Is Restaurant Ownership Is Right For You? 10 Deciding Questions

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If you have a burning desire to own your own restaurant then chances are you will be good at it.

Following Your Dreams of Restaurant Ownership

Our fears often cause us to question our motives and delay us in fulfilling our dreams. We question why we should make major life changes, or do something we did not necessarily go to school for. We worry when other people’s lives would be affected by our decisions. Leaving a job that offers us security and benefits can seem so risky that it can cause fear so strongly that we have physical symptoms as a result.

On the flip side, not fulfilling a desire can also cause physical symptoms and stresses. If you really have a burning desire to be an entrepreneur and work with others in a restaurant setting, but do not follow your inner calling you can become depressed, irritated with others, or not perform as well at your current job. There is much truth in the old adage; you must be good to yourself before you can be good to others.

Is Restaurant Ownership Is Right For You? 10 Deciding Questions

Explore your thoughts surrounding restaurant ownership. The more you question your own motives and what may be holding you back the easier the answers will come. By writing down answers to these 10 deciding questions you may be able to learn what is really right for you.

    1. When did I first come up the idea that I would like to own my own restaurant?
    2. How did the thought come about and how did I feel?
    3. What was happening in my life at that time that may give me clues about why this thought came about?
    4. When I picture myself working in my restaurant does it seem realistic, and am I happy even when I envision chaos or problems that will be inevitable?
    5. Have I had dreams of myself working in a restaurant or symbols in my dreams that if analyzed could represent this desire?
    6. When I am in restaurants do I find myself mentally running the place, or do I have many ideas about how to make improvements?
    7. Do I truly envision myself enjoying working with the public, and people that would be my employees, even when conflicts arise?
    8. Would I be happy if I had to multitask as well as delegate jobs to others?
    9. Is there a part of me that wants to do this to please someone else or feel important? If I take away that person and or the feeling of importance would I still want to proceed?
    10. Who may be holding me back in my own mind? Make a list of all the people in your life and how they would react? If the reaction is negative or unsupportive what are the reasons? Is it really his/her own fear, or is it a concern the person legitimately has for you? If valid explore that thought and whether or not you believe it.

Starting any new venture can be scary. The best way to move fear aside is to gain knowledge. In exploring the idea you may learn that restaurant ownership is not really for you, but rather it was the idea of independence, or to please someone else that really appealed to you deep down. If this is the case then nothing was lost and only new self-knowledge was gained. If you do find becoming a restaurant owner is what you feel you were meant to do, then next explore the ways to make it a reality, and good luck in your journey!

Do you have a story about when you began your own restaurant or own business? In the comments below, let us know what you went through to make it happen.

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