Writing Project: 25 Words of Social Media Wisdom

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We’ve done this before … Inspired each other with our thoughts — each expressed in 25 words.

It starts with ideas
clicking keys, words in text,
audio, images, and video
connecting like minds.
Then we find
we’re connecting
online and offline communities.

Would you add 25 words of your own?

The 25 Words of Social Media Wisdom Project

Will you accept my invitation to put 25 words of Social Media advice or wisdom into a blog post? Here’s how you might go about it.

  1. Look for some social media thing you see too much or too little of.
  2. Write a sentence about it.
  3. Count the words you have written.
  4. Edit the sentence until you have 25 words exactly. Notice how your idea changes as you edit and how your feelings change with each rewrite.
  5. Add a picture if you can.
  6. Post your 25 words on your blog by July 31st.
  7. Link back to this post or leave a link to your post in the comments section. I don’t want to miss yours when I compile all of them.

It will be my challenge to a creative way to connect all of the ideas together. In a giant “25 words of Social Media Wisdom” blog post, featuring what you wrote.

Are you in? Surely you have 25 words to spare for this one.

You might remember that we’ve done this before …
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–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!!


  1. says

    golly woman you know how to get a yes outa me cuz you gave me the value up front and the how to and held my hand doin so thanks muchly. will give it a go and let ya know. :)

    • says

      You’ll know the real value when you do it! It’s so amazing to see how our thoughts change and grow when we care about every single word. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. says

    How to be successful on Twitter: Be human. Be humane. Be yourself. Be interesting. Be brief. Share. Laugh. Listen. Learn. Repeat. That’s all you need.

  3. says

    What a great writing challenge to complete over my morning coffee!

    “When miles don’t matter, ideas are shared, problems solved; when people you might never meet cross your path, that’s when it is worth every second.”

  4. says

    To my fellow “25 Words…” posters,

    I’m struck by how my contribution is much more mercenary than most of yours :-)

    My focus is helping small businesses succeed – and helping not-for-profits in the process.

    Maybe this redeems me?

    – – Tim

  5. Jon Hardie says

    25 words at my blog First Do No Harm
    We are singing the same riff – Turn the Megaphone Around!

  6. says

    Hi Liz. Toady I ran across my submission to your quest for advice on wisdom on social media from 2009. After reading my 25 words, I have to admit, not much has changed in my experience.

    How about for you? How have things evolved?

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