Celebrate Successful-Blog’s 3rd Birthday with me and 720 SOBs!

Will You Come?


I’m writing this special invitation to every Successful and Outstanding Blogger — whether you’re on the list or not.

I’ve been putting up that list for 157 weeks of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers! In last week, I’ve combed over the SOB List. What a memorable walk that was. I got the full impact of how many blogs had grown and how many were gone.

Truing up the list convinced me to move forward with plans to raise the bar and the meaning of the SOB List. Keep your eyes open for more to come.

In the meantime, would you join us? We’re having a birthday celebration!

The 3rd All-Day Open Comment Birthday Party

Who: Everyone is invited.

Where: Successful-Blog . . . http://www.successful-blog.com

When: Tuesday, October 28, 2007, 7a.m – 11p.m. Chicago Time (Central Time/GMT -6hrs See the clock in sidebar on this blog.)

What to bring:

  • Bring a link to a page, a picture, a post that demonstrates, celebrates, illuminates your success and outstanding-ness in blogging and social media.
  • Or bring that ebook, that manifesto, that photo, that priceless work that you want to share as a birthday gift to everyone.
  • Bring yourself and a comment about why you’re successful.
  • I’ll be sitting inside your computer waiting to read it and respond to them all.

    A Party! You’re Invited! C’mon! Let’s Talk and Have Some Fun!

    These are 157 weeks of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers. In alphabetical order . . . um er . . . sort of.

