Performancing Is Now with SplashPress Media!

SplashPress Media Buys Performancing

Today it’s been announced that SplashPress Media has acquired Performancing.

You’ll find the official story on the front page of the Blog Herald, one of the independent flagship properties owned by SplashPress Media. The Blog Herald — run by Editor (and S.O.B.) Tony Hung — reports that

According to David Krug, “Over the last year Performancing has built up a large and loyal community of bloggers from all walks of life. They have created and provided tools and quality resources to bloggers and blogging communities.We wish to continue providing the blogosphere with affordable tools to help people join the new media revolution . . . We look forward to carrying that vision forward and farther.”

Performancing will also be run independently of other SplashPress Media properties. David Krug of 9:o1am will be General Manager of Performancing moving forward.

An exclusive podcast interview with David Krug is available at Technosailor.

Darren Rowse has more coverage on the sale at

–ME “Liz” Strauss


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    Ah, I was wondering why a link I made to them a few days ago was being redirected to some Zzzzzzzzzz front page. Glad to see it’s back to normal.

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