The How to Happiness – Top 10 Ways to Start Living Your Life

Everyone Gets the Same 24 Hours

parrots talking to each other

“I need to get a life.”
I want to start a new life.”
“Tell me the how to happiness.”

You don’t need to get a life, you’ve already got one.

Life — it’s what we do between the time we get here and when we go. We only get one, and despite what other folks might suppose, it’s ours to determine what to do with it.

We don’t measure life in hours and minutes. We measure life in memories and moments.

What do you think of when you read this sentence?

It was the time of my life.

We don’t say that often enough.
What would it take for you to live life saying that?
Isn’t that idea the how to happiness?

The Top 10 Ways to Start Living Life

Life either happens to us, or we take hold of life and live it.
Here are the top 10 Ways to get a life and start living it.

  1. Give yourself permission to claim your life. That’s right — permission. You’re the only one who can decide you are in charge of your life. Even though it feels like you’re not supposed to do so, turn off the internal editors, the old tape recordings, the “shoulds, have tos, and musts”, and the rules that didn’t come from you.

  2. Define what living means to you. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Just picture yourself at the end of your life looking back. What words would you want to describe how you lived your life and who you are as a person?

  3. Stop living in the future. Every time you think “someday” or “when I have time I will,” stop. Ask yourself, “Why not now?” Think about this sentence, “I always wanted to, but never did.” Start doing the things you always planned to do. Choose to start a new life every morning. Plan one thing you will do today to feel alive.

  4. Surround yourself with people who enjoy living. They’ve obviously discovered how to have a life and live it. Why not hang with the pros?

  5. Lay down your pain and your anger. Carrying them around makes living harder and less fun. It doesn’t bring anything, and it steals a lot. Choosing what fuels you is how you start over in life.

  6. Let the losers win. Don’t argue about things that you don’t care about. Unless there’s some real threat, let the folks who have something to prove, prove what they need to. Why waste your living time trying to fix what’s wrong with them?

  7. Create energy. Jump to forgiveness and love, then figure things out. Most conclusions we jump to are not only wrong, they’re negative. Negative conclusions lead us to prepare a defense. Being on the defensive isn’t living. It’s hiding from life.

  8. Learn the physical symptoms of when your head and heart become disconnected. We know when we’re having a knee jerk reaction, when we’re feeling sorry for ourselves, and when we’re being blind to people’s feelings. We can remember how it felt physically while we were behaving badly. Get to know those symptoms, and you can stop the behavior. Living life will feel a whole lot safer because you won’t be in danger of shooting yourself in the foot.

  9. Take small risks that push your boundaries in every way. The joy of life is packed in learning that matches our skill set. When we stretch just a bit intellectually, physically, emotionally, we grow. Living is growing. Even your cells know that.

  10. Value and protect the people and the places you care about. A job isn’t a life. It’s just a part of one. Let the people you care about come first, and let everyone know that you do. Re-read numbers 1 and 2.

These are the top 10 ways to start living life.
It’s not starting your life over. It’s claiming the life you have and living it.
It’s claiming the how to happiness.

We come into life with whatever we’ve got. It’s ours to do with. It took me a while to figure that out — that my life isn’t just what happens to me, that I could take hold of it. I choose to live life saying that …

I have the time of my life.

You’ve already got a life too. Are you living it?

Be irrsistible.
–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    ” Surround yourself with people who enjoy living.”

    I really like that and have found it true.

    The reality is that more things are caught than taught…and that includes one’s joy in living.

    Hang with the happy…and keep creating,

  2. says

    You rock, Liz (that’s a near-50-year-old paraphrashing my son). I am amazed how bloggers have synchronous posts by “accident”…as I wrote a post today that puts a new perspective on being a green writer, and the day before about “interviewing yourself.”

    As for the “internal editor” — he (wonder why it’s he…) almost never has my best interests at heart. In fact, the wily saboteur has no heart, only a deeply grooved wish to keep me stuck right where I am. Here’s to tucking him under the carpet and muffling his voice.


  3. says

    Absolutely. I was miserable until I realized I was having a pretty good time in life. Not that I have everything I want or can do everything I want, just that…I am having a pretty good time.

