The Mic in ON in Tuscany!

It’s Like Open Mike Only Different

Here’s how it works.

open mike night

The rules are simple — be nice.

It’s like any rambling conversation. Don’t try to read it all. Jump in whenever you get here. . . . Just go to the end and start talking. EVERYONE is WELCOME.


[Thank you to Jan Koster for the use of his beautiful picture.]

Here’s what we might be talking about:

Tonight after 7pm Chicago Time

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    I haven’t had time to come by here in a while – looks like there’s some good posts I need to read!

    Need to plant something, eat something and water some stuff first though – then I’ll be back!

  2. says

    We’re going low budget this year by mutual agreement. So it will be quiet and low key. Small gift (what she wanted) and an awesome card. First one I picked up. That never happens. I usually spend hours finding the right card.

  3. says

    I thought maybe you built her a whole new blog on veterinary medicine with a flash template. :)

    That sounds a lot like what we do. Money isn’t what it used to be.

  4. says

    As long as we are in Europe, I think I’ll go for coffee and chocolates, please.

    Gorgeous and I want to go on a tour of the continent one day, staying in B&B’s and sampling the coffee and chocolates along the way.

  5. says

    Happy to do the coffee and chocolates. i have a new Belgium chocolate it’s 82% cacao. It’s there right next to the lighter 62% and th 53% and the 40% and 30%. The coffee will be a minute. It’s a new machine. :)

  6. says

    Yeah, I’ve been out of the US quite a bit. I used to take one business trip around the world that was 30-32 days long every year for 6 or 7 years. It was incredible.

  7. says

    Now I understand, it wasn’t MY picture, it was one of the Tuscany pictures… :-)
    ps. Shrip Lejoune I think, Shrimp wrapped in bacon and broiled.
    Very tasty MMMmmmm

  8. says

    I’ve seen a good bit of Europe and a little bit of Asia back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Gorgeous lived in Australia for a year about the same time frame. And we’ve both been down to Brazil…

    Where was your favorite place to visit?

  9. says

    I love everywhere. I love the people. I love the views. I love pretending that I from where I am. I love trying to communicate in another language. I love seeing folks respond to me.

  10. says

    I’ve been to every state on the eastern seaboard and up to Montreal and Quebec. Never even crossed the border to Ohio.

  11. says

    No, I never get to go anywhere. Unless you count like about a one hour trip over the border into Mexico when I was a little kid one time.

  12. says

    I have weird feelings about Mexico. I keep thinking I’ll get stopped crossing the border for something I didn’t do and end up in a Mexican jail. Too many movies I think.

  13. says

    I did a whole week of posts that were an imaginary vacation in Italy on my writing blog last February. I was so tired of the Chicago gray sky. Some folks started posting alongside with other events. We went to Key West first. Then to Tuscany and Umbria — Land of St. Francis of Assissi

  14. says

    Why Joe, you just did that for me. Thank you.

    Trisha, close you eyes and look at the picture of Tuscany and imagine . . .

    Then tell me, do you think that evil Chris is really dead or will he come back in the next scene of this movie?

  15. says

    Okay, Liz invited me to be a part of this. And it reminds me of jump-rope on the black top in first grade and you have to figure out the best time to get in without messing up the rhythm… so here I am! (I always used to mess up the two people with the rope.)

  16. says

    Oh, it was painful. For sure. Evil Chris put up a really good fight right to the end.

    But ultimately he was no match for the power of good that overcame and destroyed him.

    It was epic. And ordinary. All at the same time.

  17. says

    Hey Christine,
    Don’t trip, we are taking a survery, What other country other than the one you were born in have you visited? And did you ever meet Spiderman Chris when you were there?

  18. says

    Hi Christine,

    Everyone this is Christine,
    She’s a fabulous singer. 5 or 6 CDs You have to hear her.
    I’m her biggest fan.

    Christine leave a link here so they can go listen.

