Who’s ME Strauss and What’s She Doing Here?

Look Closely.

Can you see the difference? Can you tell I’m not Scrivs?

Liz Strauss is ME Strauss

I’m almost as tall as he is. My hair’s way longer than his.
Still he’s Scrivs, and I’m not.

Who am I?

I write as ME Strauss, but call me Liz. The ME was my parents’ idea, and it stuck. It worked in the publishing world. That’s where I started–but you didn’t come to read about me. Well if you want to there’s always my profile. . . . It’s over there in the sidebar on the left.

What am I doing here?

I’m the new face at Successful Blog. I’m doing all kinds of things–researching, writing, editing, talking, interviewing, questioning, learning, analyzing, strategizing, and a whole lot of other “ings”–whatever it takes to get to the bottom of whatever questions we can come up with about what makes a successful blog.

What can you expect?

One way that Scrivs and I look exactly alike is in what we have to say about success and blogs. We agree there are as many definitions for those two words as there are people to give them. I could have written what Scrivs wrote in his post What Makes a Successful Blog?

The generally accepted dictionary definition of success is, an event that accomplishes its intended purpose. Easy enough. Know your purpose and you’ll know how to define success for you. We’ll talk quite a bit about defining your goals and purpose here.

A Blog, or Weblog, is defined in the Wikipedia thusly:
A weblog (usually shortened to blog, but occasionally spelled web log) is both a web application used for entering, modifying and displaying periodic posts (normally in reverse chronological order) as well as the totality of content constituted by these posts.

The key terms in there, at least for our purposes, are “Web application” and “content.” For me a blog at it’s most basic is an enabler of content, a mechanism through which you publish something. It could be photos, video, artwork, poetry, news, stories — anything. Content, that is what’s key when it comes to blogging.

Here at Successful Blog we’ll talk about content, blogging applications, personal blogging, business blogging, blog design, writing, photo blogging, and . . . tips, techniques and pointers that you can apply to your blogs and your blogging experience.

You can expect we’ll do plenty of that. Conversations like that are what successful bloggers do. You can expect a new post every Monday through Friday and lots of new features. You can also expect that I’m not going to do all of the talking. I’ll constantly be asking what you think about things too.

Here’s what I see.

Successful Blog is the place where all kinds of bloggers meet to share their successes and swap strategies. The content is organized, thorough, and relevant. The conversation is fun, fast, and sometimes irreverent.

This week we’re going to talk about audience and Blog Reviews. You’re my audience. So as they say, enough about me, let’s talk about you.

What do you think I should know about you?

–ME “Liz” Strauss