The Famous Joanna Thematic Link Posts Back to Challenge Me!

Jan and Joanna Started It


If you recall Jan of Circular Communication wrote a wonderful guest post for Lorelle called Why A Link Post Should Be Like Mingling at a Party, and Joanna of Confident Writing used it as a springboard into a post of her own, How to write a links post. Joanna set out a list of criteria for writing quality, readable posts that link out.

I wrote up Joanna’s criteria and offered a challenge in a post of my own. The challenge said that I would take all of the link posts that readers wrote and use them to write a link story from them. Last night was the deadline to get your link post in.

It’s been hard keeping track of the individual posts. So, just to be sure that I’ve got everyone’s post before I start writing, I’m going to list them here. Do take a moment to read through them. I’ve found them to be some of the most billiant writing on the Internet.

Links Post Entries

Thank you to all who played along.

I’ll give this a day. Please, if you don’t see yours here, leave the link in the comment box below. Thank you. I don’t want to leave anyone out . . . and you don’t want to make my quest too easy. You see . . .

Now my challenge, should decide I wish to keep blogging here, is to do as I promised — write a story post linking all of these thematic link posts together in the tradition of 301 Link Posts in a Story.

What was I thinking when I volunteered to do that? Actually, coming up with tale about these should be fun!

Anyone want to offer some character names and a setting or two?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!!

A List Becomes 301 Links in Story — Chapter 1

Update: This now includes Jnswanson’s entry. Is yours Here?


  1. says

    Hey Liz..

    thanks for the kudos here, there, and everywhere!

    hehehe .. not to belittle the task at hand – I misunderstood that you were going to be taking all the links from WITHIN our posts as well, and really end up with some ridiculously daunting 301 link task..

    Looking forward to it!

  2. says

    Hey Andrea!
    Whoa! No! You didn’t misunderstand at all. I already did that 301 Links thing — I’m not that crazy twice — no way! uh-uh! Not going there again. It was fun once, but it took almost 50 hours, maybe more. :)

    I’ll just be linking your titles. I think that’s going to be challenge enough. :)

  3. says

    Hi Liz, thanks again for organising the challenge and volunteering to write it up! ‘Fraid I can’t think of characters and settings (it’s a bit like the party thing, my brain freezes when I think I have to come up with something creative and witty!!)

    The contributions were amazing and I’d like to say thanks to thank everyone who joined in. I don’t know how you all found it – I’m kind of hooked on linking-thinking posts now (which is maybe why I submitted so many…)

    There’s at least one other I’m aware of which is Jon’s from levite Chronicles

    Oh, and I think you submitted at least one yourself…:-)


  4. says

    Hi joanna!
    I’m not going to include my own in the story post, it was just for fun, but I must include Mr. Swanson’s. Thanks for adding it here. I’m going update the post to include it now. :)

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