  19. says

    countries…. peru, south africa (where i got hideously dumped by my boyfriend in the johannesburg airport), kenya, greece, england, germany, belgium, and holland. and canada too. since that counts. i was never jailed.

  20. says

    Just went to her site. Whoa! We have a celebrity in our midst!

    Pleased to meet you Christine!

    But please know this can be a fairly silly place. Please don’t expect too much from us. :)

  21. says

    so, really…you just keep hitting refresh over and over again? (kind of like how you keep checking your amazon affiliates link to see if you’ve made more than $1.69?)

  22. says

    Close Liz, but now that they have a different Dr Who playing Dr Who, Who is going to play Evil Chris on LSD while in the Cheers Saloon?

  23. says

    Christine lay down that link so that I can post it tomorrow.

    By the way snacks and beverages are in the sidebar. Here’s the cappacinno and dark chocolate. The good stuff. Pizza is in the oven. What else is everyone having?

  24. says

    Joe, we’ll have to look to cast the role of Evil Chris . . .

    Meanwhile Christine never date a guy who’s name is a construction crane. That’s as bad as dating a guy who’s name is a verb.

    I want to go to South Africa next.


  25. says

    Evil Chris would have been no match for the Doctor. But then who is?

    No guys named Derrick. Got it. Of course I’ll not be dating any guys, thank you.

    But I imagine being named after a crane might create some issues.

    Liz, what was that rule? Never name anyone a noun?

  26. says

    joe, i’m still having caffeine. just not coffee. coffee makes me mean.

    liz, who did you date that was a verb?

    chris, you probably don’t want to date girls named derrick either.

  27. says

    liz, i just posted my web link. it’s up there. (i’d draw an arrow but i can’t) and it turned grey so it’s not in the text of the message. (can you tell i’m the least web savvy among this group?)

  28. says





    Fooledja! You thought I was gonna say W I K I P… Nope! I’m not gonna do it tonight! Not gonna say W I K I P E…


  29. says

    chris shaked! i baked!

    (i do hope this is what you were referring to when you wrote “and i helped!” cuz that little girl’s accent in that commercial is what i heard.)

  30. says

    Christine, according to our esteemed host, the fact that you caught the reference makes you officially… ancient.

    Yes we beat her up pretty unmercifully for that slander too.

  31. says

    ancient? that commercial wasn’t all THAT old… and it was so completely obnoxious that you couldn’t help remembering it!

    liz, i dated a bob too. but he was sweet.

  32. says

    I once was reduced to near uselessness by an Italian air traffic controller when he said over the radio, in a perfect Marx Brothers accent

    “You’re lookin-a good-da. Don’t a-toucha nut-en.”

    Good thing I wasn’t the pilot or we might have crashed.

  33. says

    joe, i think the biggest thing is to not go to south africa to meet the person you are dating after they’ve gone over there for six months to do volunteer work… ESPECIALLY if their name is derrick. girl or boy.

  34. says

    Brian, all that talk about re-naming RSS.

    Why not just call it “feed”? It’s short, non-technical. And it already is part of both RSS feed and Atom feed.

    Seems like a natural to me.

  35. says

    Good names, liz. Were you sitting there racking your brain? or did you just come up with them?

    chris, “feed” is a very good idea. my town is getting very froo-froo now that the rich people are moving here and all the restaurants are now called just one word.. like “TABLE” and “FIG.” it seems to be the new branding thing. FEED. It works. maybe i’ll open a restaurant.

  36. says

    Google translate is stinky. It never translates the pages I really need it to. I have readers write about this site and I don’t know what they are saying because they are writing in Turkish or Portugese and Google, Alta Vista, none of them can help.

  37. says

    Yeah Mark, Brian’s article is great — as always. (I’m thinking about having Angelo and Pasquale talk to him about that). It’s the discussion that’s getting a little anal.

  38. says

    Yeah, so is mine. But I’m trying that email thing up left and it’s working out really well. I’m going to post about it soon. Maybe tomorrow.

