Wendy Wouldn't Wait. Will You?

See the Difference

Wendy Piersall and I were talking this morning. Our conversation centered around this point.

A blog is a blog. A business is a business.

A blog isn’t a business any more than a building is a company. We can work our hearts out in the name of our blogs — reading feeds, writing posts, commenting, and social networking — but without a plan, those things won’t get us what we need to pay the rent.

I like having conversations about business with Wendy because she “gets” it. She knows that a blog can make money, but a business with a future requires a plan. Once Once Wendy decided that she was going to have a business, a business is what she built.

Wendy Wouldn’t Wait. Will You?

Wendy Piersall was invested in having a business. She wouldn’t wait for someone else to show her how. She made it was her job to research and do the work that needed to be done. She didn’t wait until every star was aligned. She aligned them for herself.

“I saw it as investing.” Wendy said. “I carefully choose what would move my business forward, then I went after the resources to make those things happen.” She scrimped to find time and money. “Do it that way, put your work and money down, and I assure you, you’ll make sure that your investments pay off.”

Wendy made a plan, found the best models, put together a mastermind team for support and went about building a business. Have you paid attention to how far Wendy has come?

This is Wendy’s blog last year.

eMoms February 2007

This is Wendy’s BUSINESS now. By SOBCon08 it will have expanded further.

eMoms February 2008

Wendy wasn’t flush with cash, time, or teachers. She wasn’t waiting for the future. She was ready to make a business. It took her less than a year.

I asked her what was the most important part. She said, “A blog is not a business. Business is a serious leap. You have to be ready to take it on.”

Wendy’s formula for success is familiar — Models, Mastermind Support, and a Plan.

I’m pleased to announce

I’m speaking at SOBCon08

What are you doing to build the business of your dreams now?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!! Models, Masterminds, and an Actionable Plan — SOBCon08 is May 2,3,4 in Chicago. Register now!
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  1. says

    Just left Wendy’s blog to come here, LOL!

    Not a mom, but I am a work-at-home dad. I have followed Wendy for quite a while, and she’s an inspiration. Love it!

  2. says

    I’m so thrilled to be working with Wendy. She inspires me and motivates me to do everything I can to turn my blog into a successful business!

  3. says

    that is a great story!

    i’d love to know more about building a mastermind group. i have definitely started reaching out to people i admire, and i want to make sure that they get value from our relationship as well…

    how does one build, protect and nuture a mastermind group?

  4. says

    We’d better all cool it or Wendy won’t be able to leave her house. She won’t get her head through the door :)

    Seriously, though. The fact that so many people showed up here to say how much they admire Wendy is inspiring.

    Good form, Liz, for giving us the opportunity to express our admiration.

  5. says

    Wow, that really blew my mind. I am getting more and more excited about SOBCon every day. I am really looking forward to learning from these talented folks.
    Thanks Liz!

  6. says

    Hi Bob!
    I know Wendy is too focused on her business to let a little blog post of mine distract her. I know you know that too. :)

    Great success deserves point out for the world to see. :)

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