    Successful and Outstanding Bloggers

    1. 1800HART
    2. 1 Good Reason
    3. 3 Thumbs Up Award
    4. 360 Digital Influence Blog
    5. 45 Things
    6. 9rules weblog
    7. 9o1 am
    8. 100 words a day
    9. 101 Cookbooks
    10. absurdities
    11. Abundance Highway
    12. Achenblog
    13. Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion
    14. AdRANTs
    15. Adversity University Blog
    16. agentgenius
    17. Alex Shalman
    18. Alister Cameron, Blog Consultant
    19. All American Blogger
    20. ALLIED
    21. All Things Workplace
    22. Alphablogs
    23. Altitude Branding
    24. American Pai
    25. AmritHallan.com
    26. Andy Beard
    27. Another Blogger
    28. @ntbag
    29. Anubis Marketing
    30. AriWriter
    31. Art of Money
    32. The Art of Non-Conformity
    33. Art Projects for Kids
    34. The Artsy Asylum
    35. AskOwlbert
    36. Ask Dr. Kirk
    37. Atlantic Canadas Small Business Blog
    38. At the Speed of Me . . .
    39. Attract More Customers
    40. back in skinny jeans
    41. backyard conversations
    42. Bad Language
    43. Balanced Life Center
    44. Barry J. Moltz blog
    45. the BBP Blog
    46. bbluesman=Mark Forman
    47. Becoming Learner Centered
    48. behind the glasses
    49. Bell Ringer Public Relations
    50. be passiotive
    51. Best of Mother Earth
    52. Beth’s Blog
    53. Beyond Blinking Lights and Acronyms
    54. BIGG success
    56. Biz Growth News
    57. Biz Plan Hacks
    58. Black in Business
    59. BLAGICA
    60. blending the mix
    61. BLOG
    62. Blog About Your Blog
    63. BlogBlog
    64. Blog Business World
    65. Blog for Profit
    66. ‘BlogHer
    67. The Blog Herald
    68. blogmundi
    69. Blog Network Watch
    70. The Blog of Dysfunction
    71. Blogopreneur
    72. Blogosquare
    73. The Blog Studio
    74. Blog U
    75. blogvert
    76. Blogwrite for CEOs
    77. BloggersBlog
    78. Blogging Bits
    79. Blogging for Business
    80. Blogging Pro
    81. Blogging Rocket
    82. Blogging Sueblimely
    83. The Blogging Times
    84. Blood and Treasure
    85. =) Bnpositive’s Blog
    86. bogatstvo.net
    87. Bold Enterprises
    88. Borderland
    89. Brad Blogging
    90. Brain Based Biz
    91. Brain Based Business
    92. BRAND NEW
    93. brandsizzle
    94. Brent’s Social CRM Blog
    95. Brian Gardner Media
    96. Brian Kim [dot] net
    97. Brightmeadow
    98. Broadcasting Brain
    99. Bruce Clay Inc
    100. bryan strawser
    101. A Bugged Life
    102. Build a Solo Practice, LLC
    103. Business Is Personal
    104. The Business of America Is Business by David Starling
    105. Business Blogging Tips
    106. Business and Blogging
    107. BusinessBlogwire
    108. Business of Design Online
    109. Business on the Mound
    110. Business Opportunities and Ideas
    111. Business Performance Coaching
    112. Business Services, ETC
    113. Buzzoodle Buzz Marketing
    114. California is a recipe for a Black Hole
    115. Candice
    116. Catskill Cottage Seed
    117. Carl Ocab
    118. carpe factum
    119. Notebook Web of Cedric Giorgi
    120. central iowa bloggers
    121. ceslava
    122. Changemaker: Change Your Life
    123. change therapy
    124. Change your thoughts
    125. Chartreuse (BETA)
    126. Chief Happiness Officer
    127. Chinmayd
    128. chrisbrogan.com
    129. chrisg.com
    131. church tech matters
    132. Cindy King
    133. CKs Blog
    134. ckwebb
    135. Client Magnet
    136. Climb to the Stars
    137. Codswallop
    138. Coffee Jitters
    139. Collaborative Ideation
    140. Colour Lovers
    141. Com Hacker
    142. Communication Overtones
    143. copes flavio
    144. CompuWorld
    145. comunisfera, observatorio de e-comunicacion
