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Time Management and Research

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What is blog reading and commenting to you? Is it entertainment, interaction, or research for your work? How much time do you spend on the average day reading and commenting on blogs. Think about that before you read further.

I’ll do it too.

Ready? Whatever our answers, we have defined blog reading and commenting to us and quantified how much time we invest in them. Now consider the time we have available in a day. What percent of that time is blog reading and commenting?

Does that leave enough

  • time for our family and friends?
  • time for our work?
  • time for ourselves and for giving away?

If people read as many feeds as they say, I’m guessing it does not. Time is a resource we cannot replace.

Ten Blogs on Blogging

Everyone seems to know Darren’s ProBlogger, our friend from SOBCon Lorelle.Wordpress.com, the “evil” John Chow.com and Successful-Blog here. These are ten others in (no particular order) that offer consistent and quality information about blogging as well.

  1. Bloggingbasics101.com
  2. chrisg.com
  3. BloggingPro
  4. Vaspersthegrate.Blogspot.com
  5. A List Apart
  6. Smartwealthyrich.com
  7. eMomsatHome.com
  8. Alister Cameron, Blogologist
  9. Daily Blog Tips
  10. Buildabetterblog.com

Top Ten Blogs for Writers

For the Top 10 Blogs for Writers Mike Stelzner asked his 20,000 newsletter readers to participate in the nominations. I’ve shortened his definitions of the quality that each blog represents.

  1. Brian Clark’s CopyBlogger: does an amazing job of helping writers improve
  2. Deborah Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs: for freelance writers seeking new work
  3. Tom Chandler’s Copywriter Underground: regular doses of inspiration and writing tips
  4. Liz Strauss’s Successful-Blog: amazing insights into the craft of writing
  5. Angela Booth’s Writing Blog: something useful for all writers
  6. Kristen King’s InkThinker: improving the written word
  7. Anne Wayman’s The Golden Pencil: gold nuggets of information to freelance writers
  8. Carson Brackney’s Content Done Better: write better copy and make a living (now by Michi Beck)
  9. Dianna Huff’s B2B Marcom Writer Blog: marketing communications copywriting
  10. Allison Winn Scotch’s Ask Allison: For writers looking to break into the publishing world, be sure to check this one out.

Top Ten Blogs on Making Money

The Top Ten Blogs About Making Money in which Shane spends an entire blog post explaining how he came to choose his top ten.

  1. ProBlogger
  2. Shoemoney
  3. Self Made Minds
  4. Entrepreneur’s Journey by Yaro Starak
  5. John Chow.com
  6. Net Business Blog
  7. Bootmoney
  8. Andy Beard
  9. Dosh Dosh
  10. Mike’s Money Making Mission

Top Ten Web Analytics Blogs

This is the April 2007 update ranking from Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik. Be sure to read the post that details how the ranking is done.

  1. Occam’s Razor
  2. Web Metrics Guru
  3. Google Analytics Blog
  4. Web Analytics World
  5. Web Analytics Demystified-Eric T. Peterson’s Analytics Weblog
  6. Increasing your website’s conversion rate
  7. Unofficial Google Analytics Blog
  8. Lies, Damned Lies…
  9. WebAnalytics.be Blog
  10. Web Analysis, Behavioral Targeting and Advertising

I gathered this set with the intention of an offering that would cross blogging cultures. In that way, I’m hoping we all might explore, expnd our tastes, but leave room to let some go early on.

We choose from thousands of books to read and movies to see. Let’s do the same with the blogs that we read. I offer this set of 4 lists of 10 blogs with the hope that we’ll keep the those give us the best return on our investment.

How do you choose the blogs that serve your purpose?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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  1. says

    What a great list. One observation though (I know Mike Stelzner made the list, but…):

    This domain, http://www.contentdonebetter.com, has changed hands! As of May 5, 2007 the previous owner, Carson Brackney, has ended all affiliation with this web site in any way.

    The new owner, Michi Beck, assumes all responsibility for and claims all ownership to the information that is contained on the site.

    :) Michi is warm, kind and open, the kind of girl you’d really like.

  2. says

    This is a particularly helpful list of blogs. I had thought I was reading a number of blogs in these niches, but it seems like I’m only scratching the surface.

  3. says

    Interviewer: Jonathan, how does it feel to have your blog included in that post?

    Jonathan: Holy wow! It feels good!!! Come on, Liz Strauss put my blog on the same list as Alister Cameron, A List Apart, Daily Blog Tips, Chris G, Emoms At Home, and a bunch of awesome blog, doesn’t get any better! :)

    Interviewer: So you’re happy?

    Jonathan: OH YEAH! :) :) :) :)

  4. says

    Thanks for the link love, Liz, and thanks for the list. There are some great resources here I didn’t know about and I look forward to checking them all out.


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