    The secret for me personally was realizing that neither my friends, my possessions, nor current circumstance define my happiness. I was completely defined by what was both outside of me and outside my control. No wonder I was so unhappy for a time!

  4. says

    Hi Tim!
    Thanks for saying that. “I was miserable until I realized I was having a pretty good time in life.”

    So much of life is how we look at it. Giving up control is another BIG part. Thanks, Tim, for bringing your insights. It makes me feel less stress just reading them. :)

  5. says

    Let the losers win. Don’t argue about things that you don’t care about. Unless there’s some real threat, let the folks who have something to prove, prove what they need to. Why waste your living time trying to fix what’s wrong with them?

    I generally agree with this sentiment, and I have written about it in the past on my own blog. However, isn’t it contrary to your exhortations to “change the world”? After all, the world is what it is because of the people (“losers” above) in it.

  6. says

    Hi Chris!
    Good point.
    How about this

    Let “the folks who usually lose the argument to you” win.

    As for the second part, we shouldn’t go around trying to fix other people. That was really my point. But you’re right, it’s not well done. That happens when I’m too quick with a phrase.

    I don’t really think in terms of labeling people as losers. That was the writer in me finding a clever phrase. You were right to call me out . . . I don’t want folks to misinterpret what I meant.

    Thanks. :)

  7. Estera Favalora says

    How profound….it made me realise that I was worrying about nothing. It’s going to take some time to let go, (the control thing) and live for TODAY TODAT TODAY. Wasn’t it Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido) who said, “Create each day anew”. I try so hard to remember that despite my diagnosed anxiety. A 24 year old should not worry so freaking much. Your words shall be my meditations. ~E

  8. says

    Hello Estera,
    Welcome. Letting go, laying down the weight of the world, is a blessing we bestown on ourselves when we finally realize our own value and what we need to share it fully and usefully with those we love. Here’s something I wrote when I needed to do that once.

    Walking on Water

    Your words mean so much to me. Thank you.

    You’re not a stranger here anymore.

  9. says

    Hi I want to be successful in my life but I cant for example 6 month ago I recieve one application form from harvard university by airmail but I dont know what can I do with that I want to be the first person in the world I know that I can but I dont know how
    Please help me

  10. Steve says

    Start living and stop dying! I’ve been up and down and all over the map lately. I know I can improve my attitude, outlook on life and be the happy person that’s yearning to show his skills and talents. I’ve always been a later bloomer. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Yesterday is gone, tommorow is not here yet, so might as well enjoy today.
    When I lose that focus, I tend to lose myself and finding myself falling into despair. Just for this day.

  11. says

    Truly inspiring, Liz! I want to have the time of my life right now… Not mope around thinking about the future. I want to focus on all the love, joy, and peace that are in my life at this very moment.

  12. Rana says

    “Everyone Gets the Same 24 Hours ”
    that’s the first line which hit my eyes and directly to the grey matter, which i thought was black of no use at all………
    but after reading ur blog i dont know…i felt something which i should have realized long time ago :(
    anyways, many thanks for that good cause you did and i will try to keep that in mind for my entire life.

  13. Diana says

    Hiya liz…
    I have decided to read ur site…cuz im broken …inside n out lol…I cannot EVEN remember when i was happy n enjoyin life..and now well, its even harder…my son is a drug addict..he has a beautiful baby partner wants to leave me ..i dont blame her..she said theres a dark cloud that follows me around…I need to start living my life…to feel good about me…but I just cant seem to shake this dark cloud..and to move on…my son has hurt us badly finacially …of course now we havent helped him with money …hes broken too..pls if u can give me any advice on how I can fix me so that I can help my family …i really need it now!!

  14. Gowtham G says

    Dear Liz,
    I made these 10 Jewels on my desktop so that they can energize every time i start my system.

    We don t thank Angels for their words since they are next to GOD.

  15. says


    I really like your post. It talks about a Truth that everybody knows but few apply it.
    An old sage was approached for a follower who was thanking him for his wise words and he responded humbly: I am just selling water from the river…
    The water is there and anybody could go to the river and drink it by herself. But when you take the water from the river and present it in the way that you did, more people who hadn’t notice the river, will be blessed with this water.
    Best regards,

  16. Bryce says

    Just began this cycle. Only on my 1st phase… I’ll keep the updates about myself. please, guide me… besides… its what is sez on #4. i would really appreciate it you guys. thanks!

