5 Things I Learned about Bloggers from WordCamp Dallas

Investment and Return

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Being a part of WordCamp Dallas was something I especially looked forward to — it’s always fun to be part of a conference where folks are deeply committed, even more to be part of one right before I’ve got one of my own about to launch in a few weeks. It’s an opportunity to learn, to connect, and to improve.

Still any trip is an investment. It means preparation. It means time doing something I don’t usually do — and the “usually dos” still need doing. So I make sure that go to find the value. Since I work on the people side, connecting businesses to clients and customers. For me, the value was getting to know more about how bloggers and learners and the way they respond to learning things new. At WordCamp Dallas, that wasn’t hard to see examples everywhere. Here are just three of the things that I learned about bloggers at WordCamp Dallas.

  • Bloggers work hard and rise to the call. Matt Mullenweg began the event with his “State of WordPress” conversation and the announcement of the relsease of WordPress 2.5. The fact that he was recently parted from four wisdom teeth didn’t stop his investment or what he offered to the group all weekend. A strong product stands on the shoulders of a strong man. Do check out the features of 2.5. They’re a reflection of the man who spoke about them.
  • Bloggers value great content. From John Pozadzides presentation — 45 ways to power up your blog — to Jonathan Bailey’s explanation of how to handle content theft folks were engaged and paying attention. They were there to get the quality content. Alex Frison said so.
  • Bloggers are smart people with forward-thinking views. Conversations between sessions with folks, such as Mark Hopkins, Aaron Brazell, and Mark Ghosh, gave me new things to think about. That’s a value you can’t find just anywhere.
  • Bloggers participate. Charles Stricklin had this idea for WordCamp Dallas. He got the ball rolling. Participation made it happen so well. John P. pulled together an entire team to make it operational. Lorelle put herself into helping find great speakers with the best content. She interviewed, asked questions, presented, and talked to every person there. Charles’s live podcast on Sunday was all about participation. He kept the program rolling from the microphone.
  • Bloggers support each other. While I was gone some great bloggers at home helped me keep SOBCon08 and this rolling forward. They include: Jesse Petersen, Mother Earth, Terry Starbucker, Easton Ellsworth, JC Hutchins, Lorelle VanFossen, and Rick Cockrum

Whether I’m presenting or participating as an attendee, I always have to measure what I’m investing before I go to a conference or a seminar. Any such trip means doing something more and keeping what I do going at the same time. So I want to make sure that the investment will have a return.

None of these WordCamp learnings are new things. Yet the people, the thoughts, and the interactions were underscored each value in a new way. Every connection was worth every minute I invested to get and be there. It’s a worthwhile investment when folks bring us back to remembering what’s important about gathering together.

People like to do business with other people, not companies. We learn from each other because of the reasons the bloggers at WordCamp brought to the event.

Thank you WordCamp Dallas for reminding me of what I already knew.

What do you want to remember not to forget?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!!

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  1. says

    “People like to do business with other people, not companies.” Love it. Thanks Liz for a splendid review of what must have been a wonderful event.

    And here’s to that one conference … whatchamacallit … the one coming up a month from tomorrow!

  2. says

    It was a great pleasure meeting you at WordCamp. I’m really eager to go to SOBCon08 in Chicago. I know it would be so great. But unfortunately I will be in Europe by then already :(

    For everybody else, if you have a chance to go, do it. It will worth every penny!

  3. says

    A gathering of like minded people that fosters something we can together get into the trenches about and learn along the way is certainly worth supporting…my dear.

  4. says

    Hi Jonathan!
    Meeting you at WordCamp Dallas was something I looked forward to and it was everything and more than I had hoped it would be! You’re wonderful! So is Mrs. PT!!

  5. says

    Hi Liz! WordCampDallas was awesome! One of the great things about it was learning about Woopra and getting my very own invite code. :)

    I’m loving Woopra and can’t say enough good things about it.

    I also appreciated the great speakers you mention in this post. I now understand the importance and value of hosting our own images, each on it’s own file, and being sure to apply Titles and Alt’s to pics and text links. I finally “got it”!

    I’m trying to find out if there’s an email list I can be put on to be kept informed about each WordCampDallas that happens well in advance. Any ideas of who to talk to?

  6. says

    Hi Lin!
    I so enjoyed meeting you! Yeah, images make a huge difference in so many ways.

    As far as the WordCamp list goes, I think the WordCamp.com blog may be your best source of information.

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