Beach Notes: Do You Acknowledge Your Greatness?

by Guest Writer Suzie Cheel

Last Friday in a strategy session I was asked what it was that people saw in me that would have them want to work and engage with me. I was stumped.

While we were walking on the beach I discussed this with Des.I said I know that people find me helpful and inspiring. I have written and illustrated a book emergings – a meditation on the emotions of change, which Liz launched for me at Blog World Expo, and which is inspiring people. I have received many words of praise.

Why is it hard for me to acknowledge this? Des asked whether there was some social conditioning at work? I think that could be right.

Many of us have been conditioned from an early age not to think too highly of ourselves. I am no exception. I am just surprised that after all these years I stil have to work on this. A work in progress.

Looking at myself,

sometimes realize

I don’t see in me

the gifts and talents

the way others do !

Do you see in yourself what others see?

This is Liz’s special page from the book, you can see Liz claiming this in the launch video

Suzie will be doing a special Xmas launch of emergings as an e-book on Tuesday.


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    We seem to be blind to our own value and beauty.

    Yesterday I got together with a group of people my partner and I took to Buenos Aires. We compared photos. The others liked a particular photo of me – but all I could see was the lines around me eyes. They could see beauty. Beats me!

    Sometimes I meet people I’ve known in the past and they say to me how much a particular comment by me stayed with them and influenced their life. That’s always a great surprise to me!

    Maybe it’s good that we don’t know our range of influence. Seeds grow best if they are planted in the dark.

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    @ Franklin

    That is wonderful, thank you

    @Mary love your comments, they resonate with me
    wonderful quote:

    Maybe it’s good that we don’t know our range of influence. Seeds grow best if they are planted in the dark.
    food for thought there:)

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    Whats that saying?

    We are not so much afraid of failing as where are more afraid of actually obtaining our dreams.

    This is something that I too have had difficult with. I’ve learned that we all are deserving of greatness and the things we dream of. Knowing this I’ve come to recognize that reflection that has longed alluded me.

    With a sense of humility we smile and say thank you when reminded of our greatness.

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    I find it easier to acknowledge greatness in others – which is ironically, part of one of my strengths: I can identify that which is great about others and help them to develop or acknowledge it! :)

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    Suzi- as frequently happens we are very much in synch even though half way across the world from each other! As for your quesrion – the answer is YES — on a GOOD day! On the other days — not so much!

    It’s good food for thought though and an excellent reminder to acknowledge ourselves for the gifts we do bring to the table because we ALL have gifts!

    Thanks 4 the reminder my friend!


    Stephanie Bell the Spirit Coach

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