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Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer

Book Review: Hug Your Haters, By Jay Baer

My grandfather would have called Jay Baer “a gentleman, a scholar, and a judge of good whiskey.” In other words, the highest compliment he could give. Jay is all of those things, and his latest […]

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Lead When it Comes to a Better Online Presence

If you’re looking to generate more leads for your business, a strong online presence is absolutely the way to go. Most of your customers are online these days, which means the internet is a key […]

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Life is Attractive

We’re disheartened and discouraged when there is a lack of life. My husband and I have been searching for a house lately and the ones that are run down and neglected are inherently less attractive […]

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Your Company’s Data Can’t Be Breached

You’ve likely seen the stories in the news in recent years about company’s having their personal and customer data breached. Whether it is major players like Sony and Target or smaller businesses that you have […]

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The most important thing you can focus on today

Have you ever heard the phrase, “all hat and no cattle?” It’s a colorful description for someone who looks the part, dresses the part, but who actually has no substance. If you spend all of your […]

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Take Your Web Browsing to New and Safe Heights

With all the concerns in recent years over website security, you would think more businesses would make it their number one focus. Sadly, however, there are still too many companies who fail to put the […]

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10 Life-Changing Ways to Become More Business Savvy

When I look to hire a new employee, one of the key skills I look for is savvy. It goes beyond education, beyond experience, and beyond talent. Here’s Google’s definition of savvy: shrewd and knowledgeable […]

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The Business of Helping Former Military Members

Retiring from a military position and moving into civilian life can be a challenge. It’s a big transition, and if a veteran decides to stay in the work force, the question is what is a […]


11 Things We Forget But Should Always Remember

I forget the important things when I’m stressed. Do you struggle with this too? I focus on the wrong things and minimize the important while spiraling on the insignificant. I often need to be reminded of what’s […]

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Don’t Keep Customers Waiting

Where does customer service rank on your company’s list of important daily tasks that should never be overlooked? While you would like to think that it is always a priority for most businesses, the truth […]

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Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs

The idea of mindfulness conjures “touchy-feeliness.” Meditation, incense, perhaps some herbal tea. But Ellen Langer, a social psychology professor at Harvard University, is more straightforward about mindfulness. She says it’s simply the act of noticing […]

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Keep Internet Thieves at Bay

If you run a business and think that you’re not a target, think again. Whether your company is small, midsize or large, you have a target on your back simply by the fact that you […]

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You’re not “just” anything. Dare to dream.

You’re not “just a blogger.” You’re not “just a small business owner.” You’re not “just a mom.” You’re not “just a consultant.” You’re not “just an entrepreneur.” You’re not “just a marketer.” You’re not “just […]

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Is 2016 the Year Your Brand Enters New Markets?

 With the calendar flipped over to 2016, is your brand thinking this is the year to expand globally? Taking your business outside the United States can come with both potential benefits and risks. For starters, […]