    146. Confessions of an Executive Recruiter
    147. Confident Writing
    148. confused of calcutta
    149. Connected Content
    150. Consuming Experience
    151. Conversation Agent
    152. Converstations
    153. Copyblogger
    154. The Copywriter Underground
    155. Copywriting.com
    156. The Copywriting Maven
    157. Cosmedia
    158. Cottontimer
    159. Crazy Aunt Purl
    160. Craig’s site
    161. create business growth
    162. Creating a Better Life
    163. Creating Passionate Users
    164. Creative Curio
    165. Creative Freelancing
    166. Creative Think
    167. Creativity Prompt
    168. CREEations
    169. Cross the Breeze
    170. css mania
    171. CustServ
    172. Customer Service Experience
    173. customers are always
    174. Cypherhackz
    175. The D Spot
    176. Daily Apps
    177. Daily Blog Tips
    178. DAILY IDEA TV
    179. The Daily Tee
    180. Daniel B. Honigman’s Site
    181. Dan Mosqueda
    182. Dating Profile of the Day
    183. dave olson.ca
    184. David Airey
    185. davidbullock.net
    186. david finch
    187. Dean Hunt . com
    188. Debbie Millman
    189. Decadent Tranquility
    191. Deborah Woehr
    192. dedestruct
    193. Denise Kincy Grier’s Writing Journey
    194. deep jive interests
    195. Department of Internets
    196. Design MeltDown
    197. Designers Who Blog
    198. Different Pixel
    199. Disruptive Thoughts
    200. Doc Searls Weblog
    201. Dr. Deborah Serani
    202. The Discomfort Zone
    203. The Disquiet in Men
    204. dmiracle.com
    205. dooce
    206. Dossy’s Blog
    207. doozieUp
    208. Dorais Techlog
    209. Drew’s Marketing Minute
    210. Duct Tape Marketing
    211. duncanriley.com
    212. dustbury.com
    213. Earth & Sky
    214. Eat4Today
    215. EAT MY GAMES
    216. Echo Echo
    217. Edge
    218. Educational Technology and Life
    219. Egg Marketing Blog
    220. Elaine’s Place
    221. An eLearning Experience
    222. Elemental Truths
    223. ema studios
    224. Email Our Military
    225. Empathy
    226. The Engaging Brand
    227. Enhance Life
    228. Enter the Laughter
    229. entrepreMusings
    230. Essential Keystrokes
    231. ePublishingdaily
    232. eric setiawan
    233. Escape Blog
    234. Escape from Cubicle Nation
    235. Everyday Baby Steps
    236. Every Dot Connects
    237. Everything Finance
    238. Evolving Times
    239. Experience Curve
    240. Eye on DNA
    241. fadtastic
    242. Family Travel
    243. Fashion-Incubator
    244. The Fem Geek
    245. On Financial Success
    246. Finding the Money
    247. Finding the Sweet Spot
    248. finding your marbles
    249. fizz
    250. Flooring the Consumer
    251. The Fluent Self
    252. flyteblog
    253. Footsteps in the Mirror
    254. Fortify Your Oasis
    255. Fractals of Change
    256. Franke James
    257. fredscapes
    259. Freelance Writing Jobs
    260. freshblog
    261. Fresh Focus on Productivity
    262. Friday Traffic Report
    263. friendly bit
    265. The Frugal Law Student
    266. Fuel My Blog
    267. Funny Emails
    268. gapingvoid
    269. Geeked Info
    270. geekpreneur
    271. Geeks are Sexy
    272. GENUINE
    273. Genuine Curiosity
    274. Get Rich Slowly
    275. gidibao’s cafe
    276. Giddy Tigers
    277. Gifter
    278. girls can’t what
    279. GITR’S WoW BLOG
    280. Glenda Watson Hyatt
    281. Global Neighbourhoods
    282. golfnoise
    283. The Good Blogs
    284. good to know
    285. good word editing
    286. Google Blogoscoped
    287. GottaGettaBlog!
    288. Green Media Toolshed
    289. Howard Greenststein’s Website
    291. Guerilla Consulting
    292. the happy burro
    293. Happenings, advice, & other technology thoughts!
