The Mic Is On: Happy 2nd Birthday to SOBs Everywhere!

It’s Like Open Mic Only Different

Here’s how it works.

open mike night

It’s like any rambling conversation. Don’t try to read it all. Jump in whenever you get here. Just go to the end and start talking. EVERYONE is WELCOME
The rules are simple — be nice.

There are always first timers and new things to talk about. It’s sort of half “Cheers” part “Friends” and part video game. You don’t know how much fun it is until you try it.


Happy Birthday, Successful Bloggers!!
Designers who blog
Stop Start

Bring a Link! Bring a Link!

That’s right, you’re invited to bring a link to your most successful post. When you leave the link, please write a comment about how you chose the most successful post to bring.

  • Bring a link to a page, a picture, a post that demonstrates, celebrates, illuminates your success and outstanding-ness as a blogger.
  • Or bring that ebook, that manifesto, that photo, that priceless work that you want to offer as a birthday gift to everyone.

I’ll compile a list of all of the links when the party is over.

C’mon in and get to know us! There’s free beverages and snacks in the sidebar. Join the party. See who you meet. Stay and come back again.

Check out the Party Favors

Happy Birthday, all of you! Thank you for making everything so meaningful!

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    Ahhh…wish I had time right now. I will come back later and bring links to share. Happy Birthday!

    Gotta go get the kids up and out the door and then do some of that crazy business stuff. :-)

    Plus my amazing mother is coming to visit later this evening….gotta get ready for her.

  2. says

    ‘Er is er een jarig hoera hoera, dat kun je wel zien dat zijn zij’ 😉

    Well, a party does mean fun and jokes, so couldn’t resist singing a Dutch birthday song today.

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  3. says

    Happy Birthday Successful Blog and SOBS everywhere!

    I’m in a class all day today, but I’ll be back this evening. Do we get birthday candles on our Klondikes today?

  4. says

    Hi Liz!


    Ok, I’ll start the link-fest…

    I offer this tome to motivation which I penned some months back. It’s not really on blogging and such, but it’s something from square in the middle of my “heart”.

    Hope y’all like it.

    (Stumbles appreciated… heh heh.)


    PS. Hope I’m here for many more anniversaries, Liz! You rock :)

  5. says

    Hi Alister!
    You are a gift from this year!

    Thank you for coming and for bringing something special. :) You bet we can find a reason to share it with the world. :)

    Your heart is a big one, so I guess I’d better get going if I’m to reach this post before nightfall. :)

  6. says

    * Was it your best content?
    * Did it get attention from a hero?
    * Did it get the most links?
    * Did it get the most comments?
    * How do you define a Successful Post?

    Hmmmm, DWB isn’t in the ‘best content’ category. Falling short, I’ll just have to give you my personal favs, where I wrote (and rewrote) in response to life getting in the way of planned posts.

    Happy Birthday DWB ….

    And a Blogging Birthday Coup to you too

    Bombing Bangkok on New Years Eve

    So for me, I’d say a Successful Post is where you write from the heart.

  7. says

    Happy Birthday to Designers Who Blog!

    Thank you for coming and for bringing such wonderful links!

    Yeah, a post from the heart that is written in response to life is something special . . . :)

  8. says

    Hey Liz, just stopped by to say “happy birthday”. I’m coming empty handed (I know it’s a bit rude) – but thought it better to show up, than not at all. Hope you have a GREAT day, I’m sure you’ll be busy partying.

  9. says

    Oh Meg!
    This is a no gifts required party! It’s great to see you!

    Do feel free to bring a link about how wonderfully successful YOU are. Alister and I were just talking about that last week. :)

  10. says

    A good link? Had to think hard if I should bring this one (blog number 6, resulted really from what I spoke of in here – finding your strength that results into new ventures/ideas etc).

    Decided in favour of it, new ventures that come from blog-encounters, ideas and gentle ‘pushes’ from fellow-bloggers (old or new)I think can be part of the celebrations

    Karin H.

  11. says

    Liz, since I just wrote a post about the party and linked to last years bday, I got lost over there, reading and reading, almost thinking I was over here.

    What a great time we all had!

  12. says

    Hey Karin!
    I love the way you think!

    New ventures and adventures are what this party is about, isn’t it?!! After all, that’s sort of what ties us all together. :)

  13. says

    New ventures and adventures are what this party is about

    It sure is, Liz (but it also means I’ll dip in and out of this part, due to this new venture!)

    Just keep some drinks and nuts for me, I’ll catch up later.

    Karin H.

  14. says

    Hello and Happy Birthday! You light up the lives of all of us who ‘ve been blessed as SOB’s! Thank you for all you do and the joy you share! {{hugs}}

  15. says

    Many happy returns of this wonderful day Liz! you know I’ve been your silent reader for a long time but rarely commented here! reason? I read your post of the day, then another and the comments that follow, then another and I get lost in the warmth and wonder that you present here and before I know, its been hours on end! and then, I am too tired to say what I want to say :) Happy Birthday!

    hmm links… you are so generous Liz..
    here are a few posts I think I got close to being me..

    Communicating with People you haven’t met

    Building a Support System via Guest Blogging

    Make a Decision and Stick with it!

    Being Aware of Now

  16. says

    Well, I was looking at my archives, trying to pick a good link and then it hit me .. the one I posted this morning!

    … a post that demonstrates, celebrates, illuminates your success and outstanding-ness as a blogger.

    That’s my review of the past year! I must be doing something right if (1)I’m still here and (2) able to hire my first two non-family non-friend writers!

    ..and speaking of shameless promotions, they are:
    Gloria @ Battling Arthritis blog
    Lesly @ Battling Cancer blog

    I believe you know Gloria :) I invited them both to your birthday party.

  17. says

    Hi HART,
    Your number #39 is now #40 and the new #39 has more links than yours. Yeah, we’re getting close to the line of looking indecisive. :)

    But I think you did fine. :)

    PS I’m a blueberry poptart fan myself.

  18. says

    Oh – this is nothing to do with blogging, but it’s a neat story I’d like to relate .. it happened yesterday. I think I can repeat it, even though there are privacy laws and all that …. anyway.