  17. Carl says

    Hi Liz,
    I thought your collection of thoughts on living life closely match my own. It’s encouraging to finally find that someone somewhere has reached similar conclusions and that I’m not just deluding myself about how I can live my life. So thanks for that.

    “Don’t argue about things that you don’t care about.”… After much struggle, I learned this one over the past year. I interpret it as refering to opinions. There are so many unimportant opinions in the world, about things that don’t matter. All kinds of media tell people to have opinions on everything; things that don’t concern them; things they can’t change or effect; and it makes people bitter, angry, stressed and shifts their focus away from living their own lives. And not surprisingly, these unnecessary opinions are destructive in some way, either attacking a flaw in the individual or someone else. I finally learned to see what is important in my life and ignore the rest and it’s great!

    I think it is possible that your last point can be developed. Using the ideas of the previous nine points it should be possible to integrate work and “not work” within our lives – should we choose to – to the point where there is only “living”.
    Best wishes,

  18. austin says

    wow very interseting i like the let the loosers win one because that happens alot to me you should make more of these there right in every way!!!

  19. says

    Wow! Now that what I am talking about! Yes! Excellent
    I always say start living, it might just be the most wonderful experience of your life today.

    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

  20. Kristian says

    But how do you start living when your dead inside, when all that exists is the empty shell of your body, when you’re a loner of 10 years and hate yourself, when you cringe every time you catch sight of one of your limbs, when your just 25 but your mind thinks it’s 85 just waiting to die, when you think of other humans as though they’re a different species, when your deepest thoughts and reflections are so far removed from and uninhibited by the social conditioning of your species that you’ll always feel alone even when among hundreds of your peers?!?

    Where do you start when you decide you want to change and start living?

    When all you know is emptiness, a state where all feeling ceases, how can you start to feel and experience things again?

    When you want to wake up from your long hibernation but find you can’t cope when you finally awaken from years of suspended animation?

    When every day something reminds you of the gap in your memory where you weren’t feeling or experiencing or forming memories or noticing time elapsing which causes you to become filled with regret for the loss of years that you cannot get back and relive.

    How can you look forward when you can’t see a future and can’t let go of your un-lived past?

    • says

      Hi Kristian,
      Staying still won’t change things. Helping someone will. Start learning again. Find one friend, one counselor, one mentor you can see everyday. That’s the best way I know. I’m not a professional, nor am I qualified to help someone I’ve never met change her life, but I know whenever my life looks dark and scary, helping someone else rise up changes how I see everything.

  21. Larry says

    Liz, thanks for your blog. Stop living in the future helps me. I have found it is possible to do things I have thought about doing for a long time but haven’t done until recently, like long-distance running and playing guitar. I want to apply the same to the field of work, becoming a successful speaker. Thank you.

  22. says

    BEAUTIFULLY RIGHT Advice. I love you so much. Can I adopt you please?

    Thank you for taking care of us by laying it all out as a to do list – with circular repeats.

    Repeating 1 & 2 all the time are important because even when we know better, we fall into old patterns – like fighting with the love of your life about not using the kitchen sponge to wipe the dining table –or — if it’s really necessary have both Spicy Italian Dressing AND Ranch Dressing in the fridge to dip your pizza crust in? (HAH..and yes…those are MY real life examples!)

    Remember when we were little and we burnt our finger on something hot and so we never touched it again? We were so brilliant as children! Then we dumb up – oops I mean grow up – and we keep doing things that are actually hurting us? :)

    Uh oh…I gotta go repeat # 1 & #2…& #5 & #6!

    Thank you again for keeping us on track!

    Love You, Mean it,

    • says

      Ha! I wrote this one to remind myself of things I forget all of the time. Yeah, we all forget to do these simple things that would keep our time lovely and worth living. I so enjoy that you see what I’m saying. YOU are a great part of my life!