    294. Heart of Business
    295. Heroes Not Zombies
    296. Home Office Women
    297. Homeless Family’s Blog
    298. the Hot Iron
    299. Hoshichan
    300. House of Luxe
    301. How to Blog by Emily Robbins
    302. How to Change the World
    303. the How-To Geek
    304. How to Be an Original
    305. how to save the world
    306. How to Split an Atom
    307. Howard Lizdzon
    308. I Can Has Cheez Burger
    309. I Succeed by Helping You Succeed
    310. Ian McKenzie
    311. Ideas for WOMEN
    312. IDEATE
    313. iface thoughts
    314. ifelse
    315. ifthenelse
    316. iJump!
    317. Implementing Scrum
    318. in over your head
    319. indeterminacy
    320. Indie Biz Chicks
    321. Infektia.net
    322. Information Wants to Be Free
    323. India PR Blog
    324. influx
    325. Inner 88
    326. Innovative Business Golf Solutions
    327. Innovation Zen
    328. inspiration bit
    329. Inspired Moneymaker
    330. Internet Moment
    331. Interview Chatter
    332. Instigator Blog
    333. Itty Biz
    334. Invincibelle
    335. Intent Blog
    336. iPlot
    337. iStrategy Labs
    338. It’s Different for Girls
    339. The J spot
    340. jaffee juice
    341. Jamie Harrop
    342. Janet Lee Johnson
    343. Jazz Cafe Borja
    344. JC Hutchins.net
    345. JeetBlog
    346. Jeff Gammons STORM CHASER
    347. Jeff Pulver Blog
    348. Jersey Todd
    349. Jessica Doyle ca
    350. JibberJobber
    351. Jim Gibbon
    352. JohnCow.com
    353. jonathan fields
    354. Josh Klein Web Strategy
    355. Joy of Autism
    356. Joyful, Jubilant Learning
    357. Juggling Frogs
    358. jules . ca
    359. Just Creative Design
    360. Just Thinkin’
    361. Kaboom!
    362. Keng
    363. Kent Blumberg
    364. kmarblogsome
    365. Keith Dsouza
    366. Kickass Web Design
    367. Kicking the Gourd
    368. The Kiss Business Too
    369. La Marguerite
    371. The Leadership Challenge
    372. Leadership Made Simple
    374. Lead Quietly
    375. leah in chicago
    376. Left the Box
    377. Legal Andrew
    378. Lessons fron the Scrapbook Page
    379. leo @ officenet [dot] com
    380. Leutola blogi
    381. Levite Chronicles
    382. LIEWCF
    383. Life as I See It
    384. Life Beyond Code
    385. Life Clever
    386. Life Dev
    387. Life in Perpetual Beta
    388. lifehack.org
    389. LifeUrbanist
    390. Light Within
    391. LighterFootstep
    392. Lip-Sticking
    393. lil duck duck
    394. Linkedintelligence
    395. Little Mayvelous Things
    396. Live Live Where You Want
    397. Live Your Best Life
    398. Lives Less Ordinary
    399. Living Leadership
    400. Living with Multiple Personalities
    401. the local tourist
    402. Logic + Emotion
    403. Logical Emotions
    404. Loosely Speaking
    405. Lorelle on WordPress
    406. Lost Art of Blogging
    407. Louise’s UK Recruiter Blog
    408. Lumpy’s Corner
    409. Make Blog
    410. Make It Great
    411. Make Marketing History
    412. Making life work for you
    413. Management Craft
    414. Manage to Change
    415. mandarine
    416. the man page
    417. The Many Faces of Mike
    418. M.A.P. Maker
    419. The Marketing Fresh Peel
    420. Marketing Hipster
    421. Marketing Pilgrim
    422. Marketing Profs Daily Fix Blog
    423. The Marketing Technology Blog
    424. Marketing Tools Review
    425. Martin Neumann . com . au
    426. Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO
    427. May It Please the Court
    428. McLellan Marketing Group
    429. Media Dragon
    430. Mediator Tech
    431. Medical Blog Network
    432. Metafluence
    433. Michael Stelzners Writing White Papers
    434. Michael Sync
    435. Michelle Styles
    436. Middle Zone Musings