    I have a client and do his father’s tax return, who turned 92 years old this year. I did his tax return, but it wasn’t that involved and I just did it ‘au gratis’ .. Anyway, he phoned me yesterday to thank me.. and tell me that he was going to go to dinner with Lydia!

    So, I asked him ..”Who’s Lydia?”

    And he said .. “She’s my new girlfriend”

    So, I jokingly asked him if it was serious, and what his intentions were .. because, if he gets married .. he has to let me know!

    Then, he says .. “Oh, we’re not having sex”. But, I’m telling the world – Let them think what they want”.

    I dunno, I thought that was funny.

  19. says

    Liz, I couldn’t fit everything I want to say on this comment box, so I posted it on my blog for the world to see.

    You are a very special person, and I’m so glad I can call you my friend.

    Unfortunately I’m tied up in our company budget season this week, but I’ll try to stop by later for more of that special SOB partying (I miss it).

    All the best,

  20. says

    Hello Liz and everyone!

    I’m back again – mid afternoon for me but I missed lunch so pop tarts might be a good idea!

    I’m glad you liked the piece Brad and his readers inspired me to write… actually he’s given me an idea for a successful link or two I’d send like to send over.

    How do I format the links to make them look pretty though? Can someone teach me – is it just by using < a href > type code?

    Back shortly with my links :-)


  21. says

    Hey Liz and all,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great, awesome, incredible, successful, outstanding, phenomenal, fantastic, memorable, enjoyable day.

    (Just sticking my head in the door on my way out today)

  22. says

    Hi! Happy Birthday. Alex Shalman told me about you and your blog and I love it! I have been blogging for only 3 months but it is on topics close to my heart and I am really enjoying it. I healed myself of several chronic illnesses and chronic pain using the mind/body connection and am trying to empower others to look at their health as their responsibility first then their drs. Here’s a link to a recent post — don’t know if it’s my most successful but got a few great comments and emails from it:
    I’ll subscribe to your blog and can’t wait to go back and read some more past posts! thanks! Jenny

  23. says

    by the way ..

    Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to everybody who is having a blogiversary in the month of October ..

    I’m not sure I thought that before, or actually said that out loud

  24. says

    WOW, I’m here! for some crazy reason, all I could see was posts from the 23rd…nothing from today. And I also mixed the dates and was sure today was the 35th and I had missed it all…I have to wake up, get my Firefox running and search through posts :)

    Happy Blogiversary Liz, and to everyone celebrating with you :)

  25. says

    Hey Liz,
    Happy Blog B-day to you!
    And us All!

    I thought I would share 2 links to posts that people still look up and visit from well over a year ago. is a small series I wrote on The Difference between Blogs and Websites.
    Another that seems to be a favorite landing page is Scam or Legit
    Both seem to help some people in one way or another.
    I guess that would make them some form of success!

  26. says

    You know Liz I couldn’t think what links I could send – but something Brad said made me think about the pieces I’ve written together with or for other people. Much as I love my own blog the pieces I’ve guest written are the ones that I’m most, most proud of. Partly because it is so completely terrifying to write for another blog – and exhilarating once you’ve done it (so long as it works out okay!)

    I started with a piece on hospitality for the most hospitable Rosa Say (and yet I was still so scared I wouldn’t write something good enough for her!)

    My most recent piece was for Brad (today – and dedicated to you!). I’ve also told a story about not being able to tell a story for Mr MZM, contributed something for Pelf’s giving hands campaign – which got picked up by Lorelle writing at the BlogHerald and led to me and Pelf doing a funny dance in the comment box – thanks, but it was her site, no your words, no your inspiration, oh but you gave me the idea… :-)

    And the biggest stretch of all was probably a little piece I wrote for you, which made me cry to write, and you to read – because, as Cat points out – the most important stuff does come from the heart.

    Thanks for the invitation to share :-)


    PS When I look at these links I guess I’m most proud not of the writing, but of the conversations and connections that follow – or that started them (for example it was Jon’s post here – hi Jon!) that gave me the courage to write for you. And he’s written for me – as has Robert, and Brad – and, well it’s just a beautiful illustration of how we can weave a web together.

    (And how many of the connections flow through this little comment box here)

  27. says

    When Chris Brogan tells me to check out a blog, I CHECK OUT THAT EFFIN BLOG! Congratulations on your blog’s birthday, mine’s about to celebrate it’s fourth (months I mean). I write unapologetically short stories (because I don’t know anything about anything). Don’t have a favorite except the one I’m writing now, as I felt before this one and before that, etc. If I should ever reach the Big Two, that would be roughly 1,000 stories, which is far more then anyone wants or needs. Um, seriously, Happy Birthday, glad you haven’t gotten too exhausted yet.

  28. says

    Hi Jenny!
    Welcome. So nice to meet a friend of Alex. :)

    I’m glad you came and brought something that’s meaningful to you. It’s a blogging tradition to get together whenever we can. :)

  29. says

    Robyn, I loved your piece! Not so sure about the poem Chris…

    I tried posting my links – not sure where they went though – maybe I’ll go back to the old fashioned way


  30. says

    hey Joanna!
    Hold on! Akisment just got hungry for your tasty links, that’s all.

    I got them back! They’re in #85.
    I’m so glad they’re here.

    What a lovely tribute you brought with your links. Thank you.

  31. says

    hey liz — – what a whirl this is for you and all …- i have like 8 minutes this morning here but will try and be back later

    wrote this in my post about you this morning

    Do you remember 2? It’s this sweet “I’m 2” thing where your accomplishments include mastering the word NO ( thus known as the terrible 2’s!), it’s pre-potty training, and pre-school age. You excell at making a mess with the food you eat, the pots and pans you stack ( although you may not ever stack them because your distracted by climbing the kitchen chair or getting into the toilet and splashing in the water ) You wear onesies, take your socks off at the first opportunity and you don’t quite get what TV is all about yet. You know that your adorable and show us with a mouthful of teeth. You still need naps ( like really need a nap!!) and when you go to sleep you often have a luvvie.

    Have fun!!!

    Mother Earth aka Karen Hanrahan

  32. says

    Liz – you know what makes you the hostess with the mostest – you still take time to fix people’s links when you’re dealing with 100 comments coming in an hour!

    Got to love you and leave you for a bit – back later


  33. says

    Hi Liz!
    Congrats to your wonderful you and to all the SOBs!

