link. That way I won’t see myself as someone who gives away links to anyone who asks. I’ll see myself as a person who was lucky to have met a clear thinker like you–someone who knew exactly how to improve my blog.

If I refuse you, you’ve lost nothing. You’ve probably picked up a few things by studying a blog. You’re not likely to research too long on a blog not worth linking to. If I agree, you’ve made a connection to quality content. Hopefully my blog will grow into old age with you. Then we can spend our days together complaining about those misbehaving young blogs.

–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    ANYTHING to take the edge off of shameless self promotion. I am sooo embarrassed to ask for links. It’s like asking a girl out when she totally knows that all you want is sex. Shameless.

  2. says

    Hmm. I’ve never been a fan of blogrolls. Big, pointless lists of websites that litter the sides of most blogs. Utter rubbish.

    I give my time to links you put in your posts. I’ll click through on these. If someone makes an intelligent comment, I’ll click through to their site too.

    Content and contribution are the key for me. No sense in having an endless list of sites cluttering up your pages.

  3. says

    He Gerard,
    I have a fairly long blogroll on my personal site. It’s entitled the “Letting me Be Community.” In order to be on it, a person (note I say person) has to be a regular commenter and particpant of the blog, just as it says part of the community. It serves a purpose because so many of the blogspot names take folks to a users profile rather than to their blog. It’s sort of a list of my blog’s extended family. I do know that many who read my blog use it to navigate.

    But were it not for that. I agree with you. Listing sites for the purpose of listing links. is messy and no one reads them. When I did, I was I’m trolling for new reading material and those days are long past for me. 😛

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