    437. MikeDoe.net
    438. MIND PETALS
    439. Miss 604
    440. modern fabulousity
    441. Mom Gadget
    442. A Month in Venice
    443. mousewords
    444. Movie Marketing Madness
    445. Muhammad Saleem
    446. Mujeres de Empresa
    447. My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings
    448. My Year of Getting Published
    449. National Networker
    450. Neal Pollack’s Alternadad
    451. Neat & Simple Living
    452. nektros
    453. From the Mind of Neenz
    454. net business blog
    455. Net Manners
    456. new music strategies
    457. Next Up
    458. Ninja Poodles
    459. noblessoblige
    460. NO!SPEC
    461. Now Sourcing
    462. NoviaVizia.com
    463. Occam’s RazR
    464. O’Flaherty blog
    465. Office Freaks
    466. Ohad News
    467. onebyone media
    468. One Kind Act
    469. Online Marketing Blog
    470. Online Media Cultist
    471. Online Sales Success
    472. OnlineSPIN
    473. Open innovators
    474. The Opinions of a Loud Mouth Man
    475. Orbit Now
    476. Own your brand
    477. PR 2.0
    478. Pajama Professional
    479. The Parody
    480. parkinsense
    481. patricia-martin.com
    482. Performancing
    483. Personal PR
    484. Petrona
    485. Phil Butler Unplugged
    486. Phil’s Proof
    487. phocks
    488. Photo Matt
    489. Pick the Brain
    490. Pig Notes
    491. pingable
    492. pink apple connections
    493. Pistachio Consulting
    494. Pixelscribbles
    495. Plagiarism Today
    496. Plain Jane Mom
    497. Planet Webdev
    498. Plastibag.org
    499. Pluperfecter
    500. Political Calculations
    501. Polliwogs Pond
    502. Pop! PR Jots
    503. popurls
    504. Ponto media
    505. Positive Communication
    506. The Positivity Blog
    507. Pothole on the Infobahn
    508. Pow! Right Between the Eyes
    509. PPC Advice
    510. Practical Blogging
    511. Presentation Zen
    512. principled innovation
    513. pro Blog Design
    514. Problogger.net
    515. Psychcentral
    516. Publishing 2.0
    517. Pure Blogging
    518. purple wren communications
    519. QMusings
    520. QAQNA
    521. Queen of Spain
    522. Questallia . . .
    523. Quick Online Tips
    524. Ramblings from a Glass Half Full
    525. Random Good Stuff
    526. Reader Appreciation Project
    527. The Real Blogger Status
    528. redcatco
    529. Real Lawyers
    530. Realtor Weblog
    531. Reason 4 Smile
    532. Reiki Help Blog
    533. Remarkablogger
    534. remarkable communication
    535. Re:Retro
    536. Resonanace Partnership Blog
    537. Rick Grant & Associates
    538. RickMahn.com
    539. Rick Wolff
    540. Riding on Dragons
    541. the-ripple-effect
    542. ririan project
    543. the-ripple-effect
    544. Rock Your Day
    545. rohdesign
    546. The Rugged Notebooks Blog
    547. sambharmafia
    548. Saul Colt
    549. The Savvy Entrepreneur
    550. Sawse It Up, Stir It Up!
    551. Scorpias Gaming Lair
    552. Scot Herrick
    553. scribbit
    554. Scribble Designs
    555. Search Engine Marketing Musings from an Old School SEO
    556. searchMatters
    557. the Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius
    558. Selfish Giving
    559. Semantic Drift
    560. Sensational Color
    561. skelliewag.org
    562. Serenity Quest
    563. Seth Godin’s Blog
    564. Servant of Chaos
    565. Service Untitled
    566. Shards of Consciousness
    567. SHO( )OT MY BLOG!
    568. Shirley Buxton
    569. Sifry’s Alerts
    570. Sillyness, werd
    571. Simple Help
    572. Simplenomics
    573. simplerich
    574. Six Degrees of Inspiration
    575. Six Revisions
    576. skelliewag.org
    577. Skinny Moose Media
    578. Slightly Mordant
    579. Small Biz Survival
    580. Smart Wealthy Rich