    Karin already sang a Dutch birthday song, imagine me singing along :) and saying ‘proficiat’ while giving you three kisses…on the cheek that is 😉

    I chose a very personal piece as my most successful post (how DO you define that?!). It’s not successful because it generated a lot of visits or subscribers, but it was me (finally!) putting it all on paper and committing to it. It’s about how I detail my personal core values and mission into guidelines and goals.

    And the post that came most from the heart is a letter I wrote to my son on his first birthday.

    I hope you like your gifts! (although it feels more like receiving them than giving something to you…)

  34. says

    And here’s another heartfelt Happy Birthday to all those SOB’s and to you Liz and your Successful and Outstanding adventure.

    Funny how things work but a few years before the WWW came into being I made my first attempt at writing and out of that first attempt dribbled around fifteen various pieces of what I call “Good Bathroom Reading Material”. The fact that people that read them actually seemed to enjoy themselves makes my first attempts sort of a success. Either way I felt like I had accomplished something back then and I’ve decided to finally haul them out and begin publishing to the blog one by one.

    So I thought (ow!) that this wonderful celebration was a fine place to say that I put the first one up yesterday and I’ll dedicate it to you and all my fellow SOB’s. It’s all about conversation and front porches. It’s also a bit satirical…hope you don’t mind.

    Happy B’Day all!

  35. says

    Joanna, the old fashioned way of links works when all else fails… Thanks for taking the time to learn to do it with more pizazz… Life-long learning’s a great quality!

  36. says

    Hey Mother Earth!
    I think Elmo rocks too! Over, under, around and through!!

    Easy!! YEA! I’m getting to love seeing you here!

    Wintermute!! How often I think of you and wonder how you are. Thank you so much for coming! :)

  37. says

    That new laptop sounds like a great blog birthday present!

    That hat tip makes me smile every time. :)

    Deb! I think that you made a great choice. Thanks for bringing it and thanks for bringing you!

  38. says

    Hey Thom Allen!
    Welcome! I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t enjoy something you brought! Thanks for coming. :)

    Yeah, Chris,
    Wintermute is a special one from his name to the last word on his blog.

    Oh, Robyn,
    How wonderful of you to bring along Ellen’s post. I read that one! It’s fabulous!

  39. says

    Yea! Kirk M.
    What a great choice. Conversations, front porches, and a blog birthday all seen just right. We’ll be talking about today in the old bloggers’ home for sure.

    Hello Susanna!
    Welcome! Thank you for coming. I think you’re right. Anything approved and tested by those folks on Twitter has to have tons of successful appeal! :)

    To say “Blogging bought it.” is to say something great!

  40. says

    Hey you partying lot. I’m afraid I have to leave the fun now. (But on the other hand, I was here early – very early ;-))

    Have loads of fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t’ do 😉

    Karin H.

  41. says

    Happy Birthday, Liz. You’ve done an amazing job in making everyone feel welcome. You’re just like the person who welcomes the new kid in school with a “Hey…want to join us for lunch?” Pretty special. You’re also great at keeping your perspective in life, which is why I’m sharing a post of mine that was popular…but more important, one I re-read myself nearly every week. Just for me:

    Liz: What is there left to say but…
    You rock.

    Anita Bruzzese

  42. says

    Hi Liz and crowd,

    Happy Birthday to Successful Blog! Who woulda thunk?

    A little post to help celebrate today:

    And a Link to Share for knowledge workers who work in cubes (hence, Cube Rules for the web site name…):

    It is a compilation of 30 days worth of Career Management tips. I didn’t want to do just a straight list of 30-tips. Instead, I wanted to write an article with reasoning on each of the thirty. The link is to the summary article with each link and a brief synopsis of the article.

    And thanks for posting the wedding anniversary article! Kate and I are enjoying the day…at work right now on the West Coast.

    Back after my meeting…and nice going, Liz, and all of the other SOB’s!

  43. says

    YEA!! How great to see you! It’s always fun to know which one a writer finds special. I can’t wait to see which you’ve picked.

    As far as the rest goes, you’ve got a pretty easy smile yourself. :)

  44. says

    Hello Scot!
    You’ve been such a partner and friend through the history of this little blog. Thank you for every thought, every email, and every link that we’ve shared.

    You are a special one. :)

  45. says

    Anita, that was a great post!

    Mark, I tried to download the e-book and got this:
    “The page you are trying to access does not exist.
    Please select a page from the main menu.”

  46. says

    Hi Liz, congratulations! I’m really glad I found your site and think its really great how you engage with new and old visitors alike to build a vibrant and fascinating community. I’d like to submit this post
    Might the Mcann Case Make Turkeys of us All

    Which I posted in light of the media hysteria surrounding the Madelein Macann case. I wrote it because I wanted to invite people to consider how naive we can be when jumping to conclusions based on very few facts.

  47. says

    Hey Reasonable!
    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. You bring fresh insight that’s fun to explore. The description of the post you bring is sure to intrigue more than me. . . . I can’t wait to see where you took the topic. :)

  48. says

    My dearest blogoddess, happy day! I brought a little Kerouac quote to share that fits you like your own shadow:

    “…the only people for me are the mad ones,
    the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centre light pop and everybody goes ‘Awww.’”

    Love you madly,

  49. says

    You, you, you are madly wonderful! How many phone calls . . . could we even begin to estimate? I’m in your debt for a friendship worth keeping . . . ah yes. Madly wonderful.

  50. says

    It seems like such a short time ago when we first met up. Can it really be two whole years? Wow!

    I’ve so enjoyed your messy desk. I don’t know what I’d do if you really did clean it up! :)

  51. says

    I think Klondikes are better at night? After dinner so to speak.
    Don’t want to spoil the appetite for the Chocolate Layer Cake with the Cherries on top arranged to look like a Blog, do you?

  52. says

    Happy birthday, Liz. Thank you for your inspiration, your wisdom, your caring. Thank you for blogging with soul. You make us believe: We can change the world — just like that.

    I wrote a 14-part series on self-publishing because many of my editing clients self-publish. To make it more accessible, I combined the posts into a free book: Self-Publishing Primer. This might be helpful to anyone considering self-publishing as it covers the pros and cons as well as the process.

