Connected Content. Get Some.

By Lisa D. Jenkins

I live in a place that’s done a lot to embrace art in every day life. When I moved to Boise, I was giddy over the artist murals that cover the downtown traffic boxes. I have a favorite. It reminds me of a Miyazaki film.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a gallery opening for the colleague of a friend. There were close to a dozen pieces on display and I was immediately drawn in by the artist’s palette – all blues and reds that remind me of lined, 3 ring binder notebook paper. I’ve a decidedly odd sense of humor and as I walked from piece to piece, I felt the glimmer of a connection.

Here was a gal I could relate to. I got her sly satirical wit. I recognized something familiar in the expressions she put on canvas. Art does that.

There was one piece in particular I couldn’t get out of my mind so the next week, I went to the gallery website to have another look. Imagine my surprise when I was looking through the artist’s bio and found an image of my favorite traffic box art. Same artist – Erin Ruiz.

Fare Thee Well Erin Rulz

The two pieces couldn’t be more different but I love them both and for me the connection was cemented. I wanted to own that piece in the gallery. The artists’ body of work, her content – found in two distinctly separate spaces, did that.

You can do that.

From your blog to Pinterest and Google+, the articles you publish, the images you post and the updates you share should all work together to spark and sustain that same feeling of recognition with people who want or need what you provide.

It’s not just a picture on Instagram, a link on Twitter or a result in someone’s Google search query. Every piece of content you publish is a touchstone; a neural reminder that your product or service is an option, that your unique approach lets you serve a specific customer in a way that complements their life or business.

Turn those content touchstones to converting stepping stones when you can. While the success of this ultimately lies within your strategy and the tactics you use, there are some simple things you can do to start connecting your content today.

  • Make sure every blog post you write includes at least one link to another piece of related content you’ve published. This will pull people deeper into your site and let you share just a bit more on the subject that interests your reader.
  • Add the link to a related article to the description of images you post to social networks. When people see an image that resonates with them, the link will drive traffic back to your site – to an article that links to another article. You see what I did there.
  • Secure your Google Authorship. Right now. This connects your name and face next to your content any time it shows up in a Google search result.

One could argue these are elementary content tactics. But sometimes it’s the simple things that trip us up – or move things forward.

Is your content connected?

Author’s Bio: Lisa D. Jenkins is a Public Relations professional specializing in Social and Digital Communications for businesses. She has over a decade of experience and work most often with destination organizations or businesses in the travel and tourism industry in the Pacific Northwest. Connect with her on Google+


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    That traffic box art is gorgeous! I can see why you’d want to own a piece of this artist’s work.

    I love the rest of your article, too. I’ve often believed that most readers don’t fall in love with a site at first glance. But by giving them another taste, and another, they come to associate you with familiarity and recognition — in short, you’re no longer a stranger, you’re an acquaintance they want to turn into a friend.

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    Good ideas! I have just read your article on “Connected Content. Get Some.” and found it very impressive. The article is resourceful and attractive for the readers in the highest level. I must say that I look forward to read more on this topic. Bravo!

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