    581. Small Business Blogging Scout
    582. Small Business Enterpreneur’s Blog
    583. Small Dogs Paradise
    584. smays.com
    585. sniki
    586. snook.ca
    587. Social Media Club
    588. Social Media Explorer
    589. The Social Media Marketing Blog
    590. Social Media Optimization
    591. Social Times
    592. solostream webstudio
    593. Some Assembly Required
    594. Somewhat Frank
    595. Sonnie’s Porch
    596. So You Want to Teach?
    597. SpaceAgeSage
    598. spatially relevant
    599. sparkplug9
    600. sparkplugging
    601. Spirit in Gear
    602. Spooky Action
    603. Startup Princess
    604. STATS
    605. Stenstropedia
    606. Steve Farber Extreme Leadership
    607. Steve Olson Com
    608. Stop and Think!
    609. Stop/Start
    610. Stories by REL
    611. Strategic Conversations
    612. Strategic Name Development
    613. Strategy Stew
    614. studentlinc
    615. stubborn fanatic
    616. Success Begins Today
    617. Success CREEations
    618. Success from the Nest
    619. Success Part 2
    620. Successful Entrepreneur Tips
    621. sudelblog_de
    622. Sumeetjain.com
    623. Sunny Schlenger
    624. TDH
    625. Tales of a Smartup
    626. Tammy Green – My Aggregated Life
    627. TAXGIRL
    628. Tech Buzz
    629. technical blog
    630. Technosailor
    631. Technology Evangelist
    632. Techno Marketer
    633. TechnoSpot.net
    634. Technotheory
    635. Techtites
    636. Telling It Like It Is
    637. that canadian girl
    639. Trevor Hampel
    640. Think Positive Blog!
    641. the thinking blog
    642. Thinking Home Business
    643. This Garden Is Illegal
    644. thomas r. clifford
    645. Tlog
    646. Todd and the Power to Connect
    647. Torres Burriel
    648. Tracksuit CEO
    649. Traffick
    650. Traffikd
    651. Trevor Hampel
    652. true callings .net
    653. Tutorial 9
    654. Tutorials Garden
    655. Tweet. Greet.
    656. Twenty Steps
    657. Twittering on the Edge
    658. Ty and Mari’s Mobile Lifestyle Blog
    659. Typehacks
    660. Unconventional Thinking
    661. unpopular web culture
    662. Upper Fort Stewart
    663. Utah Tech Jobs
    664. Useful Lunacy
    665. Vandelay Website Design
    666. vc cafe
    667. Verge New Media
    668. Video Pod Chronicles
    669. The Viral Garden
    670. Virtual Impax
    671. The Virtual Wire
    672. The Vocabulary Reclamation Project
    673. Wabi Sabe Me
    674. WAHM.com
    675. walk on
    676. Wayne Liew Dot Com
    677. Webgazette.co.uk
    678. Weblog Tools Collection
    679. WebSuccessDiva
    680. WebUpon
    681. Web Worker Daily
    682. Web Urbanist
    683. Webernetting
    684. Wendy Piersall
    685. What Would Dad Say
    686. Where Is Basil?
    687. Whimspiration
    688. Why Does Everything Suck?
    689. Wired PR Works
    690. Wintermute’s blog
    691. wishful thinking
    692. Word Sell, Inc
    693. Words of a Broken Mirror
    694. Words from Yannis
    695. Work at Home Mom’s Talk Radio Blog
    696. Working at Home on the Internet
    697. Working Blogger
    698. working solo
    699. Work n Play
    700. The Wrong Advices
    701. Wilson’s Blogmanac
    702. Win Extra
    703. Write from Home
    704. Writer’s Notes
    705. Write to Done
    706. The Writer’s Technology Companion
    707. Writers Unbound
    708. A Writer’s Words, an Editor’s Eye
    709. Writing Clear and Simple
    710. Writing for Pay
    711. Writing Great Ezines and Blogs
    712. Wuching
    713. Yap 3.0
    714. Yellow House Hosting
    715. You Already Know This Stuff
    716. you.got.foo
    717. YourCrea8tivity.com
    718. Your Daily Blogging Tips and Web 2.0 Development
    719. The Zehnkatzen Times
    720. Zoli’s Blog
    721. zoomstart