    May you continue to create a positive impact on the blogosphere for many years to come.

  53. says

    Liz, I was just describing SOBCon to someone yesterday and told them they should come and experience the cyber version today. There is nobody in this vast sphere capable of doing what you do.

    Has anyone alerted the press about this bash? Oh wait…we are the press. Silly me.

  54. says


    I like the way you think! If Joanna can have Pop Tarts in the afternoon, I can at least contemplate Klondikes before lunch! 😉

    I think Chris Brogan was doing a rim shot!


  55. says

    Hey, found some time to break away during lunchtime…

    My very favorite links are to posts that really everybody else writes – the What I Learned From… group writing projects!

    You can find them all here.

    Also, here’s a present for anyone: a free copy of my e-book, “Poke it With a Sharp Stick”, containing six of my favorite stories from earlier this year (yes, I’m working an a new one).

    I can personally guarantee it’s “suitable for framing or wrapping fish”, as MAD magazine used to say.

    And what the heck – a Klondike bar for the first million downloaders!

  56. says

    Bob’s book is definitely worth grabbing and reading, and his new one will no doubt set new standards of somethingness! 😉

    A Pop-Tart cake, yeah!

  57. says

    Sorry for linking to so much of my own stuff, looks like I’m being self indulgent. :-(
    I think I’ll eat some cake instead of looking at stats. :-)

  58. says

    Hi Liz, and Happy Birthday!

    Ok, I did some digging around it the vast archives of LOGICal eMOTIONs and found a couple interesting posts..

    The first one, “5 Key Components of Blogging” should be mentioned first simply because your blog was one of the ones used to test my theory and help prove it true. So that one should definitely be shared..

    As for a second one (I know you said one, and when you begin to follow the rules, so will I… 😉 ), that has been pivotal in the success of my blog – this becomes a bit more difficult… I narrowed it down to two posts I liked the best, and well, flipped a coin.. The winning post is simply titled “Congruence“.

    All the best, and again, Happy Birthday!


    P.S. Still trying to find a place that sells truffles online and will deliver them on a pillow… 😉

  59. says

    “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…”

    I know just how Michael Coreleone felt. As much as I love a good party, clients expect their copy, well, delivered on time!

    Congrats and best wishes, Liz! Wish I could have stayed and finished my drink!

  60. says

    Ah that truffles conversation! What fun that was! You’re gem to remember that!

    Thank you for the wishes and the time you took to bring your best to the birthday party. I can’t wait to read them to see how your mind worked out which ones to pick. :)

  61. says


    Everyone knows dental fillings (with embedded microelectronics) are the primary mind-control mechanism of most modern governments! 😉


  62. says

    Mike, Tully,

    I know about that old microelectronics in your fillings trick. Good thing most of mine have fallen out already. I can think for myself nearly 70% of the time now. :)

    Soon as I get my pliers back from my neighbor I’m going for 75 and 1/2!

  63. says


    Feliz cumple Liz! Sé que vas a poder leer estas pocas líneas en español.

    Mi regalo es este post sobre un tema muy común: La regla del 80/20.

    Lo elegí porque en el comencé a explicar de forma práctica como había aplicado la regla en mi vida diaria y en los negocios.
    De verdad cambió completamente mi vida y mis ingresos :-), además de aliviar mi estrés y dejarme tiempo para comenzar otra carrera. También se que este post hizo reflexionar a unas cuantas mujeres emprendedoras que comenzaron a analizar su negocio de otra manera. Y de eso se trata ser un blogger, no?

    And for you people

    Happy birthday Liz! I know you’ll be able to read this few lines in Spanish.
    My gift is this post about a very usual topic: The 80/20 rule.

    I chose it because it was there that I began to explain how I had practically applied that rule to my life and business. It’s true that it completely changed my life and my incomes :-), besides releasing my stress y freeing me time to start a second career. I also know that this post make a few entrepreneur women think about their business in a different way. And this is what being a blogger is all about, isn’t it?

  64. says

    Happy Blogging Birthday Liz and all!! Just stopping in for a few while I come up for air (wrestling with CSS that does not want to play nicely).

    I have decided to bring three links to Liz inspired posts:

    Liz inspires a series that is still going strong – Essential Tools Successful Blog Style

    How do you explain blogging to your Mom

    On Meeting Liz Strauss

    Thanks so much for providing us with such a great place to hang out at on Tuesday nights – you know there is nothing worth watching on TV on Tuesdays anyhow 😉

  65. says

    Here are my links. I chose a link from Lipsticking that focuses on women in the National Hall of Fame. Women can never get enough attention. These women are so inspirational and outstanding, they deserve as much recognition as I can give them.

    And, on my petblog, I chose this link to a dog rescue site in Texas. They’re doing amazing things and they deserve to be recognized. I didn’t even realize they were supported by Purina (who sponsors the petblog), but they are! I just thought the story was worth talking about.

  66. says

    Was I being confusing again (it’s a natural talent of mine)? I meant that ‘detaching from the outcome’ is the key to the whole manifesting thing.

  67. says

    Hey Char!
    Thanks for coming! Tuesdays and Open Comments wouldn’t be the same without you!

    It’s nice to think that I’m a part of your blog. You are such a part of this one. Thanks for choosing those link for the reason you did. :)

  68. says

    Thank you for coming and welcome!

    I’m delighted you took the time to respond to the invitation by bringing such notable links. Yeah!

    Thanks for your wonderful blogs and the inspiration you give to so many bloggers who’ve personally told me so. :)

  69. says

    Look who just walked in!!


    Wow! You went all out . . . 20 pages for everyone! How cool is that?!!
    I’m no star. You guys do all of the shining. I just point you out. :)

  70. says

    Hi Liz,

    Wow! I didn’t what your 2nd SOB party would be like — and I’m so impressed! I recognize a few faces… Mother Earth, Tully, Mike and Terry — and you of course — the master connector who has brought us all together and makes it looks so easy.

  71. says

    Happy birthday, Liz! I know you think I’m kidding, but you really do deserve an award for all the hours you put in, for all the kindness you share, for all the links you graciously make. You have helped make us all more successful and outstanding. Thank you!

  72. says

    Oh Franke!
    How hard is it to say to someone really cool “Do you want to meet someone really cool just like you?”

