Beach Notes: Beach Reunion

Beach Notes by Guest Writer Suzie Cheel

I have just returned from 2 days at a resort with 3 friends from my high schools days. One friend I had seen earlier this year, one 2 years ago and the other 20 years ago.

Four school friends
Met at a beachside resort
To celebrate a milestone

We walked down memory lane

We relaxed and laughed
Shared good food and wine
Took long beach walks

We looked through
Old school photographs

We shared stories

We have all taken different paths
but never a silence occurred

As if time had stood still…

And yet it hadn’t

True Friendship — priceless.

Suzie Cheel

What’s priceless in your life?
Suzie Cheel


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    My daughter’s laugh. My husband’s whistle. My dad’s elfish grin. My mom’s beef stew. My cat finally coming to snuggle beside me now that the nights are cold.

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    I have been so privileged in my life to meet amazing people, to share with and learn from them, to love them and to be loved by them.

    My friends, my family, and every day that I awaken is priceless to me.
    This life? This life is wonderful.

    Someone told me today that she thought I was standing in the way of my own success. I asked her exactly what she wanted of me… and she said ‘to help you succeed.’
    I was polite and did not let the laughter bubble out – because I have succeeded in the best way – I’ve found my joy!

    Thanks for sharing this.

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    I love what you have written, ” I have found my Joy” that is so precious as finding and being in one’s joy is the highest energy on can have- you have inspired a blog post for me- thank you

    @ Liz & Janine- amazing how silence is something you both find priceless, often something that can be challenging in our busy world

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