Adsense Blog Says How to Blogmitize!

Gooogle adsense logo

This via Darren at Problogger, who shares my taste in graphics. :)

Google’s popular Adsense Blog,which covers it’s advertising program, has a post that gives the how-to of key points of action when monetizing your blog.

    1. Choose the right ad format.
    2. Place ads where readers will notice them.
    3. Improve targeting.
    4. Customize ad colors.

Google adsense Graphic

Then the adsense folks leave the door open for you to email questions.

If you’re using Adsense already, it’s worth a look to review the basics. If you’re not, take a peek to see what it’s all about.

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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  1. says

    Great info – Your blog is becoming my “Standard Operating Procedure” manual – Just started lurking about a few days ago but have gleaned quite a bit of useful information for future use.



  2. says

    Hi Jon,
    If you only lurked for a few days, then you’re hardly a lurker, Joh. Welcome thanks for letting me know that you’re around.

    Snacks and beverages are in the sidebar. Stay as long as you like. :)

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