    It’s a breeze. You guys all make it easy, because you’re all so easy to be with.

  73. says

    Hi Franke! Hi Char! Hi Tammy! Hi Becky?

    So Becky, a colleague greets me with “What’s the word?” How do you think I answered?


  74. says

    Hello Mike and everyone else! So many familiar commenters here today – which is one of the true testaments to the success of open comment nights. It is like going out with all your best friends without having to get a babysitter, do your make up or get dressed up. Love it!

  75. says


    I brought a few of my green links with me. Today the City came by and officially passed our Green Driveway so it’s an important day!
    Planting & Seeding our Green Driveway

    Continuing on the green theme, I brought my Six Tools to Make Climate Change Art which is a presentation I made to 150 high school kids about climate change. Some of the kids came up afterwards and said it was inspiring… I asked them why and they said they didn’t know they were allowed to make art like that!! I think it was a compliment.

  76. says


    Thunderbird! Which then sparked a laughfest at all the old, horrible stuff you just don’t see anymore, like Yago Sangria.


  77. says

    I find it hard to not obsessively go back and catch up on all the comments up until this point.

    But here we go anyway. And something about a birthday? Happy happy!

    As for my contribution, it will have to be this morning diorama I wrote about the other day.

  78. says

    I’m back. I’m back! I’m not sure if there is a limit to the number of links to share but here are a few:

    speaking of green – rock, paper, scissors. I’m sharing this because I believe if everyone took a small step to reduce paper in the home, we could make a difference in the lives of trees and our world.

    parenting a startup and kids: I’m sharing this humorous post to illustrate the importance of parenting in our society.

    are we there yet? when will we get there?! I’m sharing this to challenge us to reflect on why we are so anxious to get to where we think we are going. :-)

    planning a transformer themed party: I’m sharing this because it is the #1 viewed post on my blog and I have no idea why. But I hope that it has helped those people who are in fact planning a transformer party!

    Happy Birthday again SOB Liz! Thanks for letting me share my links.

    With the kindest of respects,

    Aruni (a.k.a. the entrepreMuse)
    SOB Week 102

  79. says

    Wow. Noon here on the west coast. First chance to check in over here and already 263 happy SOB’ers have jumped in! I’m having a great time reading a few of the comments in random order. So far I’ve come up with:

    “Please pass the swizzle.”
    “Do we get birthday candles on our Klondikes?”
    “Honk, honk, rattle, rattle, crash, beep beep.”

    Wow. This is a party!

  80. says

    This post alone is getting more comments than my entire six month old blog! Respect :)

    Great that my gifts made you smile Liz. It warms my heart to know you enjoyed them. Glad I could give something back for all that I have already received from reading your blog.

    And I’m with Joe…subscribing to the comments on this post was NOT a good idea :) It floods my inbox (I don’t even want to know how many e-mails leave your server every time someone comments…that’s like…a lot!)

    btw…the clock in the sidebar is broken. Does this mean the party has no end?

  81. says

    You’re welcome Liz! We are close geographically so maybe we can take a real pic one day…with downtown Chicago as the backdrop.

    Thanks Mike!

  82. says

    Well, I just checked out Edward’s site and it reminded me about work/life balance… Gotta run /walk 5 miles. I’ll try and drop in later (after showering). Thanks Liz! You’re a super hostess. Really fun party. Great to meet everyone!

  83. says

    What a lovely compliment! Thank you. I’m delighted you get something when you come here. Well, something more than a lot of email comments. :)

    I’m going to check that clock, but the party is going on clock or not! :)

  84. says

    Hi Liz – thanks for fishing me (#265) out of the spam bucket. :-) Your blog posts truly inspire me!

    I can’t start drinking until later tonight so I’ll check back then…

  85. says

    I had the honor and pleasure of working with Siegfried & Roy for 7 years, right up until Roy’s accident. I think they are outstanding (and successful!) people and they inspired me in a lot of ways. We did a post about them on our Life By Design blog…–roy—a-life-journey-example-of–fulfilling-your-dreams-michael-snell-inspirational-story.aspx

    and to date, it has been our most popular post. So I am sharing that one….

  86. says

    I’ll throw in my own party favor, though it’s not quite complete. A whiz-bang online interactive experience is what’s needed, but first I have to decide on a pedagogy. And before that I need to figure out what the heck a pedagogy is! 😉


  87. says

    Hi Bonnie!
    Welcome! I promise not to tell Brian that you accidently called “teaching sells” a scary movie. That’s too fun!

    Head on over the sideBAR and get whatever you’d like to cool your thirst!

    Thanks for coming and for sharing your work!

  88. says

    Hi Liz! Isn’t this amazing, how many people are here to celebrate this blog? I sent you yesterday an email – I hope you got it.
    You know, I was thinking about a link to bring, but I can find nothing really worthy of such an event. I bring you all my love instead, and hope you will keep on changing the world.


  89. says

    Oh Char!
    I was thinking of that earlier! I’m so glad you remembered. I totally forgot! That cake is something . . . almost enough to make Chris Brogan swear off poptarts. :)

  90. says

    Hmm. I’ll take that ‘Goosebumps’ thing under advisement.

    I’m passing the Caper Crown to Char. That birthday cake incident makes my capers pale in comparison! 😉

  91. says

    I’m bringing my own food link for all those who have a hankerin’ for something really bad for your health. (monster burrito)

    (pssst! Liz…this lady has all the makings of a future SOB. I got her started in her own do-it-yourself WP blog awhile back but I don’t think she’s forgiven me yet so better not mention my name)

  92. says

    When I was six years old, I received my first bike. It was a Huffy Thunder Road, with dark blue fenders made out of hard plastic, and with a number 56 on the handlebars. It looked like a badass bike with a banana seat, only more boy-tough than that.

    I couldn’t ride it. I ran around alongside it the entire first day I owned it. By the second day, I could wobble it down the little bump in my side yard that passed for a hill. A ball couldn’t roll down that hill without some external motivation. And yet to me, I was really doing the biking here, man!

    The third day, I crashed it into the side of the house and broke off the front fender in a jagged, kill little kids shape. I cried. I cried and cried.

    When my Mom asked me what I wanted, I said, “Move the house.”