  39. says

    The email will send you today’s posts in excerpt. If you want to read one you can click through to the blog. OR NOT.

    It arrives everyday at 3:15 and at the bottom are past post links so that you can dump old ones and don’t have to hold onto them.

  40. says

    Liz, Since I rode the short bus to language school, would you mind refreshing which ones are the romance languages. I seem to remember something about Europe…

  41. says

    Yeah, with Zookoda you can set the delivery time, schedule the days, decide how many posts have to be there for it to go. What the subject line says, whether a note goes with it. It’s all in your control.

  42. says

    The liatris is planted, but I’m sure the bunnies are lurking somewhere. I’ve been running back out now and then and moving the hose around.

  43. says

    Trisha, are you aloud to say where you live? i used to have an organic veggie garden but had to give it up when i started traveling so much…

    i miss it.

    hi minic! (that’s not a verb, is it?)

  44. says

    Man, You’ve gotta move quick to catch Trisha!

    Breathe, girl, breathe!

    Christine, we figure out she’s in Missouri a while back. (Let me guess, You’re a Lone Star?)

  45. says

    Hi Deb!!!
    As you can see, we’re social. Sorry. No need to lose sleep over us.


    Minic, did you get a cold one? Would you rather chocolate and coffee?

  46. says

    I’m never mean to the arts students. We had a bunch of them over for dinner just last night.

    I don’t get half of what they do… But I just explain the bit about the short bus and they seem to feel sorry for me.

    They are great folks!

  47. says

    Who are you asking about sitting on a park bench in the middle of town. Chris? He’s only playing . . . . He’s got zeitgeist written all over him.

  48. says

    No, Christine. But I’ve seen the bench where they filmed that scene here. Or at least the square that the bench was in. I’m thinking they added that particular bench for the scene.

    Oh, and I LOVE chocolate! I don’t much care what I get!

  49. says

    There’s no such thing as late, Tom. Have some pizza with your wine. Fresh tomatoes on there . . . we’re talking about the world, art, and everything. We have a celebrity here. Two or three I think

  50. says

    Iowa feels like the South tonight. Hot & sticky. That’s the thing about the midwest – it can be like spending your winters in the Arctic and your summers in Death Valley.

  51. says

    I think it’s probably too late for him by now. He’s probably fast asleep. Which reminds me. It looks like AdLib must be back at his gaming again.

  52. says

    maybe no crayons but I have every color of colored pencils.
    and many kinds of scissors. I collect them. over 40 different kinds at last count

  53. says

    Chris, Tom – a few years ago I had a friend graduate from SCAD with a degree in 3D Graphic Design and he turned down a job at Disney to go to Europe!

  54. says

    Christine, we have a very liberal spelling policy here.

    Liz made that rule for us short-bussers! πŸ˜‰

    But anytime you want to give Joe a hard time is OK with me!

  55. says

    Thanks for the feedback, though I don’t like the part about “expensive” – I’ll drop you an email, Chris.

    [passing indigo and burnt sienna crayons to Kathleen]

  56. says

    Wow, Mark! Okay – maybe that kind of investment would be worth it!

    Just got back from Twin Cities, Liz. Best question I got lately was from my two teen daughters who – independently on the same day – asked me “So where have you been all day?!!”

    …ummmmmmm – it’s called WORK!

    oh to have summer break again!

  57. says

    Good choice Kathleen. Let me fix you one, And while I do I’ll ask you a question.

    If you speak three languges, you are tri-lingual.
    If you speak two languages, you are bi-lingual.
    What are you if you speak only one?

    [see my next comment for the answer.]

  58. says

    I have a question…
    How come when I look in the mirror, my hair is Blonde, but after it’s cut and on the floor, it’s GRAY???

  59. says

    Tom – want you to know that my friend had a straight A GPA for four years (actually three, he condensed it), was on a full scholarship. Yep! Full. Paid not a cent to go to SCAD. He worked his a** off! Disney came to him while he was still in his last year. I have never seen software like he had (actually, I hope I never do again lol). Magnificent work he turned out – graphic animations and sh.. erm, stuff. His final, final exam was actually almost a full length movie.

