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Beach Notes: Someone’s New Day

Inspiration from Suzie Cheel & Des Walsh ​Who was this person who was the first to cross the beach this day? Each of us has the power to make each​ new day special. How will […]

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Is Your Company’s Network Management Sound?

Technology is changing rapidly. Is your business’s network management staying on pace with those changes or falling behind? The antiquated main IT focus on hardware setup and troubleshooting has morphed to include tasks related to […]

Serving Customers with Marketing Funds

Marketing Money: It Isn’t For You

Your business is not your home. Your home, with all its aesthetics and function, is largely to serve you and those you live with. If you like a piece of art, you buy it and […]

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Co-authoring and Sharing Genius by Text

A Glass of Wine Conversation One night last week, Liz  and I were having a text conversation about GeniusShared. It’s something we often do — talk via text instead of by voice. Over the last […]

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4 Networking Ideas for Introverts

By Sarah Williams By now, you’ve probably been to a couple of ‘networking events’, often held after work, and intended for those people who want to broaden their  professional connections. What might sound like an […]

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How to Discover Your Own Writing Ritual

Woody Allen’s Olympia portable SM-3 typewriter has been used to type everything he’s written since he was 16 years old. Stephen King sets up a specific tableau to get his juices flowing: “There are certain […]

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Should You Be Dialed-in to After Call Surveys?

If you have ever been asked to provide your opinion or give feedback after you complete a call, you have just been involved in an after-call survey. You may wonder if these surveys provide any […]

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Women in Small Business: Why They Thrive

By Jennifer Jope Women and business might just be the perfect match. While we should applaud the recent growth in multi-million dollar female-owned organizations, women are also instrumental in bringing success to small businesses. An […]

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5 ways to become a referral magnet

“I’d get more done, if only I could clone myself!” Productivity is an elusive beast. And if you’re a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re always limited by the number of hours in the […]

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Build Your Online Portfolio from the Ground Up

Is your online portfolio ready to impress? With potential employers checking out new hires online, having an online portfolio makes good business sense, providing a valuable introduction to your skills. Your choice of information and […]

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How to Ace Your Business Website Design

By Linda Parker There was a time when people assumed you did not need a website if you were not planning to sell your products online. But with Internet usage exploding like there is no end […]