November 13, 2014

5 Productivity Hacks for Bloggers

rosemary published this at 6:31 am

By Abby Perkins

A blogger’s time is one of the most important aspects of their profession. The slightest distraction can be incredibly costly to their productivity – especially if those distractions are persistent. There’s no question about it – wasting time prevents bloggers from performing at their highest level.

However, there are productivity hacks that can help bloggers manage their time more effectively.

1. De-clutter your workspace

The best thing any blogger can do is set up a dedicated work space that is free from any possible distractions. An untidy work environment Read More…

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November 12, 2014

Big Data Could Mean Big Savings

Dave published this at 9:49 am

Is your business looking to save money?

Chances are the answer is a resounding yes. Look no further than big data.

The current darling of the business world offers many advantages to businesses of all shapes and sizes, including yours.

So just how can big data save you money? And what can you do to give your businesses the biggest chance of succeeding with big data?

Big Data and How to Use It

Businesses these days have access to huge amounts of data, from sources such as website metrics, customer histories and social media stats.

These sets of data Read More…

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November 11, 2014

Real World Marketing Tips for a Digital Generation

rosemary published this at 6:10 am

By Diana Gomez

There are some serious advantages to networking exclusively online. You have full, thoughtful control over your image. You can create content according to your calendar—even posting things on social media through a third party, right on time.

These things carry over into your personal approach. You feel more confident, more at ease with your marketing strategy. After all, no one is rejecting you to your face. And this would be all well and good… if your business is already perfect and you don’t need to grow or create any new business relationships.

The truth is, Read More…

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November 9, 2014

How to navigate risk, change and uncertainty

molly published this at 3:00 am

Most of us are “risk averse.” Consistency, reliability and “the known” are powerful mental illusions of control that most of us cling to because they lull us into a sense of security. The truth is, life is an adventure.

We truly cannot control most of what goes on around us. The only TRUE control any of us have is our reaction to what happens to us. How can we cultivate comfort with risk and uncertainty in our lives? How can we learn to embrace adventure?

To quote the sage Stevie Winwood: “Roll with it, Read More…

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November 6, 2014

Five ways to attack the hard things in your business

rosemary published this at 6:00 am

Running a business is an exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping, wild ride. It’s also grinding, lonely, and terrifying.

And then there are days when you just have to do something hard.

Hard like firing or laying off an employee, telling a client that you can’t meet their deadline, or (worst case scenario) shuttering a business.

It comes with the entrepreneurial territory.

There will be days when you would rather have a meteor land on your head than go to your office.

I’ve had to do all of the hard things I mentioned above, over the last 25 years. If you find Read More…

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November 5, 2014

Get More Sales and Better Revenue Numbers

Dave published this at 10:15 am

Does your sales team enjoy your sales meetings? Or have you caught the telltale glazed eyes that let you know the stacks of work back at their desks are looking a lot more attractive than your meeting right now?

Done right, your sales meetings can boost your profits, help your team bond, and bring you the insights you need to drive your business forward. So what makes for a great sales team meeting?

Follow these five tips to turn your sales team meetings from boring to brilliant:

1. Keep Your Focus Narrow

As the article “Ideas For Sales Read More…

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