    He got design software through SCAD that was incredibly intense. Even had to buy separate computers to run some of it on. Oh BTW – they have an unreal computer dept.

    I doubt I could say enough good things about SCAD. Wonderful school!

  60. says

    You get a link for that AMERICAN answer, by default!

    Joe, we live in a world with air that is full of pollution. Your hair picks it up on the way to the floor. πŸ˜‰

  61. says

    Hi Liz.

    I made it back for a mic night. Finally!

    Great topic – Tuscany and travel. Haven’t been to Tuscany, but it’s yet another place to check off of my growing list of places to do.

    Today I’m waiting on an email to decide whether or not to go to India on tuesday. The tickets have been booked … I’m just waiting … and trying to get work out of the way.

    And now for the fun … clicking the ‘notify me of further comments via e-mail’ box. I recommend everyone who isn’t doing it to give it a go. It’s a great experience on Liz’s blog πŸ˜€

  62. says

    Thanks for the good word, Mark. It will be interesting. I would love to see her go there – she’s a great young artist – but she’s still in that phase of changing her mind every month. Last month she wanted to be an archaeologist – the month before it was an Egyptologist. Who knows!? We’re taking her to the King Tut exhibit at Chicago Field Museum in a few weeks for her birthday.

  63. says

    Tom, I work with designers. Personally, I’m real impressed with the caliber coming out of scad’s industrial design dept. and furniture dept. etc etc

  64. says

    Liz, SCAD would drive you crazy I’m sure. You’d love it.

    SCAD has done some really wonderful things for downtown Savannah too. They’ve helped restore a lot of what had become blighted.

  65. says

    Mark’s right about revitalizing downtown.

    When I lived here 10 years ago there were so many derilct houses they could have given one to every homeless person and still had bunches left over. The city was dying.

    SCAD’s bought up bunches of property and fixed them up. They have one of the best historical preservation programs in the country I’m told.

  66. says

    Christine, being indecisive isn’t a character flaw, it’s a descriptor.

    You want to hear a character flaw, come listen to me sing!

    Better bring your ear plugs!

  67. says

    “The topic right now is the Savannah Art School.”

    It’s going way too fast for me this moring. I skimmed it quickly to figure out the discussion, then by the time I posted it had gone past bi lingual to … SCAD? …

    … oh well, I’ve got to get to work anyway. It’s wednesday morning out here and clients sort of expect one to work in the daylight.

    Have fun all!

  68. says

    “They have one of the best historical preservation programs in the country.” Absolutely…

    I’ve had the pleasure of working on restoring some of the historic homes and sometimes you even have to buy your paint in Charleston because it MUST be a certain color!

    Did you know – The Girl Scouts originated in Savannah?

  69. says

    Christine, I’m not proud. Nor easily embarrassed. You’d probably regret it!

    I too hail from NY originally… (yes, it’s sort of a theme, I know.)

  70. says

    Hey Mike,
    I got lost in the SCAD conversation, I had nothing to add so I just sat by and hit the refresh a few dozen times,.

  71. says

    tom, i’ve been in iowa more times than i can count. mostly in february. not the happiest time to be there! ames is nice though. i’ll be in des moines in september.

  72. says

    Chritine, you realize you just coined a new word in here. “Blogling” is officially in. We had a conversation about what to use instead of “newbie” a while back. You’ve solved a problem for us!

  73. says

    Tom! We should meet up sometime (again)…How about tomorrow. (If you ask why I do what I do – it’s so I can hang around offline with people like Tom…and online with folks like you!

