Blog-to Show? Showcase Your Blog at Successful-Blog July 26-27

It’s Like an Auto Show for Blogs This Weekend

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At Open Comment Night last night, we talked about Creative Networking. Lots of great ideas were gathered, and that conversation got me thinking about more of them. Two years ago, we had a weekend showcase for blogs. I thought it might be fun to try it again.

So this weekend is a Successful-Blog Blog-to Show. It’s a Virtual Auto Show for Blogs. Detail your blog. Polish the trim and come show it off. We’ll line them up, look them over, and get to know each other and our blogs just that much better.

Here’s what you do.

Write up the following information:
Blog Title
Blog URL link:
Blog Tagline
A sentence or two about what makes your blog worth visiting.

A brief paragraph of blogging advice or a short bloggy quote that shows a little personality.

E-mail that information to Liz at with BLOG-TO SHOW in the subject line before Saturday July 26. (GMT -6 hrs. See clock in the sidebar)

Please note: The Deadline for Submission has passed.

Click here to go to the Aggregate Post. It’s up already!!

OPTIONAL: You might want to write a blog post for the weekend that introduces folks to your most popular posts content with links to take them there.
OPTIONAL: Stumble this post so that lots of folks will be there to see what you bring.

I’ll feature your blog in the Blog-to Showcase on Saturday with a linkback so that folks can come visit.

It’s FREE PROMOTION and visibility for your blog and your brand. It would be silly to pass it up.

Summer and social gatherings go together. Whatever the season where you are now, online it can be a summer Blog-to Show on Saturday!
–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!!


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    Fab idea Liz. A new blog I’ve just started for my husband’s biz Pro Studio Supply could certainly use your professional advice. Great timing for me. Thanks a million.

  2. says

    Oh, Liz! I remember that first blog-to show! That was one of the very first ways I ever promoted my blog, and just about the first time we met. How very cool that it is back! :)

  3. says

    Hi, Liz-
    I am so glad I finally got my SOB badge proudly posted on my blog. Geez, I’ll have to get my tail in gear to get into the parade by Saturday. So glad you are doing this.

  4. says

    I will be there – I have lots of detailing and polishing to do first.

    And I still have to figure out what to write for the ‘brief paragraph of blogging advice or a short bloggy quote that shows a little personality.’

  5. says

    Hi Liz!

    Saw your tweet about your Blog-to show summer gathering, how cool!

    I’ll be emailing you, thanks for the opportunity! :) (oh yeah, it’s been stumbled! 😉 )

  6. says

    Thanks so much! This is a great idea. I’m of the opinion that being a generous to others always pays off, often in unexpected ways. I’ll be here to check out everyone else and shop for feeds.

  7. says

    Thanks for doing this :-) I’ve got mine submitted!

    Now, to go home tonight and churn out some new content so I have something exciting to link to in the morning.

  8. says

    Just found this through Mrs. Fussypants on Twitter. Looks like a great idea!

    Will get cranking and submit later today.

    And I’ll be back to browse your blog!

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    Hi Liz, I found you via Geoffrey Philp’s blog. I just commented him and thought your readers might be interested to see what I wrote:

    Hello Geoffrey!

    After reading your post I decided to sign on to this as well. Unlike you, I don’t think I’m going to post an article about my posts. You see, some of the articles I believe I researched and wrote to perfection, have barely been seen by netizens, while some posts that were written quickly, even some as “throwaways” have gone on to become monster hit-grabbers. Some posts that I wrote in 2005 are still catching hits on a daily basis.

    In recent months, two posts, one about teen actress Miley Cyrus and the other about Hillary Clinton’s right-hand Huma Abedin, gobbled up traffic like there was no tomorrow, while some special stories and RIPS barely got noticed (except this week’s post about the death of DJ K-Swift).

    Some blogs are able to atract large numbers of RSS subscribers and a “following” or regular readership. In my estimation I have about 50 total “followers.” But you know what? On any day should my blog get thousands of hits, it’s those 50 loyalists who really count, who make my day when I look in the blog stats and see that they’ve come back.

    For me, the best thing about blogging (besides getting issues out there and off my chest) is meeting wonderful people, like you and many others. Thank-you Geoffrey, and thank-you “others” for making my daily journey across life a little easier each day.

    Peaceful Blessings,
    Dave Lucas

  10. says

    What an excellent idea, Liz. You always come up with the best of them. Too bad I got wind of it too late to join in (been under the weather for the last few days…figures).

    I’ll definitely join in the reading part of it though.

  11. says

    Ho did I miss this opportunity? I am just seeing this now and it pained me. Anyway, there wil lbe a second chance I hope. I love this initiative!!!

  12. says

    Oh but of course, since it required physical presence, I guess I am kind of diqualify. I hope as time goes on you will extend the invite to pple living abroad. Thanks

  13. says

    Again you are trailblazing Liz. Wish I’d not been on a plane so much last week and missed hearing about this earlier. Yet I will peruse the posts and refer to your glorious Me2We showcase where one prson – you – leveraged more value with and for many other adept bloggers

    Perhaps this will be an annual event, eh?

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