    Because clearly, the reason I crashed this bike was because the house was in the wrong place. I had done nothing wrong.

    I think I’ve lived a good portion of my life like this, for better or worse.

    Blogging in the comments,


  93. says

    OMG! I just saw the cake! I could pave the way to a real good sugar binge with that Klondike beauty that’s for sure.

    Won’t make me swear off Pop Tarts though. Why be satisfied with just one when you can have both (Honey? Where’s the whip cream?)

    You thought maybe Chris was the only one? And I’m even old(er).

  94. says

    Happy second birthday, Liz. You’re so young yet have provided us with a lifetime of ideas and networking opportunities.

    I’ve just enjoyed a bowl of popcorn in your honor, and tonight I’ll sprinkle extra whip cream on my ice cream sundae in tribute to your day.

    Be well,


  95. says

    Hi again,

    Popping in for a piece of cake [before lunch]. Delicious, Char!

    I see we’re sharing links of successful blog posts. If success is measured by number of comments, then its the last Readers’ Cafe If measured by fun, definitely my last virtual book tour

    Back later. Need to go out for US money for Vegas and some kitty litter.

  96. says

    Poptart ice cream sandwiches? Hey that would work! You could mix and match flavors. The Poptarts would have to be warm though. Kind of like fried ice cream but only different.

    Apple Poptarts with butter pecan ice cream?

  97. says

    A dessert chef? Not sure about. I don’t think I can be nasty enough to be a chef. I’ll be glad to whip some up sometime for some friends though. It can be a finish touch to my famous “Crab meat and cream cheese in scrambled eggs mess” that I serve now and then (it’s good…really).

  98. says

    They call that “thing” the bean. It’s a giant chrome “thing” that you can walk through in Millenium Park In Chicago.

    Unless you were talking about the blonde, then that “thing” is me. :)

  99. says

    Oh, happy happy day, dearie! It is so nice to see a successful writer sharing her talents and advice with the writing community. You have a wonderful blog, and you’ve made a positive impression on so many people. I’m glad to help you celebrate!

    My favorite post at my blog:

    I choose it because I believe all writers should know their boundaries and enforce them stringently.

  100. says

    Sorry, that “big metallic thing”! You could never be considered any kind of a “thing”!

    My only question about the bean is: why?

    No wait, I have another. Will there be a car chase through it when they film Blues Brothers 2010? 😉

  101. says

    okey dokey folsies – and blog birthday girl – I brought a doozie for you to giggle over . .

    AND as a lil gift I’m making our Liz a tall blonde Second Life persona (all she has to do is pick from the current surnames available from Second Life (no Successful is not there but last time I checked Timeless was)

    For anyone else who reads this and leaves a commenet below my blog post and video I’ll do something almost as good for you – in honor of our friend and enabler, Liz the SOB.

  102. says

    Frankie. Thanks for checking out my site. I love your post on green driveways. Reminds me of the grass driveway my grandfather had at his house. I always thought it was so cool and wondered why more people didn’t have them. Maybe you can start a movement! Hope so.

  103. says

    I’m arriving fashionably late to the party as that’s what Outrageous Extroverts do!!
    Partly it was about where I live. Here in Australia we’ve been sleeping while you’ve been partying!
    But partly, like all women, it was about what to wear and what gift to bring.
    In the end seeing I’m not long out of my cot, my jim-jams (pyjama) seemed the best choice!
    But the gift thing was much harder!!!!!
    So I’ve brought one of those blog posts that are the response to one of those dreaded tags!
    But this one proved to be a gift to me and I hope to my readers. So maybe it demonstrates why i was so honoured when I received your Successful and Outstanding Blogger award.
    You are a gem in Blogging Life Liz Strauss.
    Thankyou for everything you do!
    My link:

  104. says

    Wow, Liz, it looks like you have a lot of work in store. 😀

    Happy 2nd blog birthday!! How exciting! This is definitely a blog I love to keep my eyes on because you always manage to provide useful information in such a charming way.

    As for my link submission to the party fishbowl :), here’s a post I believe is successful (although it’s not my most visited/commented post): FeedBurner Traffic Guide.

    It’s a free book that was intended for newbies, but I’ve been informed multiple times that veteran FeedBurner users can pick up a few tips, too.

    ~ Teli

  105. says

    How ironic you should delurk at the very second that you did.

    You are the 50,000th comment on this blog!!!!!!

    Send me your paypal and I’m sending $50.00 — wish it could be more!!

  106. says

    Dear Ms. Chris!
    You’re so special in my heart because of your SOBCon envy. You made us all have hope when we were worried. Thank you for being someone who cared so much.

    And who still does. :)

  107. says

    OOOps I forgot to add my birthday wishes as well
    Normally I’d say _let’s have some champers! But at 8am it’s a bit too early even for dedicated bubbles drinkers like me!!!
    BTW what the hell are KLONDIKES? They sound like shoes!!!!
    Happy Birthday Liz and SOB!!!

  108. says

    For one who calls me charming, you sure said that with plenty of charm yourself. :)

    It’s my experience with writers that every one that I’ve ever trained may not have known when something he or she wrote wasn’t quite right, but every one of them knew when it was great!!

  109. says

    Hi Liz,

    Just wanted to drop by and say “Happy Birthday!” – seems these social media birthdays just get better and better. It’s great to see so many people taking part in various elements of the conversation.

    My next “big” conference/event is taking place next week and earlier today I posted ( ) about the things I do before a (VON) conference which I think could be a good reference for people to look at before they go to their next event.

    While I was worried about getting the most out of the event, one thing I forgot to write about was to remind people to carve out 15 minutes out of their schedule every couple of hours to take care of themselves. It seems that the “you” is still very important, even at events.

    I look forward to catching up with you again in Chicago.

    Warm regards, Jeff

  110. says

    Hey Jeff!
    What a great guy you are to stop by!

    I hope you don’t mind that I opened the parentheses around your link so that folks could get to you more quickly. :)

    It’s great resource and you’re gem for bringing it. I know how busy you are.

    I can’t wait to see you again!

  111. says

    Geeze ohman, I haven’t been gone that long and there are another couple of hunnrd comments gone by!
    Trying to catch up.
    (I can’t believe that someone didn’t know what a Klondike is… Oh, that’s right this the WWW 😉
    I still have to get used to the keyboard on this darn thing!