  74. says

    No, Tom, Sometimes I just sit in my little time warp and refresh until there is something I can add of little value.
    Yes Chris, I said LITTLE VALUE LOL

  75. says

    Ha – I was in Asheville… well, before you were a gleam in your parent’s eyes Christine :-)

    Certainly a looooong time before you became a Blogling, laffin’

  76. says

    chris, as long as i get the credit when it makes history. (it came to me when i was doing the blog goals project for darren rowse’s thingee).

    tom, it’s on my tour dates page. (i’m mostly taking time off this year, so there aren’t many shows.) i don’t remember the place off hand. i don’t remember the date either. how’s that for self-promotion?

  77. says

    Liz – a long time ago, in this thread far far away… Christine told me she wasn’t a celeb. But, yes, I have gone to her site. I’ll be going back to find out more.

    That was funny Chris! Love It!!! “how do you tell them apart?”

  78. says

    Okay, Okay (Joe Pesci imitation?)…so a local publication says they are running a feature and want to talk to me …I say cool, he says he’ll email me info…

  79. says

    turns out…the feature is an ADVERT and he wants me to buy an ad…I ask if his publication is going to use RSS or feeds soon. He never heard of it…he’s in marketing. I turn him down, and he asks how I expect to build my business.

    What’s up with that?

  80. says

    Taos is the solar (energy) capital of the world.
    It’s a music festival 3 day concert powered entirely with solar energy.
    Indigo Girls headlined last year

  81. says

    Hey folks, Starbucker here – did I see some interesting comments about cows in my native Wisconsin? We have more than cows, you know. There’s a lot of taverns and beer too.

  82. says

    Bye Christine! Yes, I’ve got weather envy.

    Congratulations TOM!

    Starbucker, you wouldn’t happen to be a Battlestar Galactica fan, by any chance?

  83. says

    *Arrives at 353 comments …

    I’ll gander the previous 353 comments in a few moments .. I was AFK or, “Away from Computer” for you NON-Instant Messenger people reading this.

    2 things this week for me:

    1) I broke down and bought a new video card for this computer .. I kept prolonging the inevitable (with views like THIS) .. OH YA! THAT’s What a clean screen looks like now! I can see! I can See!

    2) Went to cottage last weekend. I put pictures up on the www .. if anybody is interested..

  84. says

    Holy Smokes! It’s pumpkin hour here in steamy Savannah. I gotta go a snoozin.
    Liz, keep an eye peeled for the moose and the donkey. Wouldn’t do to have them drooling in the chips!

    Hi, Heart! Bye, Heart!

  85. says

    Is that a train whistle coming down the line?
    I shoulda been in bed, it’s well after nine
    But a headline jumped in front of my sight
    Open Mic – It’s Tuesday night.

    I say all that with just one more thing
    When it comes to community, Liz grabs the ring
    If you’re thinking what it is that’s truly your niche
    Someday I’ll build one like you have is my biggest wish.


  86. says

    Liz, I believe drinking is better than wearing – that rule, of course, does not apply if you are in a college dorm or a corner pub, trying to sing “Proud Mary” with the jukebox (if it sounds like an actual experience, ah, yes it is).

  87. says

    It seems that Hi HART is always late,
    For that ever important date.
    But, never will you find
    Hi HART to be unkind.
    So now, I must bid adeau
    to all the rest of you.

    Hi HART, bye HART.
    Nite, Nite Liz.
    Sleep tight to the rest of you.

  88. says

    Late again due to Pacific Time. I see Liz asked where I was on my vacation last week (and thanks for tipping the hat to the crowd last Tuesday!).

    The full story is here:

    Including, AHEMMM, visiting Brett Favre’s charity softball game and a tour of Lambeau Field for the Green Bay Packers.

    I also saw Bessie on vacation in Wisconsin, up from California. I’ll have another interview with her getting her perspective on the Happy Cow phenom in California.

    The original interview is here…

    Secretly – not publicized yet – I was told that Bessies hooves curled after seeing her studly bull back in Cheeseland. Too funny.

    It’s good to be back online…375+ comments and all!


  89. says

    Howdy Hart! I think we’ve exhausted the rhyming on your name though.

    Scot, so you’ve been to the altar of Packerland. Yep, I am jealous. Don’t tell me you spoke with Brett too?

