How to Boost Blog Visits: Make Your Blog into a Mobile App

By Natalie Bracco

Just because you know how to write an interesting blog that gets visitors to come back time and time again doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to make your blog accessible to people who access online content through mobile devices. Without a tech background, it might seem impossible to turn a blog into a mobile app. Luckily, with the right tools, even a newbie can make blogs mobile-friendly and reach even more readers.

Make Your Own App with Conduit Mobile

Conduit Mobile

Creating your own app might sound intimidating, but you don’t need a degree in computer programming to make one that puts your blog into the hands of people using mobile devices.

A free tool called Conduit Mobile will do most of the work for you. Conduit Mobile takes content directly from your blog and makes it easy for mobile phones to access. You can even add YouTube videos, RSS feeds, and other social media to stay connected with your readers. Conduit Mobile is currently free for all users.

Go Mobile with GoMobi


GoMobi is similar to Conduit Mobile, but it’s slightly different in that it creates a .mobi domain for your site’s registrar. With GoMobi, you can quickly add your content to a mobile app that lets readers view your pictures, videos, and words. If you can upload images to your website, then you can use GoMobi. GoMobi even adds a link that will take visitors to your full website, allowing them to peruse all of the content that you have available. To use GoMobi, you have to purchase it from one of the product’s authorized dealers, such as eNom or DigiWeb. Typically it will cost about $7.50 per month.

Easy Integration with Uppsite


Uppsite claims that it can take your Web content mobile within two minutes. Its designers created it specifically it to work with popular publishing platforms like WordPress and Twitter, so you can integrate them into your mobile site easily without any technical knowledge. Uppsite also lets you add advertising to your mobile site without bogging down your content with ugly images. That could easily help you make more money. Uppsite comes in three plans to choose from: Basic, Premium, and Deluxe. The cheapest plan costs $9.99.

Use a Plug-in to Reach Mobile Readers


If you already use WordPress for your blog on your website, then you can add plug-ins that will instantly make content readable on smartphones. The basic version of WPtouch makes your WordPress content available without slowing down your website. If you want to maintain the look of your current site and access additional features, then you might need to upgrade to WPtouch Pro, which comes in at $39 per site.

MobilePress is another plug-in that makes your WordPress content easier to see and use on a mobile device. It, and several other plug-ins like it, is totally free.

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the most popular way for people to access online content. What steps have you taken to make sure all the people out there have a good experience when they visit your site?

Author’s Bio: Natalie Bracco writes about technology and blogging, especially on devices like LG cell phones. She also writes about finance and lifestyle. You can follow her on Twitter @NatalieBracco.


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