  112. says

    I need to stay awake until CSI so I can see what all the Second Life fuss is about so of course I dropped back in here because all the FUN kids are here & there is no snoozing off allowed!

  113. says

    Hi Susan!
    You don’t know how nice a nap sounds about now! :)

    But I’m in this for the duration, especially after I got to see Rodney and Chris doing the CanCan!!

  114. says

    Thanks Liz. One of the things I’m doing this week is grading papers and exams so thought I would share (1) this link to a rubric on how to grade student whining from Prof. Joseph Braun of Illinois State U.

    and (2) a post I did on a student who made my day by refusing to just get by on an assignment.

    Oh, and I’ll just grab some bday cake for energy. Thanks!

  115. says

    He know’s more than we…
    That’s what you get for not letting him join the party.
    Make him play, we know he’s a tech guy, he must enjoy some of this stuff! 😉

  116. says

    Heck, I’m seriously late to the party but I’m here anyway so big waves to all of my fellow SOBs and big kiss to Liz for inviting me.

    I couldn’t think of anything that celebrates my outstanding-ness so here’s my first ever article which has been linked to in the UK mainstream media.

    The Great Google Bitch Slap

    My mum will be so proud 😀

  117. says


    I’ve been itching to ask you this question all day. For me, blogging has opened a new world to me, enabling me to communicate with others from around the world. Why have you so enthusiastically embraced blogging? How has it changed you?

  118. says

    Oh Glenda!
    What a question! So many changes in so many ways that all lead to a “coming home to who I am.”

    What can I say? I have my communication difficulties too. :)

    I’ve always been a better writer than an impromtu speaker. I’m highly self-conscious, and grew up painfully shy. The noise of what I can see — the information in the air — that most people can’t see gets in the way.

    I form ideas in ways that are different from most folks. That’s why metaphors work so well for me. Writing allows me to see the word I want to say on the page and to hear them . . . so that people can understand what I mean, rather than getting confused by what I say. :)

    I guess it comes down to something I once told my brilliant sweet son. As you move through the world, your universe of people gets larger . . . if you’re different, you’re more likely to find people who appreciate who you are and if you pay attention, you’ll find out who you are when you do.

  119. says

    Liz, congrats! HB, even 😉 Looks like you have a great party here.

    I’m just passing through, but thought I’d drop a link that’s a little out of the ordinary. Nothing to do with blogs (or even games ;).

    Ever felt you wanted to know more about science? Music? Literature? Art? History? Not for college credit, but just for yourself, your own personal benefit/enrichment?

    Then I recommend The Teaching Company. They have an amazing variety of courses for almost any interest. And their stuff is excellent. I know, because I have some of their products. Also, I am not affiliated with them in any way, except as a customer. So if you’re looking for a good means of self-education, check them out.

    The Teaching Company

    And Liz, best wishes for further success in the years to come!

  120. says

    I read the whole thing (I always do, especially if it is about a friend).
    Nice interview. I think I would be too nervous to do something like that.

  121. says

    Happy 2nd Birthday SOB, Liz!!! Hooray!!! It’s also amazing that over 50K people have commented here, but I’m also not surprised. You’re a mentor to us all in creating community around your blog and business. Big hugs, and have a terrific year!

    ~Cathryn Hrudicka, Chief Imagination Officer, Creative Sage(tm)

  122. says

    AAAGGHH, am I too late? Today has been insane, my Internet keeps dying and kids keep having crises, but I’d feel terrible if I failed to wish Liz all the best wishes and thank her for helping to make me successful, too.


  123. says

    Thanks for your detailed response, Liz. Interesting you see noise, but I may understand what you mean. Watching people, I see so many meaningless interactions. Just listen to people on cell phones – many/most of those conversations have minimal value, they don’t bring people closer together. [not sure where I was going with this. Talk about meaningless! Perhaps it’s time for a drink. Who is bartending? ]

  124. says

    T’Other Mike – Live Search is now my weapon of choice closely followed by Ask. Big G have really shot themselves in the foot on this one, methinks.

    Liz – I also remember my first visit here. I was in awe at your prodigious output. Still am. I must confess to not being as regular a visitor as I once was but you continue to amaze me with your writing. Long may it continue.

    P.S. Can prodigious please be used as part of your official tag line for the recap tomorrow?

  125. says

    Of course, you’re NOT too late! I remember how I missed you when you moved across country. . . . I wondered whether you were ever coming back. It was so great to see you when you did!

  126. says

    Dear Mike,
    I will do my best to prodigiously use the word you request. :)

    I remember your first visit too. You told us all about the 20 steps. Gosh, we sure grilled you!

  127. says

    I did remember to bring a link….it’s the sort of travel post that I love to do, about a place that no one’s ever heard of except locals, and it has a great photo of my son in front of a Dutch Ben & Jerry’s, and wearing a red T-shirt from a Dutch steam train near our home in the Limburg province.

    The post is about two of the Waddenzee Islands in the Netherlands, Texel and Terschelling, which are in the North Sea. You reach them by ferry and they’re kind of the Dutch equivalent to Martha’s Vineyard or Block Island.

    Here’s the link:

    Liz helped me believe that travel stuff like that might interest people, and she made me feel welcome and confident as a blogger. Thank you, Liz!!

  128. says

    Wow, Liz! Just dropped by to check – already up to 445 446 447 comments… and still going strong!

    Hey, couldn’t let the day end without saying just one more time:


  129. says

    Robin Yap #429,
    I’m so sorry I made you sit in moderation. These guys were just so darn interesting to talk to I got distracted again!

    I’m touched and honored that you brought links about conversations with your mother. I so think that a heart needs to be wired closely to every head. Thank you for that.