  90. says

    Liz .. there are simple galleries out there. I have several across my blogs, but they are work to keep up. This week I put up a simple one – everything in a directory shows up. I use a thumbnail program (Easy Thumbnails) and just copy all the pictures into a “small” directory and convert them into 400px.

    Here’s the results .. – the cottage.

    I’m going to add pictures every weekend or when I go to this URL. It’s not Tuscany .. but, gets you sunburnt.

  91. says

    Hi Starbucker,

    Nope, didn’t speak with him. However, SO got Bubba Franks and Kenny Peterson’s autographs – and to touch the grass on Lambeau Field. She was one happy camper…!

  92. says

    Hi Liz,

    I also talk to my computer. After that, interviewing Bessie is a piece of cake. Which, of course, is better than a piece of beef, considering the interviewee….!

  93. says

    Whew! I feel so much better, knowing that you DID get that interview with BESSIE and I didn’t mishear you. I didn’t want delete the great picture I had in my head.

  94. says

    It’s going ok. Didn’t have time to put any mulch out though, but it was still pretty warm out there too, even as it was getting dark.

  95. says

    No kidding – small world. I come here on business quite a bit, but haven’t had a chance to attend any weddings (unfortunately). Just work and (a good thing) a chance to sit in on this great conversation from my lovely hotel room!

  96. says

    So Starbucker,
    I’m in Chicago, Harts in Canada — so he knows everyone. Trisha’s in Missouri. Where do you live? Did you say so already and I missed it?

  97. says

    Oh yeah, Starbucker,
    I remember that now. I saw you lived in Stamford when I was at your blog. Stamford to Billings is quite a haul.

    Milwaukee to Chicago is a skip and a jump.

  98. says

    Yes it is – I spend a lot of time in planes and cars – as you know, I much prefer cars drivng throught the mountains (on 4 lane roads!). Not many mountains in CT (or Milwaukee or Chicago for that matter). I notice Hart’s from Winnepeg, correct? Not many mountains there either. What about in Trisha’s part of Missouri?

  99. says

    [babbling on]

    But .. despite our Mountainless province .. we have something like 10,000 lakes and sunny skies :) We get cold weather, lots of snow, short summers though… Land is cheap up here in the Great White North! Okay, maybe not really cheap. In fact, in past 3-4 years quite overly priced some would say .. but, isnt it like that everywhere?

    [babbling off]

  100. says

    Not much, really, but I will say this – there is a street here that I swear has every single chain restaurant and retail store known to mankind. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere.

  101. says

    I still have one story in moderation (hint,hint) … :)

    Trying to speed things up .. I’ve been watching YouTube the past few days .. not just watching the odd video around the net, but actually surfing their site, subscribing to a few .. and well .. am I sick? Should I be exorcized?

  102. says

    That sounds amazing, but I can almost picture it. Big Big sky and all that store noise under it.

    Well guys,

    I think I really need to call it a night now . . . I’m losing my power to put together a sentence.

    Time for me to say Sweet Dreams to this Open Comment Night.

    Here’s the Keys to the Bar and the Blog.

  103. says

    Well .. I’ll be up for many hours to come .. so, I’ll watch the keys this week .. at least until the night crew arrives … G’night Liz & anybody leaving ..

    If anybody is around and wants to chat about some deep stuff well .. I’m not your person .. However, if you want to shoot the chit .. heck! Count me in.

  104. says

    oh, actually – I don’t care either .. I was just trying to start a CANADA vs USA war lol .. j/k

    As for CFL – I’m the same way – Go to an occassional game, and watch when visiting my dad .. but honestly, couldn’t care less and would wonder stuff like “How many spam emails have I been receiving watching this football game?” or “I could be working to make up for the lost time spent blogging or commenting on Liz’s Open Mike Night”…

  105. Shananagan says

    So… I think I’m too late! πŸ˜€ I was fighting for the computer over at the house you see and well I lost until now.

