Why your online voice matters

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The topic of authenticity, self-discovery and representation of our True Selves comes up frequently in any conversation about social media, whether it be among those who work within the space, or when talking with people who have an inherent distrust of the digital landscape.

For those who operate within the space, being able to determine the shill from the professional is a point of not only personal preference but also professional effectiveness. On the other hand, when talking with people who still think that everyone behind a keyboard is a hermaphrodite with ill intent (“You don’t know WHO Read More…

Best practices for building an integrated business community

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What is an online community?

Online community is an organized group of people connecting and sharing online on a regular basis. It’s generally accepted that members of an online community have the ability to communicate with each other as well as with the operator of the community. Most communities also have their own set of guidelines or rules, visual signals, and peer support.

A true online community builds equity over time, and can be classified as “owned media.”

What is not an online community?

Broadcast-only or broadcast-centric platforms, such as an emailed newsletter list, Twitter accounts, or Read More…

Small actions, taken consistently, can move mountains

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When Rosa Parks decided she wasn’t going to give up her bus seat, she may not have had in mind kicking off a movement that would change life in America.

Herman Melville, writing the sentence “Call me Ishmael,” probably didn’t sit down to write “the novel of the century.”

Mother Teresa simply decided to care for one person at a time. She had no thought of becoming beatified by the Catholic Church.

We all have to find our own first small action.

One organization that is truly living this credo is Milaap. It’s a crowdlending platform that has raised more Read More…

Why you can’t do it alone

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Over the past few years that I have been writing for Liz on this platform, I seldom make direct reference to the nonprofit I established. It seems a bit self-indulgent, even though many of the topics I write about in “Independent Ideas” come directly from struggles I face as an entrepreneur in the nonprofit space. The nonprofit world itself is evolving into a hybrid model, with social entrepreneurism (#socent), social capitalism (#socap) and triple bottom line models (#tbl or #3bl) all attempting to reinvent the way people invest in each other.

Because, really, that’s where real wealth is Read More…

June 2014 Gathering in Chicago with Liz Strauss

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Dear Friends & Community,

Thank you for your interest in being part of the gathering in Chicago that is being held June 27 -29, 2014 with Liz Strauss.  Paul O’Mahony, Eric T. Strauss and I have been working behind the scenes to develop a weekend that will be full of amazing connections, wonderful learnings and inspiring personal & business opportunities!

We have been collaborating closely with Liz Strauss to plan what’s next.  We have also received feedback from many folks about what they want to happen when we all meet in Read More…

Social Media Has the Power to Change Lives

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By Robert Derington

There are many people who need help, and many who set about helping them. In this day and age, social media goes a long way to getting the word out. As a resource it can reach huge numbers of people all across the world, and greatly increase the success of any fund raising that needs to be done. With sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where millions of people can be reached, the potential for achieving goals is raised dramatically.

Social Media has a powerful ability to inform people of worthy causes, based simply on the fact Read More…

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