30 Twitter Apps We Actually Use and 140 After That

At Open Comments this week, we talked about the Twitter Apps we find most useful and most fun to use. If you are a Twitter maven, you’ll see immediately that this is not a comprehensive list, but as a maven, you’d also know that many apps do the same things. At the end of the list I’ve included a reference to a longer list for you.

It was a fast conversation that brought together the best Twitter Tools of the group. Hope they help you tweet in style.

Are your personal favorites on the list? Feel free to add the best in the comments if they’re not here.

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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    I was just thinking this morning about how many tools, feeds and apps have been built around twitter.

    Interestingly, yesterday morning in the shower I had a great idea based on the movie Bambi. — a single’s site (not that I’m interested) using: twitterpated.com – taken. Good, I didn’t have the passion for it really but someone will take it and run with it, I’m sure.

    Yesterday I came across http://www.Twitterpages.com and
    today, Twitterclassifieds and twitpay!

    Thanks for the list. I suspect it will grow!

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    Thanks for putting together a good, concise list. I don’t think I have time to read about 140 tools.

    I had totally forgotten about TwitterLocal. Glad to be reminded, put it to good use.

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    Liz, I don’t make it for Open Mic night as often as I’d like (House is on at the same time, for gosh sakes :) ), but this one was exceptionally fun AND informative. Thank you, thank you, thank you for orchestrating this forum and harnessing the power of conversation.

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