  23. Jodie says

    Heya Liz, my name is Jodie, I found this website just in time …

    I am 21 years old and my life is nothing how I imagined it, I got married at 18 to a dull man who is holding me back, My finances are terrible and I find myself hiding from the outside world because I am overweight.
    I have read your 10 tips and I feel upbeat and ready to live my life.

    My family and husband held me back:
    From Becoming Vegan, travelling Europe, volunteering for Animals,starting my own jewellry business.

    Today I begin my new life.
    I also watched YES MAN with Jim Carrey and I think I should try to say YES to every oppotunity life gives me.

    Thankyou So much for your website.
    Jodie (UK)

    I am going to do all of the above.

  24. katya says

    Hi Liz,
    I’m so glad i’ve stumbled across this site and your soothing and reawakening words of wisdom!! I came to realize I truly have not been living for the past 26 years of my life. I’ve always been been bright, charming, capable, pretty, confident, outgoing, was consistently told I had this shining aura and great energy around me that drew people in and compelled them to stick around. Yet, somehow without realization I had lost my way at what i’m guessing was around 21. Somehow things I thought that I had time to do and achieve didn’t seem as achievable, I didn’t have a clear and defined plan on how to get t live the life i always thought i’d build for myself, I completely lost my confidence, my will, my charisma ..I somehow managed to lose myself truly and fully ..and had spent the past 5 years ,years I consider should’ve been the best years of my life, being upset over things I see were now out of my control, worrying over miniscule, irrelevant things, people , and events, taking things too personally, being angry, mean, feeling hurt, crying, slowly but surely pushing everyone away, and spiriling lower and lower into what appeared like perpetual unhappiness feeling helpless and out opf conrol. Until recently I hit what I consider a quarter-century life crisis. I started looking back and i couldnt remember the last time I had “the time of my life” nor could I recall the last time I even felt truly happy and I felt there was no reason for living. At that moment I decided to turn to google since I pushed pretty much every one out of my life to see whether others felt like I did, and this is when I stumbled upon you blog that is concise and is worth its weight in gold and literally SAVED MY LIFE!!!! I know this was a painfully lengthy, detailed comment but I just felt the need to share that no matter your age, what you look like, what people surround you and opportunities lay before you,ayou’re surrounded with, any one of us can lose sight of life, or at least living life for that matter. and Liz, you’re concise absolutely accurate and relatable advice compelled me to let go of needing to control things thatare beynd my control, let go of things that no longer make me genuinely happy, refocus and re-establish what’s truly important to me and my life, stop procrastinating, and most importantly stop evaluating myself based on uncontrollable, outside circumstances, people, and events , but rather live for today and make my own happiness and thus life happen. THANK YOU KINDLY LIZ for opening my eyes and start living before it was too late!! your blog literally allowed me to let go of the past and commence living at 26!! I cannot thank you enough and simply had to let you know what an overwhelming impact your 10 “life commandments” had on me and my new-found life. I actually feel like for the forst time in 5 years I can let go of all the hurt and pain and give up control and actually strat living today and continue living and feeling happy each and every morning striving to get things accomplished stat rather than procrastinating, and to finally recognize the signs and symptoms of when I stress over and take miniscule things to heart so I now stop them in their tracks.
    It’s simply amazing what a tramendous impact one’s blog can have on someone else’s life. Again I want to kindly thank you.

    • says

      I hear the meaning in what you’ve written and didn’t notice any typos or such.

      I’m thrilled that you found this at the moment you could let go. I know that realizing these things has made my life lighter, happier, and more fulfilling. I wish you what I’ve found. :)

  25. katya says

    I just wanted to appologize for for gramatical and spelling errors, as I am rounding up a tumultously sleepless weekend and was clearly typing a tad too fast due to being overly excited to relay your blog’s impact on my life.

  26. says

    Hey Liz, I’m a sufferer of Anxiety and Emetophobia – my life consists primarily of hiding in my room and being rarely social. I’ve recently gotten a girlfriend who wants me to turn my life around, she’s awesome, and I’ve been making some decisions tonight. This page has enlightened me SO much, I’m SO eager to get out there and turn things around. One step at a time, with this list as my guide. Thanks again :)

    Reno x

  27. says

    I enjoyed your “10 ways of start living your life”. You fist have to find out what you really want in life and then dare to live it.

