Social Media Has the Power to Change Lives

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By Robert Derington

There are many people who need help, and many who set about helping them. In this day and age, social media goes a long way to getting the word out. As a resource it can reach huge numbers of people all across the world, and greatly increase the success of any fund raising that needs to be done. With sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where millions of people can be reached, the potential for achieving goals is raised dramatically.

Social Media has a powerful ability to inform people of worthy causes, based simply on the fact Read More…

What is the best gift you can’t wrap?

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Everything is a gift. Everything. Even the heartache and loss we may have all experienced at one time or another in our lives. What significant for me is the evolving awareness and acceptance of the nature and qualities of a gift.

As a child, Christmas was about asking. Tallying the number of presents under the tree, comparing your loot pile with the amounts your brother or sister may have. Shaking and wondering what could be inside the packages… the resigned knowledge that the gooshy one was socks and underwear.

In my house, Christmas was also all about rituals. Read More…

Blogging Conference Guide for 2014

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By Jessy Troy

Bloggers unite! The year 2014 is going to be a huge one for conferences where we can all get together, learn about current trends, improve marketing results, boost content and make plenty of valuable friends along the way.

Some of the events going on are truly exciting, as they are some of the biggest series around. If you are planning on attending any conferences within the next twelve months, here are some you should really consider.

1. SOBCon Chicago 2014

SOBCon comes back stronger in 2014! Please Read More…

You’re Only A Stranger Once

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The tagline for this blog jumped off the site at me the other day.

Liz says, “you’re only a stranger once.”

The first time you encounter someone, whether it’s online or offline, you have a lifetime of possibilities floating between you. There’s no messy experience to muddy the waters, no shared history. As strangers, you are just two molecules floating around.


The molecules collide.

Now the possibilities start to develop. Will you share a laugh in your first meeting? Will the other person say something that violates your personal code, and immediately cut off Read More…

Innovation. Ownership. Collaboration.

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By Sherrie Rohde

It seems that lately the words innovation, ownership and collaboration are cycling through my daily thought process and conversations at a rate that I can barely keep up with.


Innovation is our starting place. With social media weve created an outlet for emphasizing every disaster, whether its a true world catastrophe or lapse in judgment. Instead of looking at the world with this emphasis of pain and failure, let’s look at it through the lens of How can we make this a better place? Im not saying those problems arent real, but its time we step Read More…

Why working for charity is not your average day job

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By Sophie Ponting

It’s not every job that offers you the satisfaction of knowing that the hard work you put in every day is making a real difference to those less fortunate than yourself, but that’s the feeling that comes with working for a charity. Whether it’s as a fundraiser, administrator, or even marketing for a charity, the opportunities for work in your particular area of expertise whilst sticking to your moral values are endless.

According to the UK Charity Commission there are 180,000 registered charities in England and Wales alone, and while many of the workers at these Read More…

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