    Come if you can and bring a link to a story of your success!

    (There’s only one rule . . . be nice.)

    –ME “Liz” Strauss

    birthday balloon The party is Oct. 28th! Come for the surprises! Bring a link to your success!!!


    1. says

      Wow. So many, many blogs. That is a lot to absorb! I probably won’t visit that many blogs over the next 3 years!

    2. says

      Wow, that’s quite a list! I received an SOB badge a couple years ago, but yes, that blog has since been deleted. I do have a new one, but it hasn’t been revived yet…and it definitely does not deserve an SOB badge. I look forward to seeing who shows up at the party, though!

    3. says

      Hi Liz,

      Third birthday? Already? Somehow it seems like you’ve always been there (and that’s a good thing).

      Unfortunately, I’ll be down in Boston, MA shuttling between the 2 VA medical facilities on the 28th through the 29th (pre-op stuff) prior to surgery on the 30th. So I’m not sure when I’m going to be back online after today since I’m heading down tomorrow. I’m one of those “non-mobile” type folks who have neither a cell phone nor a netbook/notebook/ whatever that would enable me to join the party (dirty word, nasty phrase, etc,etc).

      So I’ll have to wish you a happy 3rd now then and hope for many more since i wouldn’t quite know what the world would be like without you in it. Much darker I think.

      So how’s it feel to be 3 years old again? Shorter? 😀

    4. says

      Hi Liz – wow, what a list!

      I can’t believe the year has whizzed by so fast. Only seems like minutes like we were partying in the comment box last time round.

      I’ll try and get there sometime on the day.

      Going to have to leave a smile too – great to see them back! :-)

    5. says

      Thanks for the invitation! I’ll try to make it. I’ve started taking yoga every Tuesday nights. I also started a day job so it’s been hard for me to make all your fun Tuesday night happy hours and many other things in my life :-)

      Aruni – #228 http://www.entrepreMusings.com

    6. says

      Sorry I won’t be there, Liz – but looking forward to getting back to Chicago sometime soon. Enjoy your party – and make sure the music’s good… :)

    7. says

      Congratulations, Liz! 3 years is a loooong time in blog years. I’ll be in the air that day, but will be thinking about all of you and join in the celebration by using this as an opportunity to launch connections with other SOBs on this list I may not already read and know.

      Thank you again for making the time productive, and fun.

    8. says

      That’s quite a list! I really need to get myself on that one of these days, but today? It’s all about YOU! Happy blogiversary!

      (Okay, I actually hate that word, but it IS pretty descriptive, huh? Three years is quite an achievement.)

    9. says

      Hi Diane,
      That’s definitely part of the fun — seeing who stops by and what they bring along with them. Can’t wait to see how your new blog comes together. :)

    10. says

      I know my life would be darker without you in it. Thanks for coming to leave a word. I’ll be thinking of you with every person who comes through the door.

      I’m delighted to have my emoticons back too! :) 😉

    11. says

      That’s a wonderful whack of blogs, Liz. I’ll have to get me on there too sometime, if I can.

      Now to go visit them all and comment before dinner in an hour!

      BTW, I notice you’ve widened the size of your blog’s body and it looks really really great – more pleasing proportions to the eye than before.

      You got it going on, Liz.

    12. says

      Hi Joanna!
      It only seems like minutes ago that we were partying the first time, then the second. Gee! Guess tomorrow it will be time for the fourth party!

      Smiles. :)

    13. says

      Haha, looks like you already did me a favour and put up a link to the blog post about celebrating my own blog anniversary (and podcast).

      Don’t know if I can make it though. Australia is just so far on the other side of the world and I have a thesis to finish by the end of the week.

      But hey…celebration calls for drinks. Have 1 or 5 on my behalf. :)

    14. says

      Hey Valeria!
      Thanks! You’re already here in spirit. More things are coming to make the list more connected. I’m looking to have the SOB network have it’s own value.

    15. says

      Hey Deb!
      Thanks for the great wishes. Glad you’re coming to the party. Now do what it says and send me a reason in an email telling me to make you an SOB. 😉

    16. says

      Three years -what is that in “blog” years? If a year of a human life is equal to 7 years for a dog – then what would be the equation for blogs?

      Would you say your blog is a teenager or a young adult?

    17. says

      Wow Liz! Congratulations! I’m impressed that you actually know your birthdate/anniversary, cuz I don’t remember when I started my blog. LOL

      I’ll do my best to be there for the party. :)

    18. says

      Oh yeah, Lin,
      I remember where I was sitting when I wrote that blog post. This was my second blog, but it was important to me. :)

      Do come if you can, it’s a heck of a party. :)

    19. says

      It’s great to see that among some very well-known and popular blogs you’ve also got less known and at times obscure blogs. But that’s the most outstanding thing about this list and you, Liz. Just because a blog didn’t make Technorati 100, it doesn’t meet at all, that this blog is not worth bookmarking and subscribing to.