  28. akarsh says

    hey guys..well i just felt like sharing something but i am fucking alone right so i am gonna share it with u nice strangers…first of all i would like to say that my life is 1 big mistake..
    i am prolly the most depressed, confused and naive guy on the face of earth and whats worse..i dont even feel that bad about it..i mean a normal person would be alarmed i suppose…i have a girlfriend but i am fucking miserable with her..but its the same old story…i am too attached to actually leave her..i hate my life i hate the place i live and the saddest part is that i hate myself too, although i gotta say i feel a lil bit of pity for me..i mean ofcourse thats silly but when i look at my situation, its quite fucked up so what can i say…
    i just hope i die fast..
    thanks for bearing with me folks…

  29. Rudolph, the office mice says

    Job isn’t everything life offers? and my boss is not in control of my life? And planing my life- someday, somehow, but now lets just wait and do what others tell me to do is wrong??

    Are those rules even legal? You know, i don’t want to go to jail, and then burn in hell, because i don’t worship my boss!
    He told that he is holy!

  30. adam rondelet says

    Hi, I am happy for those of you who enjoy life and the improvement of it.

    For those of you who are sad; please watch the movie ‘The Secret’ and do some research on the law of attraction.

  31. Raman says

    Hey friends! my life was also very bored. but after reading this i am ready to start a new life. thanks for suggesting these tips.

  32. angel says

    hi everyone..
    i appreciate the above…
    but i m in a small dilemma, i meet different people and everyone one has a different view towards life..
    like some tell me to take care of small issues and the big ones wont be a problem while others tell me why worry about the small things, they ‘ll pass off..
    who n what do i follow??

  33. Emeri Gent says

    I am in sync with ways as they are presented, but I look at Way#2 & #4 from a different perspective and would add something else to them.

    Way#2 begins with what defining living means to you but I would also undefine what life means to me and so it is the continuity of defining, undefining, refining and redefining that makes life itself a discovery. Undefining life should IMHO lead to new meaning, a fresh awakening, to see old things anew, and thus undefining revitalizes the blessings in life that we may have defined too concretely and therefore maybe now have begun to take such blessings for granted. Undefining should make such blessings visible again.

    Way#4 The addition I would like to make is also to remind people who should be enjoying living. When I hear good hearted and well meaning people at work say “Thank God its Friday”, I tell them “Thank God its 10:48” (or whatever the current time appears to be).

    Of course I reserve the right to be wrong and gracefully grow in all my curious adventures, wondrous errors and natural limitations and that is why I love Way#9; so a loving smile rather than an a logical agreement is always much more well suited to my personally inquiring and individually observing way.


    • says

      Hello Emeri Gent,
      How interesting you should write this on the very evening within an hour of when I was talking about you. I like that synchronicity.

      I always value your perspective of discovery. I might add “aspire” to our lives as in “breathe toward.”

      My mind has many thoughts with yours.

  34. says

    Surely this an excellent one. After reading the article, you surely have good knowledge on this subject. I hope, lots of people will benefit from it. Keep on writing such good posts to help people learn how to live their life in the best way. Excellent.

    • says

      Hi Tamal,
      You bet we’re different, sometimes in unpredictable and small ways that change the way we communicate. If our goal is to ensure that the message we’re sending is the one that our audience is receiving. We sure have to pay attention to them, not just to what we’re saying. :)

  35. Andrea Kowalski says

    I have read this article in a critical time in my life. I am a young mother of two kids and juggled school and work in efforts to create a more comfortable life. As we have come part way there, I quit my job as I was miserable everyday I knew I had to go to work. I went back to the job I had when I was in school, which was definitely a pay cut. The pay cut takes a toll, but I am happier now. I have more time for the kids, and I am getting pieces of “me” back that were lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and I missed that. At first I thought it was a bad idea, as everyone said I should have stuck it out. I have a more positive energy now and am enjoying life with no regrets. Thank you for the reinforcement-perhaps there are more endeavors in the future!