  106. says

    Well the Mike has been everywhere for last few days and my God do you get people talking, The mic is getting better day by day.

    Hey btw did you know BlogHerald is having a How I blog series going on. I made it there fortunately.


  107. says

    Mark and Hart,
    Thanks for the sports and weather recap at the end of the news and for closing after. You guys will get more in your check this week for sure. But then my dad always said that 2 times nothing is still going to be nothing. :)

  108. says

    I’m smiling to think you stopped by. Hope you had your wine with you. Tuscany is quite trip to make all the way from Australia without something to drink on the way. . . . Thanks for being here. It means something.

  109. says

    Keith — IN THE BLOG HERALD!!

    Yessiree! And I remember when you only had one blog. You’re going places, Mr. D. I see you getting bigger by the minute!

  110. says

    You are never to late to open mic night. I’m sure there will be folks who stop by this morning to see who arrived and added a few words while we were all sleeping.

    You are a full-fledged part of what happened.

  111. says

    Okay, I’m here … has this thing started …. D’oh!!!

    Moi took today off to write a batch of posts and to catch up on listening to some 20 podcasts I’ve downloaded over time. Gosh there’s some poor quality shyte going around. Way too many podcasts sound like they’re being recorded from the toilet.

    b5 together with the Fox thing: Great stuff. Good for blogging in general.

    The Bog Herald revamp: it’s about bloody time. Now all I want to see is some quality newsy posting.

    Hart – did you listen to the Jeremy/Tyme podcast – at the end she gives you a little bit of a biach slap.

    Why is char letting dk soil his blog?

    For Aussie readers: Go Pies

    For the World Cup: Australila, let’s beat Croatia and get into the last 16. We can do it!!!

    For cricket lovers: are you waiting in anticiptation for the Ashes? Not to worry – Australia will smack the Poms silly.

    And that’s all folks (as I come to the party late) – errr, and I’m frustrated: your nighttime is my midday (prime time for my business) – so I can’t engage excpet comment 7 hours after the fun has been had.

  112. says

    “Why is char letting dk soil his blog?”

    Now there’s an excellent question!

    Another might be – why has dk gotten the entire blogosphere snowed with bs? What the %$&^#%%$ is everyone thinking?

  113. says

    Liz … it’ll be hard, because I’m presuming your main audience comes from the Nth America.

    My 7pm is your 4am. I think you should stick to your time as it obviously works (400+ comments can’t be wrong) – Ah, the tyranny of distance and timezones.

    Open Mic is a let-down-your-hair, night thing – it wouldn’t really work any other time.

    Mark: Exactly! What is everyone thinking – he’s latest efforts are cringe worthy – Have you seen PopCrunch and PRBlogging – utter crapola. He’s trying to be like Char and it’s a pale imitation, it’s so obvious.

  114. says

    Hey Martin .. I listened to the podcast and yes heard the comments (around 73:50) .. Stuff like that never bothers me (sticks and stones type of thing) although I’m not too bright .. maybe it should? lol..

    PS .. I’ve actually like that popcrunch site and that YouTube sub-blog is a helluvan idea. I wish I got around to doing that.

  115. says

    Hart … wouldn’t bother me too – in fact I liked the comment she was referring to. Very witty. And you know it worked because it got a rise out of her.

    PS. Sorry it doesn’t do much for me – I think he’s been drinking too much of chars koolaid – take a lookat PRBlogging: those sloppy headlines are a pale imitiation of Chartreuse’s style. PopCrunch: A Jolie

    What’s more fascinating to me is the influence Chartreuse has managed to build up for himself. He’s attracted a great group of loyal followers. It’s a really fascinating study as he’s brought in many new techniques.

  116. André Du Toit says

    I would like to get in touch with Mr Jan Koster. I am currently a visiting professor in the USA. Have you got any contact information of Mr Koster? If you do, please forward it to me. We were at school in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng.

    Kind regards. Ms André Du Toit (nee Du Plessis)

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