A Holiday Gift: The 31-Day Calendar of Blog Post Ideas for January

A Blogging Calendar to Start the Year

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It might seem early for a holiday gift, but folks get busy and go traveling. I didn’t want this list to get lost or overlooked. So,I hope you don’t mind that I give you this gift a little early. . . .

In honor of the holidays and as a thank you to all of you, I’ve made a calendar of 31 Blog Post Ideas to Write About in January.

They say there’s no such thing as an original idea. I tend to agree with that on principle, but I also know that the execution is personal.

At the end of some days, we can’t tell where some ideas started or where they end. We have the same ideas at the same time independently. Our thoughts interweave, connect, and influence each other’s thoughts. Our ideas turn into remarkable and thrilling concepts and realities. Humans, who think up ideas, are incredible at doing that.

You’ve had some of these ideas. I’ve had some. Some have been around, it seems, forever. I’ve tried to twist some when I could. Some come with links to example posts — from my posts, from yours and from others.

I hope you find a few post ideas you can use to make your life easier to have more time to live, to wonder, and to explore.

The 31-Day Calendar of Blog Post Ideas for January

Here goes . . .

    January 1 — Blogtipping for January 1. If you don’t know blogtipping, here’s great blogtipping in action.

    January 2 — Words I Resolve to Avoid for a While. Every person and every industry has overused words. Pick few and write about why they’re off your list for 2007.

    January 3 — Predictions the 30,000 Foot View. So much about blogging is wide open, make a prediction about blogging or about your blog.

    January 4 — A Tour of Your Blog. Give a tour of your blog, the way you might give a tour of your home. Throw in a few memories.

    January 5 — Habits and Personality Traits. Every niche attracts a certain type of people and a certain kind of customers. What do they have in common?

    January 6 — Link to Posts that Stuck with You. Share the posts that have stayed with you. Give encore links and tell why you’re bringing them back.

    January 7 — Post a Quotation and Disagree with It.

    January 8 — Pose a Question. Make it one that you don’t know the answer to.

    January 9 — Write a Post Based a Comment from Your Blog or Another. Pithy and insightful comments are everywhere. Use one to inspire a blog post.

    January 10 — Show off a Cool New Tool. It took seconds to find Gotuit SceneMaker at TechCrunch, Musicovery at Cool Hunting or Grandpa’s Disco Wear at I:Eye, lifestyle directory.

    January 11 — Do a SlideShare that Explains an Idea. Use examples from other blogs within the presentation.

    January 12 — Post about a person folks should know. Have a voice conversation or two first, so that you present his (or her) true spirit.

    January 13 — Link to Posts from New Blogs in Your Niche. Collaborated with each blog’s author to introduce his or her blog to your readers.

    January 14 — Write a post using a photo as the main content.

    January 15 — Write a post in 25 words or less.

    January 16 — Post about a Blog That Readers Might be Surprised You Follow. Give a description of what the appeal is.

    January 17 — Use a Book as a Source.

    January 18 — Start at Traffic School. See where that takes you.

    January 19 — Have a Guest Blogger Post on Something Out of Your Area of Expertise.

    January 20 –Write Your Thoughts after Reading a Blog Headline. Then Read the Post and Write More.

    January 21 — Make a Sign. Say something humorous about your niche.

    January 22 — Write about Misconceptions or Mistakes.

    January 23 — Post the Reverse of a Popular Idea.

    January 24 — Write 25 Common Sense Things Folks Should Know.

    January 25 — Hold a contest, a carnival, a poll, a reader input event — or write a post for one.

    January 26 — Take an Idea from Another Industry. Explain how it would work in yours.

    January 27 — Use these search engines: Sphere and topix.net to make a link list on your favorite topic.

    January 28 — Invite Bloggers to Introduce Their Favorite Blogs or Books They’ve Read.

    January 29 — List Links to Posts You Saved to Write About, But Never Did.

    January 30 — Tell the Secrets of What You Do. Explain why they’re important.

    January 31 — Share Links to Every Blog You’ve Recommended. Keep track all month whenever you send someone to look at or read a blog. Compile that list. Then share it.

And my PLUS ONE: Do your usual read the feeds and pass on the conversation, but . . . re-imagine it. Twist it. Turn it. Bend it. Mash it. Say how someone from history might have done it. Approach every problem and idea with a “how interesting” attitude. Look at everything from a decidedly different point of view, mixing logic and emotion. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a Whack on the Side of the Head and to look at the world with wonder.

Then get jazzed about writing. Twice over.

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    Oh Michelle,
    I thank you spend at this blog. It was fun putting my brain to the test of seeing what I came up with and how elaborate it became.

    I wanted a special way to say thank you to everyone.

  2. says

    Hey Liz,

    Thanks for including Blog Traffic School in this list.

    It’s actually kinda creepy that you put it on the 18th of January. I feel now that I should aim to have the full course go live on that date.

    Thanks for the pressure of a deadline! 😉


  3. says

    Nice list, Liz. Did you check it twice to see who was naughty or nice? 😉 (Ah, but naughty is tonight at Open Mic!)

    BTW, drop by my site and check out the Xmas decor.

  4. says

    We did those kind of lists last week, Scorpia. And believe me, I checked your name three times. Heh-heh :)

    Nice decor. Tasteful. Not noisy and overdone. Easy on the easy and elegant. :)

  5. says

    Wowee! That means I get three times as much coal in my stocking! 😉

    Thanks for the compliments on the decor (you did mean “easy on the eyes” not “easy on the easy”, right?) Are you gonna dress up your blog for the holidays?

  6. says

    Hi Scorpia,
    Yeah, easy on the eyes . . . I have some things going on at this end of the screen. Sorry. It’s beautiful is what I mean!

    Three times the coal and maybe a good mystery packed alongside an old radio show. :)

  7. says

    This is fantastic — thank you!! Hopefully I’ll be able to reserve some of these ideas to fill the mental gaps for a few months, not just January!

  8. says

    Hello Liz Darling!
    I just found this post, you are so amazing! Thank you for your inspiration and helpfulness to all of us bloggers. BTW, December 12 was Michael’s Birthday so it was meant to be a terrific day for posting!
    HUGS from your neighbors,
    Michael Snell and Derrick Sorles

  9. says

    Thanks for your post. I’ve been looking for ways to generate posts myself. In fact, I’m looking for topics for whole new blogs that people may actually want to read ^_^ Your post is very helpful. Again, thanks.

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