  36. Dante Al says

    I’ve found that I feel, say and think negative things about others ONLY when I’m unsure of myself. The same, I think, goes for them. That being said, this uncertainty creates a lot of hesitation for many to truly live and do what makes them happy, even at the times they can. Literal karma may not exist, but happiness like negativity is contagious. If you are genuine to yourself and finding beauty in the world, you will spread it and fortify yourself against the uncertainty of others, while they learn to do the same.

  37. Jagadeesh says

    Life is all about Family,friends,love,relationships. In this if any thing not there in any one’s life, they will be in search of that one.

  38. jada. says

    sometimes you feel so inspired and you feel confident about how to live your life, then some where down the line the positive energy is gone and you’re back to square one, then you run into a blog that brings the energy right back. i think i need to ‘check into’ myself more often. so for me to know when my heart and my head is disconnected is a big one. thank you liz.

  39. ur friend says

    Thanks for all the positive information you have given Liz. From now on in my life, I am going to take risks and never hold myself back. Everybody dies but not everybody lives.

  40. Steve Wilson says

    Live in the now and ignore the future? I have to manage my retirement account for the future and so does everybody who has a now or future life.

  41. Eirik says

    Hello i really loved what you wrote and i have been thinking alot, i just dropped of a school because i didnt think it was for me… i started as an apprentice, or whats its called, i am working but i dont like the work i dont feel like it fits me, and i live at home but i wanna drop the job i have and move away and take control over my own life, its just i dont have the money for it, and iam scared to drop out of the job because iam scared how my parents will react… would really appreciate tips and respond! :)

  42. says

    I do accept as true with all of the ideas you’ve offered in your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very brief for starters. May just you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  43. Cod says

    I understand what you mean about leaving the bad feelings in the past. But this thing isn’t really possible. The problem with feelings is that they stick around no matter how much you try to ignore them. And I don’t really have a way to fix it, either.

    On the one hand, people around me sincerely deserve to be hurt for what they did to me. But I don’t have the strength to revenge. On the other hand, people don’t care enough to atone their wrongs. They just let the losers win, right?

    I don’t really identify with being human. But I still love people. Am I in an abusive relationship?

  44. says

    Thanks Liz for the mission of reading this Blog entry. Last night I was on FB and was on my High School alumni group and read that one of my childhood friends had broken his back in a motorcycle accident. He and my older brother grew up together in our church and graduated together. In a short minute his whole life changed, and you never know what will happen to your friends, so keeping anger or resentment is not something I want to do.
    I need to put me first more often and remember to take care of me first.

  45. Peter Tarkkonen says

    Thank You Liz making this post.

    It is an awesome post which everyone should read.

    All what Liz say here is very valid. For some all, for some few points are “covered” but surely there is something for everyone.

    It needs a lot of life experience to write something like this.

  46. says

    Thanks Liz for the mission of reading this Blog entry. Last night I was on FB and was on my High School alumni group and read that one of my childhood friends had broken his back in a motorcycle accident.

    He and my older brother grew up together in our church and graduated together. In a short minute his whole life changed, and you never know what will happen to your friends, so keeping anger or resentment is not something I want to do.
    I need to put me first more often and remember to take care of me first.

  47. tru2psu says

    #4 surround yourself with people who enjoy living – since most everyone has many people in their lives that are pessimists but you value them, I suggest “teach those that you are surrounded by to enjoy life”.

  48. says


    Awesome advice. It’s a shame that people don’t realize this sooner in their lives. Life is a beautiful thing and I know I sure plan on living it to the fullest. Thanks for posting this :)

  49. Kimberly Reynolds says

    #4 resonated with me the most. I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of surrounding myself with uplifting people. Further, I feel it is my responsibility to be the same for those around me. I read this to my husband because I think the wisdom contained in this post is so important to acknowledge. Thank you for writing it.

  50. Kimberly Reynolds says

    #4 resonated with me the most. I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of surrounding myself with uplifting people. Further, I feel it is my responsibility to be the same for those around me. I read this to my husband because I think the wisdom contained in this post is so important to acknowledge. Thank you for writing it.

  51. shahzad says

    this is so beautiful piece of write. You really pour the happiness in me. each point you discussed is so true. i will keep a copy for my own reference.