      Hope I can make it to the party. Thanks for all your hard work, Liz, and keep it up. After all these years and hundreds of comments you still manage to respond to most of them. Outstanding!

    20. says


      Thanks for all the great work you do…for recognizing I’m a real S.O.B. (lol) and continuing to work your magic wherever you weave your spell.

      Happy 3rd birthday. You’ll look great :-)

    21. says

      Ha! I’m not too late this time around, how cool is that? :) As many others have said, thanks for putting me on the list together with so many excellent blogs. Happy Birthday!

    22. says

      Happy happy happy blogbirthday, Liz!

      More than the SOB, we should be celebrating YOU for gathering us together and giving us our voices, our blogs a space and an important niche in this blogosphere we can call our home.

      I wish you more success and stay happy, healthy, and beautiful always! *hugz*

    23. says


      Congratulations on achieving so much in just 3 years. I have been blogging about the same period of time and marvel at how popular and important your blog has become.

      Have a great day!


    24. says

      Liz! Congratulations on a fabulous 3 years – and here’s to many more! Thanks for publishing the list of SOB’s – awesome stuff… gonna have fun digging through that 😉

    25. says

      Wow, only three years? You’re so closely associated with blogging in my head that I figured it had to be eons! But congrats, congrats, Liz! You’re amazing!

    26. says

      What a list! You’ve definitely got your hand on the pulse of the blogosphere. Here’s to 3 more years of finding great blogs at a heart beats pace!

    27. says

      Liz, you are beyond description! Happy 3 years making this a more interesting and wonderful place. May the next three years be as fascinating – if not more… Thank you for sharing so much with so many all the time.

    28. says

      Hi Liz!

      Congrats on your 3rd birthday! I’m so excited as well to have made this list and I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

      I don’t know that I ever downloaded my badge though to say kudos and put you on my site! Where can I grab that? :)


    29. says

      #51 Susan!
      I’m lucky to have people like you around me. Thank you! You’re doing fine things yourself. :)

      #52 Glenda Thank you! Hope you make it for a Klondike bar and a dance or two!

    30. says

      Hi Paul Thank you for your congratulations. I’ve gotten to know so many people I care about and learned so much from all of them. Every minute I’ve invested has been worth so much more.

    31. says

      Thanks Jenn, You’ll find some great blogs all in a column in that list. :)

      #59 Hi Kelly!
      Sometimes it seems like I can’t remember when I wasn’t blogging either. Just like it’s hard to remember when I didn’t know you.

    32. says

      Heya C.B!
      Thank you! When are you coming by to this fair city so that we can meet again and talk about the old times together. . . . now that we have old times to talk about. :)

    33. says

      #72 Hiya Carol!
      Virtual parties are particularly fun when lots of folks come around and get talking.

      #73 Yep, Ajay.
      Hope you come to the party. :)

      #74 Jessica
      I’m still checking on your blog. Thank you for every memory. :)

    34. says

      thank you so much for the invite. and i can actually make it! this is so cool!

      liz you are one successful and outstanding woman. i am so honoured to have made your acquaintance.

    35. says

      Thanks for the honor and the invite. Alas, Chicago is geographically inconvenient for me. (Wish it weren’t. Great city.) Still, I lift a virtual glass. Continued success to all.

    36. says

      Congratulations Liz! Glad to see Successful Blog reach it’s third great year!

      As Doc suggests, lifting a virtual glass to your success!


    37. says


      Congrats on your 3rd anniversary! Wow! Your invitation made me stop and think about the wonderful opportunities that have opened up as a result of blogging! (I’ll tell you the good news at the party!)

      Thanks for hosting this get-together — and giving everyone a chance to shine! Look forward to sharing a glass of ‘virtual vine’ tomorrow.

      You are AMAZING!