Online Marketing Mentors to Follow on Quora

By Jessy Troy

Marketing has always been a core necessity of the successful business. But as the Internet has become the primary form of shopping for most people, the need to market in a web-specific fashion has increased. While the old and new way are similar, there are differences that have to be accounted for. Not to mention principles that are completely separate that have to be learned and utilized.

Quora is one of the best professional networks on the web. It is full of experts who really know their way around the online marketing field. Since Quora is, by nature, a Q&A site, it is a great idea to follow some of these experts. But who are the best?

That point could be argued, and everyone has their own opinion on who the true experts are. This is my personal list of must-follow Quora profiles in the world of online marketing.

Michael Lazerow

Michael Lazerow on Quora

You might not have heard his name, but you have probably come across his companies (of which he has had several) more than once. His first venture, University Wire, was a network of more than 700 university newspapers that were bought out by CBS. GOLF was bought out by Time Inc., and he has worked for big names like Saving Star. He doesn’t always update, but his answers are always worth reading.

Peter Hershberg

Peter Hershberg on Quora

Specializing in online advertising/marketing, Peter Hershberg is a powerhouse who funded many startups in his day. He is currently a successful angel investor, business owner, company adviser and a handful of other impressive titles that all trnaslate to him knowing his stuff. His answers are always incredibly informative and in depth.

Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble on Quora

Perhaps best known for his time at Microsoft, he is now the startup liason officer at Rackspace. He is also a video blogger, text blogger and technology genius. His Quora profile is well used, and he answers questions all the time. This includes online marketing, of which he is well versed on both a professional and personal brand level. This is one of the must-follow people for anyone interested in either marketing, or technology as a whole. There is a reason this guy is a celebrity in the tech geek world.

Gayle Laakmann McDowell

Gayle Laakmann McDowell

Less an expert in online marketing on a business level, Gayle is more of a personal branding and self-marketing guru. She teaching people how to deal with branding themselves on a busy and crowded market, including selling yourself in an interview. She also answers questions unrelated to the field, and is just a personable and interesting person. Well worth following for both her advice and her personal stories about her life, she balances information and experience well.

Joshua Stylman

Joshua Stylman on Quora

A business owner and angel investor, Joshua Stylman doesn’t answer very often. But his communications are always worth following, and he is just a good guy to have on your network. Experienced, successful and an overall down-to-earth guy, he has a simple way of thinking that still holds enough personal experience and opinion to take you outside the box in your own thinking. He is also a habitual upvoter on other people’s answers, and a proud New Yorker. What’s not to like?

Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel on Quora

President of Twist Image, a company dedicated to digital marketing, Mitch Joel is one of Canada’s most influential social media users. He knows all about leveraging the web for marketing, and he is more than happy to share that expertise. He is one who is worth following of various social media sites, as he is more active on places like Twitter than he is on Quora. But keeping an eye on his answers is also a good idea. If you want a good read, check out his Six Pixels of Separation. It is part of what has made him such a beloved marketing guru, and launched him into industry stardom.

Do you know of anyone who belongs on this list? Who do you follow on Quora for online marketing advice? There are plenty to choose from. Let us know in the comments.

Author’s Bio: Jessy Troy is the self-made marketer blogging for VIP Realty, privately-owned business based business in Dallas. You can follow Jessy on Twitter as @jessytroy.

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