  52. Dickson says

    Its really Invaluable , Some things that We always want to Remember for a good living . And to enjoy the Joe-de-Vivre.
    Thanks Liz

  53. Fang Feng says

    Great advice. I will write them down and read them until they are my ideas without even thinking.

  54. Maya Artrotter says

    Thank you Liz. It’s some time I’m trying to make this time the time of my life and the things you write are in that direction

  55. Kevin Harms says


    Nice piece! Very encouraging to remind yourself of these points. Harder to find people that think the same way, but the search continues…

  56. says

    I realy like your Contents:)
    I like to share these with my friends
    in my weblog.
    and translate these in persian.

    I wanted to ask U first…don’t U have problem with this?

    • says

      Please email me and I’ll tell you what I need to give you permission.
      Thank you for asking.

      Liz [@]

  57. Alborz says

    Thank you. I hated myself before this post. I really dont like my life and I was never honest and clear and true.

    Now I am coming home, finding my true self.
    And realizing I AM POTENTIAL.

    I can create anything I want. And I am reaching a certainty that no one is in the world can take away.

    I love you all.

  58. saroj says

    Take small risks that push your boundaries in every way. The joy of life is packed in learning that matches our skill set. When we stretch just a bit intellectually, physically, emotionally, we grow. Living is growing. Even your cells know that.
    i love this one…

  59. Candice Young says

    I really need closure from my past i feel stuck sometimes. My past caused me to have to start all over again financially in life it is so very hard because it is easier said than done but everyday i work on a little piece of it.

  60. Lilit says

    I found no friend to share my problems with, if you let, I’ll write through tears about my close circle. I always try to show how bright and happy, easy-going person I am, but I broke. I have huge problems with my appearance, my face, and thus I can’t find a job. Fortunately I have got parents who support me financially. And still doctors can’t help me, and my mom is blaming me for the situation I am stuck in. I usually look at me from aside, comparisons help me understand how far I have gone. The things you wrote are true and help me; I won’t else thing what thing other people of me, I won’t ever do as my Mom orders. THANK YOU VERY MUCH now I am better than at the top of my complaint.

  61. Madhupriya says

    Dear LIZ,
    wow you must be so experienced in life i just had a break up felt life was no reason to live all my trust went off but after reading this.. wow you are really a great women i felt the happiest time of my life was dancing i am planning to continue it again and surely i have a life and i am making it mine once again THANK YOU SO MUCH MADAM!!!!:)))

  62. glenn neff says

    love your comments but i am 49 and by the time i get to where i want to be i’ll be an old man. iI gave my whole life to my work and nothing to show for it now I would love a new lif with no fear and someone to come home to. I know that I will most likley die alone and should have changed years ago. thanks

  63. says

    hmmm. i adore that you first penned this in 2007 and it still is fresh…new…and heartfelt. and i adore that deep honestly allows us hear what is ours to do…and that what should be done can well be a vunderfull thing but doesnt mean it’s ours to do.:) i’m in that place of figuring that out…and loved finding this post while listening…hugs for all you give and be and live:)

  64. Rosetta says

    I do like the 10 steps and most of the comments are great. The only thing for me is the tip that says take small risk. It was the small risk that made me take a bigger risk and now I’m trying to figure out how to start over and get past the pain. I feel better keeping control of my emotions and heart. Risk is something I never see myself taking again when it comes to relationships.

  65. David says

    My senior year of high school I had a car accident and survived with a TBI and some other injuries. The accident was not my fault. I was given some money witch was mostly needed by my family for housing, to pay off debts, and for my personal bills. I now live with my parents in the in the house I put the down payment on for them. I keep my life going ,but have problems doing so sometimes with my TBI, PTSD, and not many people or places to turn to. I would like maybe a suggestion or help to start my own life. I’ve been stuck in this same situation for to long now and don’t know what to do. ,thank you David

  66. David A. Jackson says

    Wow! this blog inspires me. We really should our way of life or we could not be our real self, trusting our instinct and moving forward, taking a lesson from our every mistakes and preventing not to happen again. Taking time to walk every little steps to our dream is made life worth living.

    Looking forward to your future blogs!

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