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Beach Notes: Froggy Beach

By Suzie Cheel & Des Walsh There’s this little beach where we walk sometimes. We don’t know its official name but the locals call it Froggie Beach, or just Froggie, for short. Because someone, years […]

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Is the Time Right for Your Business Aspirations?

If you’re considering starting a business during what’s left of 2015 or anytime in 2016, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. From the current health of the economy to the type […]

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Make Content Marketing a Leading Strategy

Content marketing has been around for hundreds of years, but only recently has it been getting a lot of attention. Essentially, content marketing is the process of advertising without advertising. This is to say that […]

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Beach Notes: Logs Unchained

By Suzie Cheel & Des Walsh Our previous picture Unchain My Logs left us wondering what these piles of chains and logs would become. Several days later we were greeted with the answer. The piles of […]

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Should I start a podcast?

“All my friends are doing it!” That excuse doesn’t fly in our house, and it shouldn’t drive your marketing decisions either. Podcasting is experiencing a well-deserved renaissance, because audio-based content is the perfect way to […]

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Are You Up for a Content Audit?

Your website is the front door to your virtual store. The content you offer on your site is akin to the fixtures, services and products that you would have in a brick and mortar store. […]

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“Gotta Get Mine” Is Unsustainable

I fall under this lie a lot – that I have to live like I gotta get mine.  If I’m not out for me, who else will be, right? Wrong. So wrong. Think about your closest […]

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Are Printed Business Cards Obsolete?

The conference was fantastic. I attended lots of sessions where I learned new things, I got a good sense for where my industry is going, and I had lots of great one-on-one, eyeball-to-eyeball conversations. In […]

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The Proper Business of Text Messaging

You’ve got all of the right social media tools to help your small business out, a Facebook page, Instagram feed, Pinterest boards and a Twitter handle. Now what? What else is your marketing calling out […]

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How to Stand Out as a Brand When You’re a Young Company

By Rachel Fowler A Princeton survey reported at SmallBusiness showed that not less than 67% of Americans favor small business. With this in mind, I decided to try my best in small business in America right after graduation. It has […]

logs tied up on the beach

Beach Notes: Unchain My Logs

Our first thought that this was a Beach Sculpture, then we looked around and we saw people using tires as exercise equipment. It was obviously part of a fitness program It just goes to show […]

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Managers Need to Formulate a Strategy

Busy managers are like busy mothers. They get it from the top (spouses, in-laws, and teachers) and they get it from the bottom (kids). Just like time-strapped mothers, busy managers are ground zero for everybody’s […]