    Thank you for coming too. :)

  130. says

    Glenda, I think that your interview being on a Blog Carnival is very fitting. Nothing wrong with a little added exposure, huh? 😉
    Besides, I am glad it was submitted, it makes me look better. :-)

  131. says

    Hi Robert – good to see you! Thanks for helping me out with my link difficulty earlier :-)

    It’s nearly 2am here (in Edinburgh) but I’m told there’s more fireworks coming soon so I’m trying to stay up for a wee while longer – glad I caught you


  132. says

    Catherine! #449!
    Thank you for waiting too!
    I’m so glad you came. I wish I could spend more time talking to you when we pass at Facebook . . . we really need to connect by telephone one day soon. We’re just poking each other silly. :)

    You’re always welcome here, you know. :)

  133. says

    Hey Liz, thanks for your comment on my birthday post. I hope you are having a wonderful day (462 comments and counting – awesome!). Like Bob, I can’t resist saying it one more time:

    Happy Birthday Successful Blog!
    And many more……..

    As I sign off to collapse on my couch with my beloved, I will do a virtual dance of joy in your honor to “If I Can’t Have You”, by Yvonne Elliman. Remember Liz how we danced to that one on a particularly memorable Open Mic Night?? Ah, memories….

    Much love and good night!

  134. says

    Hi Mike! Whereabouts are you?

    Liz – that’s funny! Sometimes I think – if I send this now it’s sure to get to her before she’s awake – but you’re always up first!


  135. says

    Liz – that explains everything :-) (Really – you know it really does)

    Vern – I love the bag!

    What should go in it? Well now that I’ve finally found out what they are the answer would have to be Klondike bars!


  136. says

    I wish that JibJab had a by-you video with like 20 roles to fill. I had to go with ppl whose pix I had but Liz I’d have been able to make many more of those can-can routines with all your fans!

  137. says

    Joanna – I think you’ve probably got the right idea. I just need to deal with some fall out from my posted article before I sleep. Sheesh. Some people take things so personally!

    Liz – If you’re over this side of the Pond next month then let me know. I’ll shout dinner. Happy meals all round, OK?

  138. says

    So I think the following would be found in the SOB survival kit bag.
    – klondike bars for fun
    – a set of crayons for diversity (and join the dots!)
    – a set of keys to give permission
    – a soapbox to promote a voice
    – a jukebox to dance to the words
    – a headset for skype
    – a heart for everything else
    – a dictionary because you’re all so smart here

  139. says

    Well darn! I wasn’t able to join in more but I did keep up with this most excellent thread through the email. Unfortunately I have to take my pieces/parts to bed but here’s to an outstanding bunch of folks and to the most incomparable Liz! And to a great third year!

    Party on all…

  140. says

    OK. Gonna pike out for the night, as we say in old London town.

    Great to see so many old faces for the 2 year birthday bash and so many new ones too.

    Most importantly, and without trying to sound too sycophantic, thanks to Liz for setting the whole darned thing up in the first place. I’ll even super size that happy meal 😀

  141. says

    Congratulations on de-lurking, Amie. It’s always more fun out in the open.

    I’m saying my good nights, too. Thank you Liz, for another great party, and everyone who came to make it so ( I did go back and read all the comments. It’s a full day’s reading right here! )

  142. says

    Keeping up with the comments
    Is like chasing Jesse Owens

    No way to catch up
    But I can leave here aknowin’

    That everyone is well fed
    And the friendships are growing

    Even after two years
    The seeds Liz is sowing

    Continue to reap anew
    A harvest of writers, that keeps grownin

    Happy B-Day Successful Blog
    And all SOB’s (especially you Liz)

    Berma Shave

    Nite Liz
    Nite All

  143. says

    Happy happy happy birthday SOBs everywhere!

    Another good job on this party, Liz! More success and more successful events come your way.

    I don’t have a link to my post on CustServ because the site is down, and we suspect it was hacked. Sorry to dampen the celebration :(… but that’s how it is.

    Let me share some quotes instead on success and outstanding that I believe apply to SOBs.

    “Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more. They did all that was expected of them and a little bit more.” A. Lou Vickery

    “The signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily among the followers. Are the followers reaching their potential? Are they learning? Serving? Do they achieve the required results? Do they change with grace? Manage conflict?” Max De Pree

  144. says

    I feel awful for just popping in and out on such an esteemed anniversary… but I am sooo sleepy. Sick babies, plumbers and evil blog post thieves… It’s been quite a week.

    But giant hugs to Liz who is just one of the nicest people! I love that she is so quick to share her success with other people. There aren’t many folks like her in the blogging world, I’d say.

    So congrats Liz! And thanks so much for contributing such a warm and positive feeling in the blogosphere. It is appreciated!

  145. says

    I’m ba-ack! Happy to see the party still in full swing. Hehe – it probably wasn’t such a wise move to “subscribe to comments” and then toddle off to bed!

    Still, great to see such a wonderful turnout :)

    I was speaking to Alister last night and he mentioned you’d been chatting. I know he appreciates your friendship. So thanks for being a great mate (as we say here) :)

  146. says

    Hi Meg!
    Yes, I just read your post and friendship is indeed what it is. Nothing less than the look-in-your-eyes, shake-my-hand kind of stuff. You’ve got my heart and my head on your side. That’s just how it is. :)

    I’m glad of that. :)

  147. says

    glad to be back Liz.. How was your day? I still have open tabs in my window of unread links everyone has provided .. I guess I’ll start to work my way backwards .. I was up to the 300’s before..

  148. says

    OMG, this party went wild here!I don’t know if it’s 11 or not, your blog clock is not working or it’s again a firefox problem :)

    People brought links and all. I’d rather tell you which I think my best post ever is (because at that time it was written in Romanian). I think it was my first. And I think it’s the same for everyone. The first post is the best and most successful. Sure, others will have more comments, more links, more everything. But that first one! It’s what got us blogging in the first place :)

    Happy Bday again, great party and amazing crowd you’ve gathered here!

  149. says

    Hey Alina!
    That’s a thought worth thinking about. I know I cared a whole lot about my very first post and I do think it’s stellar. It was also a lot shorter than most I write now. :)

  150. says


    When I saw the traffic pattern I figured that would be how things played out.

    I guess you’ll have to save it for a very special Tuesday! 😉


  151. says


    Touche! Tour de farce is a perfect compliment to Lisa’s ‘relationsheep’, which you guys deftly distorted beyond all recognition! LOL


  152. says

    Hi Meikah, I know someone else who got lost eariler today :)

    Liz, you have a little card on my old blogspot blog. Sorry to have to leave the party, but I have to get ready for work.

    This has been amazing! Congrats for two successful years of blogging, again :)